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Catch me if you love me is a Chinese novel. A girl is a main character around which the story revolves. She falls in love with a boy. Both love each other so much but this father of girl is not in favor of this relationship at any cost. This is the reason she is surviving a miserable life.

Here you will find how a girl’s life filled with happiness and joy suddenly changes into sorrow. She is requesting a lot in front of her father begging for a relationship but he never wants his daughter to live her life with that guy. Her boyfriend is named Lu Beichuan.

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Catch Me If You Love Me Brief Summary

When you will start reading this novel you will go through many turns. Three days ago, her father was poisoned by her stepmother and paralyzed in bed without warning. Before losing consciousness completely, her father stubbornly held her hand and asked with tears. “My Dear, take your brother and leave Berven City together!”

It was a very difficult time for her to leave her life in this condition when he was living the last moments of his life. But she has to see her father for the last time. She escapes with her brother.  What is going to happen next? You would be wondering.  For that you have to read a full novel. She then finds herself in a house. It is a dark room and is locked completely. She was unconscious for three days. When she opens her eyes she sees two tall men in front of her. 

Her step mother’s voice echoes in the house. She just can’t believe what is happening with her. Her stepmother kidnapped her for a great reason. She has to sell her blood to a person who is in dire need. In return she will get millions. As mentioned above she is a very greedy lady. She demands for her virgin blood too. This is the most shocking moment for the girl when she hears this. She requests in front of her mother.

She begs while saying that she wants to remain pure solely for her boyfriend. Her mother denied. To make her ready for that she started threatening her like she will kill her boyfriend if she won’t agree. No option lefts for Gu Qiaoge.

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Catch Me If You Love Me Full Novel

The poor girl was now at mercy of her tyrant stepmother. She promises her mother to give every drop of blood from her body only if she spares her boyfriend, brother and father. She has now come to a point where she has to choose between her love and her family, or maybe she is going to lose both.

After facing this tough situation, the girl then decides to end her love story here. She decides to leave with the guy she loved the most. She calls him for a last time with a heavy heart and says that she never loved him and now she has no feelings for him. As she utters these words, Lu Beichuan gets all shattered. He couldn’t believe her words but he had to accept that she was only toying with him.

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Catch Me If You Love Me Read Online

Now, she will have to choose between her lover or her family. Maybe, she might have to sacrifice them all. She is at the mercy of her callous stepmother and there is no chance of a miracle to save her. How will her boyfriend react when he hears from her the breakup news? Will he accept it?

How will she spend her whole life? Will they be together at the end? A lot more turns and twists are in the way of this story. Stay stick to this novel and real till the end. You will really love it.

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