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Chapter 1117

“Well, here we are.” Sandra took Sandy and walked quickly.

Carla glanced at both of them and asked with a smile, “What about whispering?”

Sandy smiled, “Listen to her to see you buy children’s clothes and ask me if you have a baby. I said that you are the mother of three children, and she said you look too young.”

“It’s also pretty, you look good-looking.” Sandra quickly added.

Carla smiled faintly, she was also a mortal, she was praised for being beautiful, and she was still happy in her heart without showing her face.

“Is it a boy?” Sandra looked at Carla’s red sweater, which looked like a man.

Carla nodded.

The salesperson in the store said, “This sweater looks good with black slacks and jeans.”

Carla does not need to be introduced by the salesperson for color matching. Her children have always been fashionable. As a clothing designer, she has a very unique view.

They were asked to come over and help see it because they were young and had a different vision, and she needed to be exposed to new things to improve herself.

Sandra saw this on the model, and it looked cool with the black slacks.

“It should look good.”

Sandy also said, “It’s really cool with white sneakers.”

Sandra pointed to a pair of old daddy shoes and said, “It looks good with these shoes.”

“It needs white sneakers.”

The two of you argued with each other, Carla watched them laugh, how fun.

Young is good.

She looks young, and her opinion is much more mature than them.

Carla bought two sets in this store, then went to other stores, and finally found two or three sets for both children.

Carla asked the driver to send Sandra back to school, and she and Sandy returned to the villa.

The little boy is awake now, with big round eyes open, Sandy will hug after washing her hands, Carla took the clothes into the room, took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Peter, [Come to the villa for dinner.】

At this moment, Peter is alone watching TV at home, and the social and legal society column, Sandy is not at home, he is quite boring alone.

Hearing the message ringing, he picked up the phone for the first time, thinking it was Sandy, but seeing Carla’s name he was a little disappointed, he didn’t want to go out, and replied, [I won’t come]

Soon Carla’s message came in again, [Sandy is here, it’s up to you whether you come or not.]

After sending this text message, she put down her phone and walked out. Sandy sat on the sofa and teased Little boy. She saw Carla come out and said, “I found that he looks more and more like you.”

Carla said, “Really?”

“Yes, boys are blessed to be like mothers, girls are blessed to be like fathers, so he seems to be blessed.” Sandy’s words were heard from the old people. There is no scientific basis, but they are still quite auspicious. After all, children are either like mothers or fathers.

Carla did it, reached out her hand to touch her son’s cheek, and asked Sandy, “Are you tired after walking for a long time today?”

Sandy shook her head and said that she was not tired.

She really doesn’t feel tired. Every time someone pours water for them in the stores and sits on the sofa, she doesn’t actually walk much.

Carla asked Samantha to prepare more meals, and she said she knew.

About half an hour later Ryan came back, followed by Peter.

After receiving the second message from Carla, Peter immediately sent a message to ask, why is Sandy in the villa?

Didn’t she go to school? She still have to live on campus, saying that there is too much time to go back in class, even if he comes back, and there is no time to accompany him, why would she show up in the villa?

Carla didn’t look at the phone, and naturally didn’t reply to him, and then he rushed over immediately after putting down the phone.

Carla opened the door when Peter came. He opened his mouth to ask, what’s the matter?

Carla interrupted him first, “Come in, Sandy is also here.”

She pretended to know nothing.

After Sandy’s action of drinking water, Peter came?

How could he come?

She was a little flustered for a while.

“Sandy.” Peter walked in.

When Sandy raised her head, the nasal cavity was a little sore, feeling aggrieved.

She averted her gaze.

She understood everything in her heart, knowing that Peter was of this kind of temperament, but…they had such an intimate behavior, and he seemed to disappear afterwards, without a text or phone call to her.

Contacting her once for a long time is also very cold.

She minded that she had only become a woman, and she hoped that this man would care about her a little bit more.

Carla didn’t stay upstairs in the living room, leaving space for them.

Peter sat next to Sandy and whispered, “Didn’t you say that there are too many classes? How come…”

“Most of my classes are during the day and there are no classes at night, and I always have to eat. I can’t stop eating because of too much class.” Sandy said lightly.

After realizing it, Peter looked at her and asked, “Are you angry?”

Sandy denied, “No.”

Peter didn’t know where he was wrong, so he felt that the atmosphere didn’t seem right.

“Sandy, what are you unhappy about to tell me.” He took such a sentence for a long time.

Sandy held the cup in both hands, “I am not unhappy. I am happy every day. Apart from going to class and looking for an internship company, I don’t have enough time. Where can I be unhappy?”

Peter clearly felt something was wrong now. Sandy was not like this before. Why is it a bit thorny when she speaks this time?

He thought about it, “Did I do something wrong?”

Sandy said, “No.”

Peter wanted to say something more. At this time, Carla and Ryan walked downstairs, and he closed his voice. No matter what happened between him and Sandy, he couldn’t argue at this time, not let people watch his jokes.

Ryan took a shower and changed to casual home attire. He did not wear a suit with a narrow waist, wide shoulders and long legs. Simple casual clothes were also very good-looking.

He asked about Peter’s work.

The two chatted. What the men talked was work. Sandy got up and walked away, and went to the kitchen to help.

Peter raised his head and glanced at her, then slowly lowered his eyes.

Chapter 1118

Click, the door opened, and Nelson returned with two children. Iris held a butterfly made of balloons in her hand. When she ran, the butterfly swayed in her hand, like a fan. Like wings.

Came in and asked, “Where’s younger brother?”

She is going to give balloons to her brother.

Alan put his arms around his chest, thinking that his brother is a boy, so he didn’t like this kind of thing at all.

Lucia came out from the room and said, “Little treasure is sleeping, don’t bother him.”

Iris pouted and rushed towards Ryan, yelling affectionately, “Dad.”

Ryan hugged her on his lap, pinned her messy hair running outside behind her ears, and asked softly, “What did you do today?”

Then Iris recounted the places she visited.

Nelson and Peter greeted each other and entered the room. He was getting older and was a little tired after running with his two grandchildren for a day.

Alan sat aside, his back straight like an adult, watching his sister sitting in his father’s arms.

Peter patted Alan, “I found you are getting quieter and quieter.”

Alan said coldly, “Do I want my sister to hold father? How old am I, am I ashamed?”

Peter laughed.

Then Iris opened her eyes and stared at him, and said, “Brother, are you jealous of me being held by dad?”

“Haha! Childish!” After speaking, he slid off the sofa and went to the room.

Peter smiled to Ryan, “Alan, this kid now looks more and more like you.”

“I’m like dad too.” Iris put her arms around Ryan’s neck and asked him, “Dad, am I like you?”

Ryan squeezed her face and said yes.

Both Iris and Alan look like him, and now their faces are open, and they are 90% similar to him.

It’s a little bit smaller like Carla.

“I’m going to see my brother.” Iris earned from Ryan’s words.

“Please don’t wake him up.” Ryan saids.

“I will not.” After speaking, she took the butterfly and headed into the house.

After about an hour, dinner began.

Sandy helped Samantha prepare the food, Carla also helped in the kitchen, now Little boy is asleep, and Lucia has enough staff. She washed her hands and walked out of the kitchen to Nelson’s door, and raised her hand.

When she wanted to knock on the door, she found that the door was not closed, and there was a big gap flashing. She vaguely saw Nelson standing on the balcony coughing.

The window isolation door of the balcony was pulled, as if afraid of being heard.

Carla knocked on the door, and Nelson found that she opened the balcony door and walked past.

“Dad, are you sick?” Carla asked caringly, looking at him, his face didn’t look good.

Nelson was taken aback for a moment, waved his hand, “It’s okay, I have a cold.”

Carla nodded, “There is medicine at home, I’ll get it for you later.”

“I bought it.” Nelson said.

Carla was still worried, “Should we go to the hospital for an examination?” He is getting older, and she recently discovered that Nelson doesn’t hold Little boy anymore. He used to like holding him the most.

“It’s okay to catch a cold, don’t worry.”

Carla pursed her lips and said, “Then come out for dinner.”

Nelson nodded.

The food in the dining room was already on the table, and the tableware was also placed. Nelson washed his hands and walked over to sit in the first place.

In addition, Sandy and Peter sat at the table.

Today’s dinner is very rich. The seafood is more plump this season, and there is better seafood.

Carla peeled shrimps to the two children, and Alan said, “Mommy, you can eat, I’ll peel them myself.”

Iris said, “I also want to peel it myself.”

So Carla put the peeled shrimp in Ryan’s dinner plate, and the two children peeled it by themselves.

Iris peeled one and ate it first, feeling that it tasted good and continued to peel it, then got off the chair and ran over and raised her hand to give Nelson to eat.

Nelson smiled, with a kindly light in his eyes, “I didn’t hurt Iris.”

Iris smiled and said, “Grandma, don’t be jealous, I’ll strip it for you right away.”

Lucia also laughed, “I still want to say, did you forget me? My granddaughter is filial, and didn’t forget me.”

Alan stayed silent and put the peeled shrimp on Carla’s dinner plate, and the second one on Lucia’s dinner plate.

Carla reached out and touched her son’s head, and put the shrimp back into his bowl, “You’re growing up, you need to eat more.”

“Mr. Alan is tall.” Sandy said, “I think many children of his age are not as tall as him.”

Carla also feels that her son is indeed quite tall, like Ryan.

She looked over, looked at Peter and then at Sandy. Although the two of them were sitting peacefully next to each other, they felt awkward.

Carla knew a little bit about Peter’s temperament, and deliberately asked Sandy, “Sandy, do you have many boys in your school?”

Peter subconsciously turned his head to look at Sandy.

Sandy nodded, “A lot.”

“Are there any handsome guys?” Carla asked again.

This time Ryan turned his head and looked at Carla.

It seems to be saying that having a husband is not enough. She also asked if there are any handsome boys in Sandy’s School. What does she want to do?

“Are any handsome guys with good conditions chasing you?” Carla winked at Sandy.

Sandy didn’t understand what Carla meant at first, but now she understood, and said, “Yes.”

After speaking, she reached out and touched the necklace on his neck, saying, “This is a very handsome and well-conditioned boy who gave it to me.”

Saying that she deliberately showed it to Peter, “Do you think Peter it looks good?”

Peter, “…”

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