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Chapter 1159

When the two children came back from school in the evening, Iris lay on Nelson’s bedside, folding paper cranes with colored paper, “This is what the art teacher taught us to fold.”

“Really?” Nelson reached out and touched his granddaughter’s head, “have you learned it?”

“I’m not sk!lled yet, it looks good when made by the teacher.” Iris folds earnestly.

“I believe Iris’s will be more beautiful.”

Iris raised her head, “Grandpa, I want to fold a lot.”

“Why?” Nelson asked.

He was half leaning against the head of the bed, his face turned yellow and thin.

“Well, there is an old legend that a thousand paper cranes folded with heart can bring happiness and good luck to the loved one.”

“I want to fold a thousand paper cranes and give it to you, so that you can get better soon,” Iris said seriously.

Nelson felt warm in his heart, and this little girl would make people happy more and more, “Where did you hear about it? Don’t study hard, it’s useless to learn.”

“It was said when the art teacher taught us to fold. Is what the teacher taught is useless? Then I won’t listen to the teacher in the future, and I won’t do my homework.” Iris’s mouth is very smart, and Nelson is indulging in love Say, “I was wrong, its useful, useful.”

Iris’s bright eyes were open, her curled eyelashes flickered, and she looked at Nelson with a serious expression, “Grandpa, I will be very careful. I hope you will get better soon.”

Nelson had no regrets, the only thing that couldn’t let go of was these three children. Della wanted to see them enter the school when she was alive. Carla gave birth to children, but she didn’t even see them.

“I’m going to hang it up.” Iris hung the folded paper crane on the window curtain with a thin thread.

Carla came in with the baby and saw her daughter stepping on a stool and hanging a paper crane to come and support her, “You slow down.”

“It’s okay, I’m all grown up.” Iris hung up and climbed down and said, “Mommy, are you holding little brother to see Grandpa?”

Carla nodded, “Yes, little brother misses grandpa.”

“Hey.” She stretched out her hand to squeeze her brother’s cheek. “His cheek is so soft.”

Carla slapped her hand, “You can’t pinch his face, he will drool.”

Iris pouted and said that she was leaving.

After talking, she walked out of the house, and when she was about to close the door, she ran into Ryan at the door and shouted affectionately, “Dad.”

Ryan replied, “Go and play with brother in the living room for a while.”

“I won’t play with him, he is very boring.” After finishing speaking, she went back to the room.

Alan was originally a small ghost, but now Iris and the baby are not aware of Nelson’s situation at home. Alan is sad, and he, who doesn’t like to talk, is even more silent.

Iris said that he pretended to be deep.

He just listened and ignored.

Chapter 1160

Ryan closed the door and walked to the bed, pulled a chair over, and sat down with Carla.

After Nelson fell ill, he no longer loved holding the baby. Although the disease was not contagious, he was afraid that it would infect him, and he was afraid that the sickness of his body would contaminate him.

He is small and weak in resistance.

“Why are you holding him here, don’t be so close to me.” Nelson waved his hands.

Carla said, “Ryan and I have something to tell you.”

“what’s it?”

Nelson looked up at Ryan.

“I discussed with Ryan, I want to let Harrison and Alecia raise the baby.” Carla said.

Nelson’s eyes dropped, his gaze slowly fell on the baby, and he said, “This is your child. You have all discussed it. I don’t have any comments.”

He reached out to the baby and grabbed his fingers, grinning.

“……fair enough.”

Nelson was ill, but his mind was clear, and he knew what they thought.

“Your parents had just you as their daughter. This child takes your father’s surname and inherits your parents’ family business. It is considered complete. You didn’t see them when you were born. I can take a message when I see them underground. “

Nelson’s voice was very soft and seemed weak.

The atmosphere became heavy at once, especially when Nelson heard the next two words, after a while, he was tired, Carla and Ryan left the room, and he rested.

At night, Carla turned over and found that there was no one around. She opened her eyes in a daze.

Through the thin gauze curtain, she vaguely saw a dark figure standing on the balcony. She woke up wearing slippers and took a piece of clothing and walked over. The coat was draped over him, “Why don’t you sleep?”

With the soft moonlight falling, Carla was able to see his deep face clearly, and at this moment, he was stained with unspeakable emotions.

Ryan took off his coat, put it on her, took her hand on his palm, “I can’t sleep, stay with me for a while.”

Carla hummed softly, and the two of them didn’t speak, and just stood so quietly, a ray of moonlight shrouded them in the middle of the night.

“Are you reluctant to give up Little Treasure?” Carla turned to look at him, “If you like it, I will give you another one in the future.”

Ryan shook her hand abruptly and said, “Your body is not good, we don’t need it. It is enough to have Alan and Iris by our side. They are our first children, and I have no regrets.”

Both children are already the best.

“I know that you did this for me. You agreed to let the baby be named Mack. He will inherit JK in the future to continue the incense of my father and continue his career, so as not to be forgotten that such a person once existed in this world.”

She lowered her eyes lightly, and put her hand on the back of his hand, “Alecia and Harrison rais the baby, this is only to add two people who love him more. This is not a bad thing.”

The truth is understood, but it is hard to bear it.

“Go to sleep.” Ryan took her hand into the room.

It’s hard to sleep even in bed, the baby, Nelson, these are the reason of melancholy lingering in his heart.

Someone didn’t sleep well this night.

Sandy often had nausea during this period. She didn’t eat much tonight, and she still wanted to vomit, but she couldn’t vomit. This nausea has been entwining her, making her unable to rest.

Early the next morning, she went to a clinic, to a big hospital had to queue up, and she was admitted as an intern by a company, can’t be late, otherwise, her performance will be deducted, and the impact will not be good. Can’t leave a bad impression.

There are not so many people in the clinic.

Sandy told the doctor about her condition, “I have always felt nauseous in the last few days, but I can’t vomit, I have a bad appetite, and I can’t eat much.”

The doctor asked, “Has this happened before?”

Sandy shook her head, “My body has always been fine.”

“Have you stayed up late?” the doctor asked again.


“You may be nausea caused by gastroenteritis, loss of appetite.” The doctor said, “I’ll prescribe some medicine for you.”

Sandy said, “Okay.”

The doctor prescribed a few boxes of medicine for her. Sandy took the medicine and packed it into the bag on the way to the company. She bought a cup of hot soy milk and took the medicine by the way.

She counted the time to the company and was not late.

Just to go to the internship is to do some simple things, to help copy a document, post a report, and so on, but she feels that she has not relieved her discomfort because of the medicine.

She thought it might be because she just ate it and it didn’t work. She continued to eat at noon according to the doctor’s advice.

She hadn’t improved after getting off work in the evening, so Sandra called her to have dinner.

She was tired from work all day and didn’t want to go. Sandra said, “If you don’t come, you won’t be my good friend.”

Sandy sighed. Knowing Sandra’s temper, she had to go, otherwise, she would have to ignore her for a long time.

“The noodles in this restaurant are very delicious.” When the two met at the entrance of the school, Sandra took her arm and walked to a beef soup restaurant.

“I haven’t come for a long time.” Sandra took her in and said to the boss, “Give me two powders and one scone.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

After a while, the boss brought two portions of noodles, fine vermicelli, and shredded bean curd, beef into thin slices, sprinkled with coriander and shallots, and topped with hot soup. It was a delicious one.

Sandy listened to Sandra and drooled, “It smells good.”

She used to like to eat it too. The beef noodles paired with thin-baked shortbread was really delicious, but now she has no appetite at all.

Sandra put a piece of meat and noodles in her mouth together, eating what she likes, and feeling contented in her heart, she feels that she is the happiest right now.

“Sandy, why don’t you just eat it?” Sandra took a bite of a piece of cake, with food still in her mouth, and said thickly.

Sandy said, “I’m feeling sick recently, and I don’t have much appetite.”

Sandra swallowed the food in her mouth and asked, “Why is it uncomfortable?”

“Nausea and vomiting, I took the medicine, but it didn’t relieve.” She suddenly covered her chest and became sick again.

Sandra’s eyes widened, “Sandy, you’re so sick, aren’t you pregnant?”

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