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Chapter 1183

After she hung up the phone, Carla drove out saw that she had just opened her eyes, and smiled.

“What’s wrong?”

Sandy looked down and said, “I was fired.”

“It is okay. You are only a sophomore, and there is still a lot of time and opportunities. You should give birth to the child first and then think about work.” Carla suggested.

The internship company knows that she is pregnant, so they will definitely not want her. Moreover, Peter will be busy in the future. If she is also busy, both of them will be busy, and the time spent together will be much less. Although the two have a good relationship, after all, they have not been married for a long time.

Always have someone to take care of the family.

Of course, Carla respects Sandy’s ideas.

“If you want to go to work, I can help you too.”

It is not difficult for Ryan to find a job with his professional counterpart.

Sandy said, “You’re right. Even if I don’t get fired, I can’t do it for long. Peter has just been promoted and is busy with work, so he can’t worry about family affairs.”

As she said, she turned her head and looked at Carla, “Is it always the woman? After marrying someone, she has to sacrifice.”

“Why do you say that?” Carla asked.

Sandy thought for a while and said, “You are a person with your own business. You can live a lot if you don’t depend on anyone. But now, you stay at home and take care of your children.”

She feels that this is not fair to women, why women must stand behind men.

Isn’t the good and bad of a family something that two people can pay for each other?

Carla smiled, “Is it contradictory?”

Unknown, Sandy asked, “Where is the contradiction?”

“You said that the family is good or bad. It is necessary for the two to pay for each other, and you feel that it is unfair for women to give up their careers. Isn’t this contradictory?”

Carla said after a while, “Even if the two give each other, the man is outside. Hard work is the way he pays. A woman takes care of her children at home and supports her elders. It is also giving. So, isn’t both of them paying?”

Sandy seemed to think about it, “But I don’t want to live by him.”

Because of her family, she doesn’t have enough sense of security to rely on another person wholeheartedly to live a life.

She is always afraid. If one day, if Peter changes his heart, he will not want her, and a series of things will happen. If she does not have the ability to survive. How will she live in the future?

It’s not that he doesn’t love, it’s not that she doesn’t believe it, it’s just that when she was a child, she experienced the unfortunate marriage of her parents and supported herself very early, so that she would always think of a future for herself.

Carla understands, and also agrees that women must have their own confidence in order to live comfortably and live wonderfully.

“Will you continue your career in the future?” Sandy turned to look at Carla and asked.

Carla said no, the shop in City R had been handed over to Alecia, and she would not intervene anymore.

She smiled and said, “I’m not afraid of him abandoning me. Anyway, his money is in my hands. He doesn’t want me anymore, so I can eat and drink without worries, and live my life away.”

Sandy smiled, “Sure enough, the money in his hand is the kingly way.”

Carla also laughed.

“You are alone when you go home, come go to my house. There are many people in my house and it is lively.” She said.

Sandy said, “Okay.”

Anyway, she was fired and didn’t have to go to the company.

There are no classes during this time, it’s rare to have time.

She found it interesting to chat with Carla.

At very late in the evening, the clouds on the horizon seemed to be burned by fire, and they were all red.

Peter walked out of the police station. He took off his hat and took the car key in his hand. He walked to the car. When he was about to get in the car, the phone in his pocket vibrated. It was Sandy who sent him a message. He took out Click on the phone to open the message, [I’m at sister-in-law’s house, if you get off work early and can catch up with dinner, come here.】

Chapter 1184

He exited the screen after reading the information. Just as he was about to get in the car, he heard someone talking behind the flower tree not far away. He heard the sound and saw a shadow on the ground.

He walked over lightly, and through the gaps between the branches and leaves, he saw Eileen and Martin standing face to face, neither of them looked bad.

“Didn’t you say that you can get him off the horse? Why don’t you talk now?” Martin sat on the edge of the flower pond and mocked, “I’m crazy, I will believe your words, knowing that I can’t live with him, in the future I must have no good days, and he will definitely wear small shoes for me.”

Eileen looked grim, “I have arranged everything, how can I easily turn back? Isn’t it because you are not capable? It is not unreasonable that you can’t get promoted.”

At this moment, she was very angry. The last time she met at the entrance of the restaurant, because of her impulse, her boyfriend blew up. How could she not be angry in her heart, did not get the watermelon, and lost the sesame seeds. She hates it very much.

When she said that, Martin looked ugly, and snorted coldly, “No wonder Peter looks down on you, it’s not unreasonable.”


Eileen raised her hand to hit him, but Martin was not used to her. Now she is not Edward’s daughter.

He caught Eileen’s hand and threw it out. She couldn’t stand firmly and fell onto the belt, bleeding from her elbow.

“Are you crazy?!” She glared.

Martin looked at her coldly and condescendingly, “I’m indeed crazy, otherwise, why would I do things that frame people with you? I will confess now and make you embarrassed, not to make your dad faceless.”

“Don’t forget, you are also involved.” Eileen got up from the ground and grabbed the hem of his clothes. “Peter knows, will he let you go?”

“I just said a few words when someone came from above to investigate him, but you did all the money sending and reporting calls. It has a half-cent relationship with me?”

Eileen opened her eyes wide and stared at him fiercely, “Do you want to cross the river to demolish the bridge?”

Martin snorted coldly, “I haven’t crossed your bridge. Peter is still the director. No one touched him. The investigation is just a formality now. On the contrary, it was me who didn’t get anything. Don’t find me.”

After finishing talking, he left.

Eileen was left standing where she was, and she didn’t return to her senses for a long time. She couldn’t figure out why Peter escaped with such a careful plan?

Standing behind the flower tree, Peter turned off the video recording, set up the phone indifferently, as if he didn’t know anything, turned and walked away, but he had a plan in his heart.

Eileen is utterly frenzied, and she has been hurting Sandy time and time again. Now it is him. He doesn’t know what to do in the future. He can’t just leave it alone. He must do something, otherwise, he will definitely be in trouble in the future.

Peter drove to the old house, and the sky was completely dark.

Sandy was playing in the living room with Marty, and Peter walked in and asked her what happened today.

“Don’t you know everything? That’s what I said.” Sandy said.

Peter stretched out his hand to hug Marty, Sandy patted his hand away, “Have you washed your hands?”

Peter, “…”

Sandy said, “Wash your hands.”

“Then I won’t hold it.”

Peter sat on the sofa, Sandy followed and said, “I was almost frightened when I saw that the box was money. I was afraid that it would cause trouble for you. It was not my sister-in-law who gave me an idea. I don’t know what I will get out. What a disaster.”

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