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Chapter 125

When the phone was hung up, Carla was standing at the window holding the phone without moving, still looking out the window, it was so dark that she couldn’t see anything.

“Mummy.” Alan called her.

Carla turned around, looked at her son’s handsome appearance, and smiled, “What do you want me to do?”

Alan put down the tablet and ran over and hugged her leg to act like a baby, “Mommy, sister is sleeping, will you give me a bath today?”

She squeezed her son’s face, and said in a very spoiled way, “Okay.”

Alan grinned, clutching Carla’s clothes, with a little excitement in his heart. Without a clingy sister, he could finally be alone with Mummy.

When the sister is awake, she will stick to Mommy again, so he doesn’t have time to be alone with Mommy.

Carla turned on the bathroom light, turned on the hot water switch, and put in a pool of hot water.

Alan had already begun to undre55, stripping himself clean, “The water is ready…” Carla turned her head and saw her son, who had already str!pped himself, and glanced over his white body.

Alan found himself, “…” He slammed his hands between his legs, his face flushed, “Mummy.”

Carla deliberately teased him, “My son, is he still shy?”

Alan lowered, his face flushed.


Carla stopped teasing him, came, and hugged him into the pool. Alan hid in the water with only his head exposed. Carla squeezed the shampoo to wash his hair and rubbed it gently.

Alan was very honest. He squatted quietly in the water and asked Carla to wash his hair. He looked at Mommy’s gentle look and shouted, “Mommy.”


Alan smiled and said nothing.

But in his heart, he was determined to find a good man for Mommy and take care of her.

Carla deliberately got foam on his nose, only as if he was naughty, and deliberately told her not to speak, but didn’t know that he was determined in his heart to find a good man for her.

It’s just that good men are not so easy to find.

On the last day of July, Carla returned to the country with her children.

Because the domestic arrangement has already been taken care of, she only needs to bring her children and a small amount of clothing.

Alan was very calm, unlike Iris, both happy and unhappy were written on her face. She was very excited to know that she was going to be on a plane. This was the second time she took a plane. The first time was when she was three years old. At that time, she didn’t remember.

The little girl feels strange when she sees everything, she touches it, her hands keep on touching.

Carla can’t help.

She can only let her be naughty in her arms. Fortunately, Lucia and Alan are next to her, so they won’t disturb others.

“Mummy, I want juice.” Seeing the stewardess delivering juice to other guests, Iris stretched out her hand to ask for it.

Today, Iris is wearing a light blue dress, delicate and fair skin, her black hair with two braids, and a pair of clear and bright eyes, as if she can speak.

“What kind of juice do you want to drink?” The stewardess asked gently, bending down and looking at the cute little girl.

Iris blinked and pointed to the green cup.

“This is a kiwi juice, it will be a little sour.” The stewardess introduced.

Iris seemed not afraid of it, and nodded again.

The stewardess gave her the glass of singular juice, probably because she looked too cute, and asked, “Dear kid, what is your name?”

Iris grinned, revealing a row of white milk teeth, “My name is Iris Lane, and my mom and grandma call me Iris.”

“This name is really nice.” The stewardess admired.

Carla touched her daughter’s hair.

“Your daughter is very beautiful.” The stewardess smiled.

“Thank you.” Carla nodded politely.

Alan glanced at his sister, turned his head, and looked out the window, as if he didn’t like this kind of conversation.

Not long after the stewardess pushed the water truck, the captain’s voice sounded, “Passengers going to country z and city b please be prepared. The plane will land at Airport in ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later.

When the plane landed, Carla hugged Iris who was sleeping in her arms, and Lucia took Alan. They got off the plane and looked everywhere, looking at everything here.

Alan thought to himself, this is where Mommy was born.

“I’ll get the luggage.” Lucia let go of Alan’s hand, “You follow your mommy to the exit and wait for me.”

“Okay.” she didn’t have to worry, he was very sensible.

“Hey.” Jamie walked towards them, with Alecia beside them.

They came together to pick up Carla.

Jamie did not return home because of Diane’s divorce, and stayed in the country to take care of his sister who was in a bad mood.

He called Carla to find out about her return to the country.

Only then did Alecia come to pick her up.

“Are you tired, let me hold her.” Jamie reached out to take the child in her arms.

Carla shook her head, “No, I’m not tired, let’s go.”

Jamie looked at Carla for two seconds before retracting his hand. He never laughed since he knew Carla was going back to the country.

In country A for so long, she never said that she would come back, and she didn’t even want to come back.

But since meeting Ryan, she is going back to the country.

Chapter 126

She said she hated the man, but the behavior she showed was not that hateful.

Ryan also withdrew from his engagement with Diane.

If there is no connection or involvement, she would not believe it.

At the same time, she was afraid in her heart.

Thinking of his eyes could not help but fall on the two children.

The hand hanging on his side clenched tightly.

If Carla knew that he had concealed the original truth, would she hate him?

Now watching the two children grow up little by little, the contradictions and guilt in his heart are getting deeper and deeper.

These two children are so cute that no one will dislike them.

If he didn’t tell the lie at the time, perhaps Ryan would really look at it for the sake of the child, and be with Carla.

But now it seems that he will…

Because he canceled the engagement after seeing Carla.

It can be seen that he has some feelings for her.

If he did not hide it, the children would have a complete family.

“Uncle, what are you thinking?” Alan raised his head and looked at Jamie who was in a daze, and stretched his hand to pull the hem of his clothes.

Jamie, who returned to his senses, quickly replied, “It is nothing.”

He looked down at Alan, stretched out his hand to hold his hand, “Let’s go.”

Alan drew his hand, “I will go by myself.”

He doesn’t hate Jamie, nor does he like him.

Jamie was a little embarrassed, rubbing his fingers.

“Alan!” Carla saw his actions and called him, “Don’t be rude, uncle cares about you.”

Alan lowered his eyes, “I know.”

He just didn’t like being held by Jamie.

“Well, now is not the time to talk, let’s go first.” Jamie went to pick up the suitcase that Lucia had pulled over.

Lucia smiled, “Are you okay.”


He likes Lucia very much.

Jamie walked out of the airport with luggage and a group of people. Carla got into Jamie’s car, followed by Lucia and Alan in Alecia’s car.

Jamie looked at Carla from the rearview. She looked down at her sleeping daughter, looking very gentle.

Jamie clenched the steering wheel’s hands tightly, trying to say something to her, but finally did not say anything.

Alecia arranged Carla’s place to live, and it was also close to the store, which made it easy for her to commute to and from work.

When he arrived at the residence, put his luggage, Jamie said that he had booked a hotel to wash the dust for Carla, and everything at home was new, and there was no way to cook.

Before Carla spoke, Lucia agreed on her behalf.

Carla is not easy to refuse.

After putting away their luggage, the group boarded the car again and went to Jamie’s hotel.

Five or six of them were also dissatisfied with Jamie’s big bag, it was very spacious.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Alan slid down the chair.

“I’m with you.” Jamie was afraid that he could not find the way.

“No, I know the way.” Alan waved his hand and went out by himself.

He asked the waiter and found the location of the toilet in no time.

After entering the toilet, he found that there is no special urinal for children, and the adults’ is too high.

He frowned, looking extremely distressed.

“Little devil.” A teasing voice sounded behind him.

Alan looked back.

He saw the man standing next to the sink, wiping his hands gracefully and lazily raising his eyelids, “Not high enough?”

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