Stealing Your Heart Novel Chapter 135 – 136

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Chapter 135

“You let me go.” Carla’s eyes widened, and her hands pressed against his oppressed body.

“Let go?” Ryan chewed on these two words with an accent, feeling ridiculous.

At first, he was angry that she was trying to draw a line with him, but now she believes that her son is innocent, but doubts him.

He was really angry.

Carla tilted her head and did not dare to look at him. She could feel his hard skin, a bit hotter than the temperature of her body, and his breath that was suddenly close at hand, familiar and lingering, she closed her eyes, “My son is only five years old—”

He must not be able to do such a thing.

She tilted her head, her slender neck, and the stretched blue veins beating slightly. Because of her tension, she breathed quickly and ups and downs, like seduce!ve notes. Ryan originally wanted to scare her, but he saw her at this moment. He just felt that the blood was boiling all over his b0dy.

He lowered his head and his lips fell on her neck.

His lips are soft and cold.

Carla pushed him hard, panicking, “You let me go, are you faceless?”

“Face? My face was lost to me by your son, what face do I need?” His head was still buried in her neck when he spoke, vaguely.

He liked the smell of her, that kind of breath, which made him familiar and obsessed with her.

He couldn’t wait to melt this woman into h!s body.

“You say, are you a fairy?” If not, how could he not look like her in front of her?

Carla said nothing, tears slipped quietly from the corners of her eyes, drowning in the hair of her ears and temples.

Ryan felt her choking slightly, raised his head, and squinted his face, “Just k!ssed you, so wronged?”

Her eyelashes trembled slightly and opened gently. Are there any hidden watermarks in her eyes, and her voice is hoarse, “In your eyes, am I a woman who can sl33p with men casually?”

Ryan was taken aback, “——No.”

“You have, you never respected me.” The tears she was holding back fell unconvincingly. “You think I have a man when I was 18 years old. I was pregnant. I am an improper and self-loving woman. The kind of woman you want, I just have to.”

Ryan was flustered inexplicably, and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. He admitted that he had thought about it.

Carla turned her head, unwilling to touch him.

His hand stayed in her ear, slowly falling, pin her messed hair behind the ear, “Your previous things, I will not mention, my previous things, you also forget.”

“What do you want?” Carla suppressed.

“I said, let you go back to where you were…”

“My children, are you going to be their stepdad?” Carla interrupted him.

She knew that Ryan was a proud man.

If accepting that she is not innocent, then it is already his bottom line.

He would never accept her children.

“You are such a proud person who can accept other people’s children as their father? Can you raise children for others? You can’t—”

“Stop talking!” He stood up quickly.

Yes, Ryan only wanted Carla to come back, and never thought about how to arrange her children.

Carla was right, he was not pure to overcome Carla, it was already his bottom line.

He really didn’t think about making himself a stepdad and raising children for others.

Can’t do it!

Carla sat up, tidied up the messy clothes, looked up at the man standing there with his back facing her, “We, divorced, we are right to return to our respective positions.”

“Do you know what is correct?” His tone was somber.

In a very bad mood.

Chapter 136

Carla stood up, “I don’t know, but I know my heart very well. I don’t like you, and you can’t accept my children. Ending the involvement is the best choice.”

What reverberated in Ryan’s mind was her sentence, I know my heart, I don’t like you.

I do not like you?


I do not like you?

He turned around and grabbed her by the collar. “Will you tell me what you just said again?”


Her neck hurts badly.

Ryan lifted his feet off the ground, facing his red eyes, did not flinch, almost the voice squeezed out of his throat, “I don’t like you, do you want me to tell lies, Do you cheat? You certainly won’t tolerate such a thing, right?”

It’s not long before getting along with this man, but Carla really knows him well.

How proud he is, how can he fall to the point where he can make people tell lies to please him?

But he was unhappy in his heart, very unhappy.

Going crazy!

Carla was quiet, didn’t struggle, and didn’t irritate him.

She tried her best to endure it even if her neck hurts.

Her face was flushed, and Ryan grasped her collar too tightly, she could not breathe.

Ryan threw her away angrily, “Being smart.”

Carla fell to the ground, clutching her chest and breathing heavily. It took a while to relieve herself. She got up from the ground and said, “When you want to do it, you can call Assistant Ramiro to find me at any time.”

After speaking, she turned and walked towards the door, saw the piano in front of the French window, stopped, but did not look back, “You did not discard what I left. Thank you very much. I will move it away as soon as possible.”

After speaking, she started anew.

Walking out of the door of the villa, she has been pretending to be strong, and she collapsed almost instantly.

She held the wall with one hand, clutching her chest.

She didn’t know why, her heart hurts unexpectedly.

“Miss Lane, are you okay?” Ramiro leaned against the car and playing with his mobile phone, and when he saw Carla coming out, he walked over.

Carla shook her head, “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay, get in the car, and I’ll take you back.” Ramiro walked to the front and opened the door.

Carla said thank you and got in the car.

Ramiro looked at Carla in the rearview mirror, “I think your complexion is not good, is there a conflict with Mr. Blair?”

Carla looked up at him, thinking of the news that Ryan had shown her, took out her mobile phone, and found the social sector from the headlines, and actually found the news. She frowned and handed it to Ramiro.
Ramiro took a moment to glance at the news, he also saw this news when he was just playing on his mobile phone.

It was also at this moment that he didn’t know why Ryan didn’t let him stop the assistant who took pictures.

Even if it was filmed, if Ryan didn’t want to see it, it would not appear in the news.

Now that it appears, it can only show that he was deliberate.

As for why, I’m afraid it has something to do with Carla, right?

Ramiro nodded, “At that time Mr. Blair was talking with HSBC’s President Drake. Your son broke in, took the thing, and said that Mr. Blair dropped it.”

Carla clenched the phone in her hand, “Does Ryan have the habit of carrying this?”

She asks these words with a guilty conscience, who is crazy and okay with this thing on their body?

Even if you can use it, you won’t carry it with you.

It’s not in line with normal people’s behavior at all.

Obviously, Ryan is a normal person.

“No.” Thinking about it now, it’s not Ryan’s style at all.

When Mr. Blair admitted at the time, he almost dropped his chin in shock.

Carla took back the phone, she must figure out this matter.

Alan is only five years old if he really—

She held her forehead very distressed.

Soon the car stopped where she lived, and she pushed the door down, because she was anxious to find out the facts, she didn’t say hello to Ramiro.

She opened the door, Lucia was packing the things she had brought.

“Where is Alan?”

“In the bedroom.” Lucia looked at her face badly, “Are you all right?”

“No.” She just wanted to figure out what was going on now, walked to the bedroom door, and opened the door.

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