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Chapter 145

“Something has been delayed.” Carla explained.

“Call me.” Melvin gestured towards Carla in a gesture of calling, “If you need a car, you can also call me.”

Perhaps there is a common enemy, and the relationship is inexplicably closer.

Carla nodded.

“Okay, then get busy, I have a sports car too.” Melvin waved his hand and drove the car away.

He has no income unless he leaves the car.

“Sister Lane, who is he?” Alecia asked gossiping.

Curious that she can make friends even in a taxi?

Carla didn’t want to talk more about this matter, just smiled faintly, “Looking at you in such a hurry, who is looking for me?”

Alecia patted her forehead, “You see, I forgot the business.” She pulled Carla, “I put people in the office, and the mess here makes the office better.”

The office belongs to Carla, and she cleaned it up in advance.

Otherwise, there is no place to stay.

Carla was curious about who was looking for her.

“Who, male or a female.” She has no friends except Jamie in the country.

“A lady who claims to be Mrs. Blair is pretty and very temperamental.” Alecia secretly glanced at Carla’s expression.

Her ex-husband is Ryan.

Is this Mrs. Blair her last mother-in-law?

Carla frowned, Mrs. Blair?

Her marriage to Ryan had no wedding, no ceremony, and she had never seen Ryan’s family.

Mrs. Blair?

But as far as she knows, Mrs. Blair disappeared a long time ago. Could it be that—Carla seemed to have guessed it.

Samantha said before that Ryan’s father married again shortly after his mother’s death.

So she can be called Mrs. Blair.

But what did she find herself for?

Carla was full of doubts.

“She is inside, call me if something is going on.” Alecia took Carla to the door of the office, without intending to go in.

Carla nodded, and when Alecia left, she reached out and opened the door.

The office was cleaned up, that is, desks were placed, sofas, coffee tables, and the floor were placed in the meeting area. The entire office was empty and there was no tea.

An elegantly dressed lady was standing in front of the French windows. Carla didn’t see her face, she saw that she was well maintained, with long hair in a bun.

She should have heard the movement, turned around, and saw Carla standing at the door, trying to ask, “Are you Carla?”

At the moment she turned around, Carla saw her looks clearly. Although she had been baptized for years, she could still see her outstanding appearance.

She clasped her hands above her abdomen, wore an Omega watch on her wrist, and carried a black satchel, plaid dress, and black high heels on her right arm.

There is no extra jewelry attire, it is simple, but it exudes intellectual beauty.

“I am.” Carla walked in, “Did you have anything to do with me? I am not familiar with you.”

Della smiled lightly, “You entered the door of the Blair family, we should have met, it’s just—” Because Ryan had a bad relationship with them, she didn’t want to take Carla back.

After they received the certificate, Nelson called Ryan and asked him to take Carla back, but Ryan refused.

Later, the divorce was also Ryan’s personal decision, and they didn’t know until she had left them.

Carla smiled in understanding, “I know.”

After all, with Ryan she had a contract marrige, and it is normal for him not to introduce her to the people in his family.

“Sit down.” Carla stretched out her hand and made a please gesture towards Della.

Della nodded lightly and sat down on the sofa.

Carla sat opposite her, not speaking, just waiting for her to speak.

She took the initiative to find her, she should have something to do.

Della looked at Carla, looking very young and beautiful, “When you married Ryan, I heard that you were only 18?”

Carla nodded, “Yes.”

It was quiet for two seconds.

“Do you know that Ryan was going to get engaged?” Della asked.

Chapter 146

When she was speaking, her gaze was staring at Carla’s face.

Watch her expression change.

Carla answered honestly, “I knew.”

“Later, he quit again, do you know?”

“I know.” Carla lowered her eyes slightly, thinking in her heart, why she came to find her.

Listening to her tone, it should be related to Ryan.

“Then you also know why he called off his engagement?”

Carla didn’t know this.

She raised her head and looked at Della, “I don’t know.”

She pointed to the office, “You see, I just came back from abroad. I don’t know the domestic affairs. I have divorced him, so I don’t know much more.”

Although they didn’t apply for the certificate, Carla subconsciously thought that they had already left.

She remembered that Ryan said at that time, let’s get a divorce.

After he said that, their marriage ended.

Della was surprised, “You don’t know?” She obviously didn’t believe Carla didn’t know, “He broke the marriage for you, don’t you know?”

This time it was Carla’s turn to be surprised.

Isn’t this nonsense?

“I think there may be some misunderstanding, you know, we have been divorced for so many years, how could it be because of me.”

Della shook her head. There was definitely no misunderstanding. The information that Uncle Flair found was that Ryan withdrew from Diane’s engagement after seeing her in country A.

Perhaps it was because they had been married and had felt that after seeing her, Ryan felt that he loved her, and the old relationship rekindled, so he withdrew from the engagement with Diane.

“Blair family, Gill family, you should also have heard about it. In city b, they are all big families. If the two of them get married, they will join forces, which is good for Gill family or Blair family.”

Della’s voice was very gentle. She looked at Carla, “Before he went abroad to meet you, he was willing to marry Miss Gill. The two of them have a deep relationship. Our two families value this marriage very much.”

“So you came here and want me to leave Ryan?” Carla was a little bit dumbfounded, “I think you really misunderstood. We are not together at all.”

It’s not getting better at all.

It was really the wrong person to come to her.

Della frowned slightly, “Are you not together?”

Carla nodded, and said with certainty, “No.”

“In order to divorce, he-self-injured, I didn’t see it. I heard the old man say that he took a fruit knife and stuck it in his chest-the purpose was to cancel the engagement.

“What?” Carla stood up suddenly.

How did the injury on his chest come from?

He hurt himself, is he insane?

Della quietly watched Carla’s reaction, she seemed to really not know her appearance.

“Why did he do this?” Carla said that she didn’t understand.

“His engagement with Miss Gill was in the news, which also means that the two will have business dealings. If he breaks the contract first, he will bear certain responsibilities, and Miss Gill accidentally hit and rescued him when he was a child.

After following him for a long time, he wants to divorce, not only has a great influence on Miss Gill, but also has guilt for her.” That’s why Diane said that when he wanted his life, he really acted on himself.

The purpose is not to owe her.

Della sighed, “It seems that Miss Gill has a deep relationship with Ryan. I heard that she was very emotional about the cancelation.”

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