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Chapter 151

Seeing Ryan, Diane almost rushed over, wanting to hug him with her arms outstretched.

Ryan moved his body sideways, her speed was too fast, and she couldn’t hold her foot even when she threw herself empty, she hurriedly fell forward several steps, her ankle smashed.

“Ah…” she screamed, her legs softened, and she fell down.

Ramiro stood aside, there was a chance to hold her, but he did not reach out.

When she hadn’t become a member of the Gill Family, she was kind to Ramiro. After all, Ramiro was someone Ryan trusted, and she was willing to spend some time thinking about him.

However, after entering the Gill family, she became the daughter of the Gill family, putting on airs in front of him again and again.

Ramiro was uncomfortable and didn’t like her before.

Now she is the eldest daughter.

He is just an assistant, not a person of importance in her world.

Diane fell to the ground, her knees were torn and her carefully made hair was messed up, she looked very embarrassed.

She looked up at Ryan, “Ryan——”

She could not accept his indifference and ignorance.

He loved her very much.

His current attitude was a sense of frustration that made her fall from the clouds to hell.

She couldn’t accept it.

Looking tremblingly at the man standing in front of him, “Ryan——”

Tears fluttered in her eyes, aggrieved and pleased.

Ryan walked to her, squatted down, and stretched out his hand to brush away the messy hair blocking her cheeks.

Looking closely at her face, it seems that he wants to pry into her heart through her facial features.


“Don’t call me.” He interrupted Diane’s address to him.

Diane was startled, and she couldn’t accept this fact.

“How much did you hide from me?” His voice was extremely low, as if suppressing something.

Diane’s mind went back and forth, as if a movie was playing back, thinking about the meaning of Ryan’s words.

Suddenly her pupils shrank sharply, did he hear her conversation with Carla?

“I didn’t.” She denied it immediately.

“Nothing?” Ryan sneered.

She had saved him before and he has trusted her, and found that some of her careful thoughts had not been investigated, and he was unwilling to investigate many things.

It’s somewhat emotional.

But she can always refresh his knowledge of her.

The self-directed and self-acted deception, even Carla’s car accident that year, was also her handwriting.

He had looked down upon her before, thinking she was just a little cautious, but he didn’t think that she had such a vicious heart.

“I didn’t—I didn’t harm Carla, she, she talked nonsense.” Diane tears down her face and reached out to grab Ryan’s arm, “Ryan, you have to believe me.”

He just fixed his gaze on her face, frozen for a few seconds, his cold lips condensed into a straight line, did not speak, but broke her hand.

Diane didn’t want to loosen it, but Ryan’s strength was too great, and she had almost no room for struggle and was easily broken apart.

“Ryan.” Diane hugged his leg, “I really didn’t, believe me, if there is a mistake, it is also because I love you, is it wrong to love you?”


Ryan sneered, seeming to be mocking himself, his voice was very soft, “You’re right, it’s me who is wrong.”

Shouldn’t take responsibility as love.

“No, no.” Diane shook her head desperately, “You’re right, I’m right, it’s her who is wrong!”

She turned her head and pointed angrily at Carla who was standing on the steps, “It’s all her, she’s a B!tch!”

“You are…”

Alecia wanted to return her mouth, but Carla stopped her, and there was no need to argue with her tongue.

What she fears most now is just the fear of losing Ryan.

Snake hits seven inches, Ryan is her seven inches.

Carla stepped on high heels, stepped down the steps, and walked towards Ryan step by step. She stretched out the hair around her ears, eye-catching like silk, and put her hand on Ryan’s shoulder, with a soft voice. Yelled, “husband.”

Chapter 152

Carla feels nauseous, this name is really bad.

Anyway, the divorce certificate was not issued, so she was not screaming casually.

Mainly to be able to piss Diane.

Look, Diane’s face flushed with anger, like cooked shrimp.

Ryan lowered his eyes slightly and looked at Carla’s arms on his shoulders. Her arms were slender and her skin was fair. When she was too close, he could see the soft hairs on her arms.

For the first time, Carla took the initiative to approach him.

Still such an intimate title.

There was a bit of joy in his heart.

It does not exclude Carla calling him that.

He knew that she did it on purpose, but he didn’t push away.

Let her lean on himself.

“You don’t put gold on your face” Diane was completely irritated by Carla’s husband.

Got up to fight Carla, “You B!tch, you are not allowed to touch Ryan.”

As soon as her hand fell, Ryan grabbed her wrist.

When his eyes met, Diane was stunned by the coldness in his eyes.

She had never seen such a temperate emotion in Ryan’s eyes.


“Ramiro.” Ryan shook her hand away.

Ramiro understood, stepped forward to hold her.

How could Diane be willing to be pulled by Ramiro, watching Carla and Ryan get so close?

“Ramiro, you let me go.” Diane didn’t care about anything, she just wanted to pull Carla away from her hand.

She can’t touch him!

Ryan belongs to her.

No one can touch him!

“Miss Gill, is this shameless?” Ramiro frowned.

“Ramiro, how old are you? Can you control me?” she growled.

Ryan was too lazy to entangle her, and gave a light command, “You handle it.” He took Carla away.

“Ryan…” Seeing Ryan was about to leave, Diane was completely panicked.

Punched and kicked Ramiro, “Let go of me, let me go quickly.”

Ramiro didn’t loosen the strength in his hand, and didn’t even move. “Miss Gill calm down, you and Mr. Blair have already canceled engagement—”

“My relationship with Ryan, you know what a sh!t, even if the engagement is canceled, he still loves me.”

Ramiro thought she was ridiculous.

Love her?

He was an outsider, and he could tell that Ryan had never loved her in these years.

To her was just the responsibility of that night, and his love for saving him when she was a child.


Don’t be nonsense.


“You are a lunatic, you are a dog, a barking watchdog raised by him!”

Ramiro’s face sank, and he sneered, “Yes, how can you be noble, the daughter of the Gill family”

Ramiro bit the words extremely heavily.

How can a person change even his personality due to the change of identity?

No, she was originally such a person, but she hid her true self before.

Now it’s just showing one’s nature.

As the saying goes, the country is easy to change and its nature is hard to change.

Seeing Ryan pulling Carla into the car, Ramiro let go of Diane.

Give her a cold look.

“Mr. Blair will not like a woman like you.”

Diane was trembling with anger, and when she saw Ramiro was about to leave, she rushed up and grabbed Ramiro’s hand and bit it down.

Ramiro snorted.


Raise the foot and kick the mad woman away, “You are the dog that can bite.”

He glanced at the bleeding back of his hand that she had bitten. He kicked the woman on the ground.

Turned and left.

Diane lay on the ground, her hands clenched into fists, and she was bound to get back the insult today.

“You let me go.” Carla, who has pulled away, panicked. Just now, she just deliberately wanted to stimulate Diane.

Ryan did not answer, but forced her into the car.

Carla said that she was not at peace.

Ryan caught her moving hands, “Be quiet.”

Carla twisted her body, trying to get rid of his shackles, “Where are you taking me?”

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