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Chapter 155


After dinner, the two left the restaurant.

“Where are you going, I will see you off.”

Carla thought for a moment, “Going home.”

The shop hasn’t made it right, and she still accepts the job she is currently on in country A.

She made an appointment with the customer of the customized wedding dress, look at the picture.

Then according to the style and material she chooses, she will make the clothes.

Hearing Carla talking about home, Ryan glanced at her sideways, sarcastically, “Your child doesn’t even have a father, so it is home?”

Carla wanted to refute him, she hadn’t yet, but when the words reached her lips, she swallowed again.

If she refuted, not knowing what he was going to say again, she glared at him sideways, bent over, and sat in the car.

Ryan smiled lightly.

The carriage was too quiet, and the atmosphere was inexplicable embarrassment without speaking.

She leaned against the car window, pretending to sleep with her eyes closed.

Her acting skills were not clever, Ryan saw it through at a glance, but did not expose her.

About twenty minutes later, she pretended to have just woken up and opened her eyes. She counted the time, and it happened that the car arrived at the community.

She rubbed her eyes, pushed the car door, and walked down, “Thank you.”

Thank him for taking her back.

Ryan leaned back and put his hands on the steering wheel casually, “Your thanks are not sincere.”

Carla paused with her hand closing the car door, “What do you mean?”

“If you want to thank me, shouldn’t you invite me up for a cup of tea?” There was a smile on his lips, as if teasing.

Carla was the object of his teasing.

Carla closed the car door with a bang, and said coldly, “I have asked you to have dinner. I have already expressed my sincerity.”

Alan was so hostile to him, if Lucia saw him, she would be unhappy.

She was crazy, so she would let him go to her house.

Iris bit her finger and opened her big round eyes, looking at Carla who was standing on the side of the road, “Which one is Mommy?”

Alan was thinking, how could he get back the tablet and watch phone from Carla, and when he heard sister’s words, looked at her, “Where is Mummy?”

Iris pointed to the gate of the community.

Alan looked over and saw Carla standing on the side of the road talking to someone, with a side face…

Why is that so familiar?

Soon, he recognized that the man who was talking to Carla, wasn’t he the man with the heart?

Why is Mommy still with him?

Alan pulled his face and stared with a deep gaze.

Iris took his hand, “Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Alan snorted coldly, “Iris, did you see the man in the car?”

Iris nodded honestly, “I saw him.”

“He is our father.” Alan clenched her little hand.

He is Mommy’s ex-husband, and naturally their father.

Iris blinked, her world had never been called dad, but she had never called dad when she heard other children call her dad.

Suddenly when she heard her brother say that there is a father, she was so excited that she was about to run over there, “Dad—”

Alan grabbed her with his hand quickly, and covered her mouth, “Shhh)

Iris struggled, “I’m looking for Dad.”

She didn’t have the deep thoughts of Alan.

She just knew that someone was my father, so she wanted to see what her father was like.

“He is not our father.” Alan said firmly.


Iris’s thoughts are knotted, one for a while, another for the next moment, is it right?

Looking at her brother with big ignorant eyes.

It seems to be asking.

“He is our father, but if he abandons Mommy and us, we can’t recognize him as our father.”

Iris didn’t understand, her long eyelashes flickered and flickered, and she said, “Is it, Dad? I want Dad.”

Alan hugged his sister, “I will definitely find a good father for us and a good man for mommy.”

Chapter 156

Iris, “…”

She couldn’t understand.

Staring not far away, she can only see the man who is profiled, thinking, is that Dad?

What does he look like?

“Have you met Dad?”

Alan nodded, “I have seen him.”

“Does he look good?” Iris asked, really wanting to run over and take a look.

Alan didn’t want to admit it, but Ryan did look good, which was also his distress.

Where can he find a man who is more handsome than him?

“good looking.”

Iris looked forward to it even more.

“I brought it.” Lucia walked over with a folding umbrella in her hand. Today, she was taking the two of them to the aquarium. Only when she got downstairs did she remember that it would rain at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

She went upstairs to get an umbrella.

“Grandma.” Iris was a little wronged. Her brother had seen her father. She hadn’t seen him yet, so she felt wronged.

Finally, she had a chance to see what Dad was like, but her brother didn’t let her see.

hate him.

“What’s the matter?” Lucia picked her up.


As soon as Iris spoke, she heard Alan shout, “Mummy.”

Then interrupted her.

Carla came over, saw Lucia carrying a bag on her body, and asked, “Are you going to go out?”

“I want to take them to the aquarium. It’s always bad to stay at home.”

Carla reached out to pick up her daughter, “How to get there, take the subway?”

It is too inconvenient to take the two children on the subway.

Lucia said, “Take a taxi. It is not convenient to take two children via subway.”

Carla walked to the side of the road, “I can’t go with you. I still have some work. When I have time, I will check the car and buy one, so that it will be convenient to travel.”

“You are busy, I can take care of the two of them.” Lucia stretched out her hand to hug Iris.

Iris didn’t let Lucia hug, and didn’t know what was wrong, she was inexplicably wronged, and she hugged Carla’s neck, soft and waxy, “Mummy.”

“What’s the matter?” Carla looked at her daughter and touched her hair. “Do you want Mommy to take you?”

Iris shook her head, “No, brother said…”

“Iris, don’t you want to watch the dolphin show? If you don’t go, we won’t be able to see it. Your brother promised you to buy you a dolphin plush pillow with the new year’s money. Do you want it?” Alan deliberately interrupted his sister.

He didn’t want Carla to know, he knew who their father was.

Mommy didn’t say it, she definitely didn’t want them to know.

Iris stared at her brother, “Are you really buying it for me?”

She was innocent, but Alan ran away.

“Buy it,” Alan said firmly.

“Then I still want a lollipop.” Iris smiled.

Alan looked at Carla, “This, you have to ask Mommy not to let you eat it.”

Iris pouted her mouth, Mommy always said that eating sugar is bad for her teeth, and Mommy would definitely not let them eat it.

The little girl became wronged again.

Carla k!ssed her daughter’s cheek, “You are allowed to eat one today.”

Iris immediately beamed her eyes, “Really?”

“Really.” Carla replied in the affirmative.

“Mummy, can I have one too?” Alan raised his head.

“It’s okay.” Carla knelt down and hugged him.

There are two little guys who are very obedient, Lucia took them to the aquarium, and Carla returned home to work.

Diane returned home with full of anger.

Jamie no longer goes to work in the hospital and is learning to do business with Ruben.

It’s not that the family business is deeply rooted, and I’m afraid it will all fail.

The Gill family has arrived in the generation of Jamie. Both of the brothers have no business minds. Jamie is a doctor in mind. Ruben is better. He has been in the business for many years and has some abilities. But it is already difficult to make the Gill family once more brilliant.

Can only barely maintain.

Seeing his sister’s red eyes, Jamie put down the papers his brother gave him and stood up from the sofa, “You, how did you do this?”

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