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Chapter 211

On the other side, Alan fell asleep in Carla’s arms while returning to the villa.

One side’s face was still red and swollen, and Carla felt very distressed and wanted to touch him, but was afraid of hurting him.

She was very quiet and didn’t say a word, but silently wiped her tears.

This is the first time that Alan has grown so old and has never been injured.

As the saying goes, the body hurts in the child’s heart.

Ryan looked at her in the rearview mirror, trying to comfort her so that she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable, opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

He had never been a parent and couldn’t understand her feelings.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop in front of the villa.

Ryan came down and opened the door for her. It was not convenient for her to get off the car while holding Alan. He reached out and picked him up, “I’ll help you hold him.”

“No, I will do it myself.” Since Alan was rescued, she almost couldn’t let go of him.

Hold him all the time, letting no one take over.

Ryan looked at her for two seconds and couldn’t stand her attitude. This is her child. He can get hurt, but she always blames herself and feels that it is her own fault, which makes it difficult for him to accept.

“It’s not your fault, you don’t need to punish yourself.” He stubbornly hugged h3r, Carla, who was unwilling to let go, “What are you doing?”

“You don’t want your son to be woken up, just be quiet.”

She lowered her voice and said, “He has an injury on his head, please lightly.”

She was afraid that Ryan would hurt him.

He is a big man and has no experience in holding children.

Ryan gave a light hum.

Carla has lived here and is not unfamiliar with it. It has basically remained the same, as before.

In the room, Iris had experienced the daytime events. She didn’t know if she was scared or tired. When Ramiro was sent here, she fell asleep and has not woken up until now.

Samantha met Lucia and Iris once, so when Ramiro sent them here, she started to be surprised, and then quickly became acquainted with Lucia.

Ramiro didn’t say why they were arranged here, and Samantha didn’t ask. Ramiro is a person next to Ryan, who must have been instructed by Ryan.

After seeing the two children last time, she felt that they were like Ryan when she was a child. In order to see them again, she often went to the supermarket, hoping to see them and inquire about the mother and father of the two children.

Unexpectedly, they delivered to the door by themselves.

It’s really nowhere to find a place to break through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort at all.

Samantha took this opportunity to inquire about the two children.

Lucia probably guessed where this is, but she didn’t want to say much about her daughter, only that the two children were born to her daughter.

Everything else is silent.

Samantha couldn’t find out anything.

“Sit down first.” Samantha got up and wanted to show her the picture of Ryan, when the door of the villa was pushed open.

Ryan walked in with Alan in his arms. Carla followed behind, like a subconscious habit. She opened the shoe cabinet and took out the slippers. She knew Ryan and put it in front of him.

Ryan lowered his eyes and glanced at her, “You haven’t forgotten.”

After Carla’s movements, she only stayed here for less than a month, and she still remembered his shoes.

She raised her head and said calmly, “I remember everything I have seen.”

Lucia stood up from the sofa, glanced at Ryan, his eyes finally fell on Iris.

Samantha saw them coming in, and Ryan was holding Alan with Carla beside him. She opened her mouth wide and looked at Lucia, “Is this your daughter?”

Lucia nodded.

Chapter 212

Samantha seemed to understand everything in an instant, and she wondered why Lucia didn’t want to talk about her children.

Because her daughter divorced and gave birth to a child, she must be angry that the child’s father divorced her daughter, so she didn’t want to mention it.

In a mother’s heart, Carla’s child is Ryan’s.

She remembers that she was pregnant six years ago.

Although they were separated at the beginning, they sl3pt in the same room the first night they got married.

Moreover, the calculation days are almost the same. The child is five or six years old, which is right.

The room downstairs belonged to Ryan. After Carla left, he still lived in it, but he had less time to return to the villa.

“I’ll take him to the room to sleep.” Ryan said.

Carla gave a hum.

“Yes.” Lucia wanted to ask her a lot, but she couldn’t wait to call her.

Carla stood in the hallway and did not enter the house, “Let’s go outside and talk.”

“That’s fine.” After all, there are others in the house, not in their own place.

She changed her shoes at the door and followed Carla.

The front yard of the villa is covered with a large area of turf, green, soft under the feet, and a rockery was built against the green plants. The rushing water flows continuously. Below is a pond with ornamental fish. Looks a little special, green body, long tail, looks like a rare species, it should be valuable.

In the front, there is a round table, four wicker chairs, and a parasol.

Carla pulled the chair away for Lucia.

Lucia sat down.

“What the h3ll is going on, how could Dr. Gill suddenly kidnap us, and why are you still with him? You are divorced, it doesn’t matter, is it because you were with him that Dr. Gill knew about him? Love becomes hate, do something like this?”

Lucia asked a series of questions and said what was in her heart.

Carla shook her head, “No.”

She told Jamie before that she was willing to try to be with him. Later, because of his sister’s affairs, she made it clear that it was impossible for her and Jamie. Not only was there no love between them, but also separated from him.

“Why is that?” Lucia suddenly thought of something, “You told him that his mother had asked you about it?”

“No.” Carla clenched her hands, she didn’t know how to tell Lucia what Jamie did to her.

It’s hard to tell.

“Why is that?” How can a person suddenly change so much?

During the time she came back, she kept thinking about it.

But she still doesn’t understand why he became such a reason.

“Mom, you know, I don’t like him.” Carla’s hands became tighter and tighter, and the palms were wet and sticky with sweat. She can only tell the truth when she has reached this stage with Jamie.

She told Lucia what Jamie tried to do to her.

Lucia stood up from her chair with a squeeze, “What?”

“How can he do such a thing?”

Carla didn’t want to believe it, but she could figure it out after thinking about it carefully.

He likes her, Diane likes Ryan.

If he gets her, Diane would still have a chance to be with Ryan.

For the happiness of his sister, he is willing to do so.

Lucia sat down and did not return for a long time.

As the saying goes, the human heart is separated from the belly, this is true.

“Then what’s the matter with you and Ryan?” Lucia asked again after her emotions stabilized. She looked at her daughter, “You don’t like him?”

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