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Chapter 303

The child’s mind was so delicate that he didn’t hide it from him.

Ryan didn’t know how to tell him.

He has never been so at a loss.

Facing Alan’s questioning, he was speechless.


“You don’t need to explain, tell me where exactly my mommy has gone, or what kind of dangers she has suffered. Please tell me that I have never left her since I was born. I am the only man in the family. I promised to protect her…”

The villa, the huge living room, Alan is standing next to the sofa, looking so small, his eyes are red, and the dazzling water flutters in his eyes, “Tell me.”

Ryan pondered for a moment and said softly, “I will let Ramiro pick you up.”

“Okay.” Alan hung up first.

Ryan held the mobile phone in a daze, and there was a beeping sound. He hung up the phone and clicked on the message until a text message came in and the prompt sounded.

It was Peter who brought the doctor over and waited at the door to ask if he could come up.

He glanced at the time, at this time ‘Carla’ should have fallen asleep.

In order not to be found, he opened the door to make sure she was asleep, and then wrote back to Peter to let him bring people in.

Pushing the door open, Peter took a man who appeared to be in his fifties, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

“This is the cosmetic surgeon I got. He has been in the cosmetic surgery industry for more than 20 years—”

Ryan sat on the sofa, leaning back, pressing his eyebrows with one hand, and interrupting Peter. He was not interested in these things, “You take him in.”

Peter could see that he was in a bad mood, so he didn’t continue, and showed the surgeon the way, let him enter the room to see ‘Carla’

The doctor listened to Peter’s introduction and brought some small tools when he came. He used a lamp to illuminate Carla’s nose, which was transparent. He touched her cheeks, jaw, forehead, eyes, and facial features.

“The bridge of the nose is filled with fillers, the eyes have been opened, the bones have been ground, the teeth have been trimmed, there are too many, and the facial features have basically moved…”

Peter looked serious, “How long does it take to make it like this?”

“If you want to recover naturally, it will take at least three or four years, otherwise the face will be very stiff, but the person who performed the operation on her has good sk!lls and almost no flaws can be seen. If you do not check carefully, you will not find that this face has been through plastic surgery.”

Peter sent the doctor out, and when he arrived at the door, he paid him a stack of money, “Thank you, I don’t want you to tell anyone other than me about this matter today.”

“Understand, don’t worry I won’t trouble myself.” The plastic surgeon charged the money, turned, and left.

Peter turned around and looked at the man sitting on the sofa. He was on the phone, as if to let Ramiro go to the villa.

He closed the door and walked in, sat across from him, waited until he hung up the phone, and said, “It’s plastic surgery.”

Ryan was not surprised, what was expected.

“I asked the doctor, if she wants to be like her, and it will recover naturally, at least three or four years, such a long time…” Peter said solemnly, “I’m afraid it’s not easy. Who is this woman? In order to impersonate can she lie dormant for so long?”

Ryan thought about it and hated Carla. It was nothing more than a few people. Jenna is dead, Diane locked up, and the other was Jenna’s daughter who disappeared six years ago.

After disappearing for six years, she had this time.

And have hatred against Carla.

There is also this motivation.

Looking at Ryan’s face, it seemed that she already knew who the plastic surgery girl was. Peter came over and said, “Do you know who it is?”

“I’m still guessing, and I have to investigate it before I can confirm it.”

“Then what are you going to do? How do you deal with this woman?” Peter was almost overturned, and he thought Diane was crazy enough.

Unexpectedly, there are people crazier than her.


Peter shuddered.

I think women are very scary creatures.

Ryan hooked his lips, the curve of the lip line outlined a bloodthirsty arc, fiercely cold.

How could such a woman deserve to have the same face as Carla?

Chapter 304

“Do you want me to take her back for interrogation?” To find Carla’s clues, I’m afraid I have to ask her for clues.

Ryan closed his eyes and looked a little tired, “No need.”

This woman is still useful for him to keep.

Peter knew that he had his thoughts, so he didn’t say much about this matter, “This is obviously a huge conspiracy. First Jenna, Diane, and then this fake Miss Lane came to you. They did so much. Just for this fake Miss Lane to come to you, so what good is it for Diane?”

Ryan opened her eyes quickly. What happened during this period of time converged in his mind. Jenna’s death may not be directly related to Diane, but because of Kathy, she wanted to die by herself, and it was gone. Freedom is worse than fulfilling a daughter.

So what’s the benefit to Diane?

She is not the kind of person who does things for others for nothing.

Why would she help Kathy, not hesitating to get into danger?

The relationship between her and the Gill family is not good, the only one who has a good relationship is Jamie, and Jamie has already entered…

“Not good.” Ryan stood up suddenly.

Peter didn’t keep up with his thinking, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Jamie is afraid that he is no longer inside.” He stepped forward and walked towards the door.

Peter quickly followed in his footsteps, “How could it be possible that he is not inside, can it be impossible to escape…” At this point, he was surprised that something was wrong, “Could it be that Gill wronged?”

Ryan glanced at him, this may not have something to do with the Gill family, but it must have something to do with Diane.

The door opened, Ramiro was standing at the door holding Alan, and was about to knock on the door.

Ryan stopped and looked at Alan held by Ramiro, his Adam’s apple rolling up and down.

“Where is my mommy?” Alan looked at him.

Originally, Ryan wanted to pretend to be Carla to make this little doll feel at ease, but he couldn’t accept the idea that she would call that woman mommy.

His fingers trembled, lifted gently, and touched his cheek, “You are a man, you should look like a man.”

Alan’s expression was tense.

Obviously, what Ryan said was a bad omen.

“Your mommy is missing.” He hugged Alan over, “Shall we find her together?”

Alan didn’t reject Ryan’s neck and hugged him. He just didn’t say anything. His eyes were red, and he was still working hard to keep the tears from falling out. His voice was extremely hoarse, “I’m a man, I’m not Cry, I want to find Mommy.”

Ryan pressed the little doll’s head into his arms, and the softness between his eyebrows had never appeared before.

Alan is very honest, quietly pressing his heart, listening to his rhythmic heartbeat, and smelling the unique breath of his body.

The little hand gripped his neckline tightly, and said firmly, “We will definitely find Mommy.”

Ryan said softly.

He looked at Ramiro with a deep voice, “Look at the woman inside.”

After speaking, he walked outside.

Ramiro looked dumbfounded, what woman, what’s the situation?

When Peter passed by him, he made a long story short, “Miss Lane is missing. The one in the house is a fake. Keep it useful. Don’t let her know that we have discovered that she is a fake for the time being.”

Ramiro, “…”


Carla has disappeared, and a fake one has come. What’s the situation? ! ! !

Peter didn’t have time to talk to him, patted him on the shoulder, followed in Ryan’s footsteps, and left the hotel.

Peter drove and gave his subordinate a phone call to see if Jamie was still there.

After about half an hour, there was news that Jamie had been replaced, and the one in jail was not him at all, but it looked a bit like him.

Peter looked at Ryan in the back seat from the rearview mirror, “The person is gone.”

“What should I do now?” Peter was nervous.

“I want to see Diane.” His voice was low and deep, like a syllable from his chest.

Peter said that he understood, and he drove faster, and soon the car stopped at the detention center.

Ryan hugged Alan down, and he rubbed his son’s hair, “You play with Uncle Shane for a while, I’ll do something.”

Alan didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew where he was going, not what he should see, so he nodded very well.

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