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Chapter 311

Her heart broke with a bang, she couldn’t get away from him at all, her expression was overwhelmed by despair, she stopped struggling, not because of giving up, but not giving up, which would only make Jamie even crazier, and she had no chance to break free.

Carla let it go. Jamie thought she had given up and was willing to cooperate with him. He gently stroked her cheek, “You are a normal woman, do I know you want it too?”

Carla said without saying a word, looking at everything in the house desperately. If she was forced by Jamie today, she would rather die than live dirty.

In this room, there was nothing but a bed, and she had no tools if she wanted t0 to die.

Jamie was dazzled by desire. He didn’t notice Carla’s thoughts at all. He quickly took off his pa.nts. Taking advantage of his short relaxation when he took them off, Carla found the opportunity and she tried her best to remove him Pushing open, she rushed to the door to open the door.

She twisted the handle forcefully, quack, quack, but the door was not loose at all, there was not even a gap, and she couldn’t open it.

“You can’t run away.” Jamie stood calmly behind her, with only a pair of und3rpants all over his body. His skin was white, thin, and the gentleness he used to be, no longer existed.

Carla hugged herself with her hands to block the scene in front of her chest. She slowly turned around, looked at him, and finally smiled.

Before, she thought it was her luck to know Jamie, but now she knows that this is her robbery.

She stared at the wall behind Jamie and made up her mind.

Seeing her decisive eyes, Jamie panicked, “Yes…”

Carla didn’t want to hear him say one more word, he was disgusting!

She rushed towards the wall like she was crazy, Jamie wanted to stop her, but she didn’t know where Carla had a brute force, pushed him away, and with a bang, her head hit the wall. The air is still.

She wanted to open her eyes, but her eyelids were so heavy that she couldn’t lift them up. There was warm liquid flowing down her forehead, and her consciousness was blurred.

Am I dying, she thought to herself.

She is still a little bit reluctant, her child, she hasn’t made arrangements yet, she is gone, will they be bullied, they don’t have a father, and now even she wants to leave them.

It hurts, it hurts.

She really can’t bear them.

Her eyes grew darker and darker until she was overwhelmed by darkness. She completely lost all consciousness, and her body fell like a collapsed hill.


Jamie rushed over to catch her fallen body.

Her face was full of blood, and her vivid appearance was not there. Jamie wiped the blood on her face like crazy, “Carla, don’t scare me, don’t die, I, I won’t force you, wake up .”

She didn’t respond, her body was like boneless flesh, lying softly in his arms.

The bright red blood stained Jamie’s hands, and he shook her, “Wake up, wake up, Carla, you wake up for me!”

Still, no one responded.

Jamie tore off the sheets to wrap her body, hugged her and rushed downstairs, “Aunt Edna, Auntie…”

Aunt Edna just lay down, heard Jamie’s hasty voice, got up hurriedly from the bed, opened the door, and when she walked out, she was shocked to see Jamie holding Carla who was full of blood.

“She, what happened to her.”

But Jamie, who saw almost red fruits, probably understood what happened.

Jamie told her that Carla is his girlfriend.

But she thinks Jamie’s likes are too distorted.

He does not love Carla, but there is a sense of possession. If he really loves her, he will not imprison her and restrict her freedom.

Love someone, shouldn’t he make her happy?

Moreover, she could see that Carla didn’t love him.

“You go get dressed, I’ll look at Miss Lane.”

Jamie was so panicked just now that he didn’t take care of putting on his clothes. In this way, he could not go to the hospital.

“You look at her.” He gently put Carla on the sofa, then turned and ran upstairs.

Chapter 312

AAA Group.

The background wall of the front desk is inlaid with gold and the name is vigorous and powerful. The “AAA Group” is like a dragon, magnificent and eye-catching, which makes people afraid to underestimate it.

“Sorry, you didn’t make an appointment, I can’t let you go up.” The front desk said businessly.

Alecia stood at the front desk anxiously, politely speaking, “I really just want to ask your president one thing, it’s very urgent.”

Carla hasn’t been to the store for two days and can’t be contacted. She moved to Ryan’s villa. She didn’t know where the villa was. She was a little worried. So when she came here, she wanted to ask Ryan. Why didn’t Carla go to the store?

Now that the store has just opened, most of the customers are who come for her reputation. Her absence will make those customers feel that they are not sincere.

Moreover, Carla is very serious and enthusiastic about her work, and she will not go to the store without saying a word.

If she can be contacted, she said she didn’t go to the store because she had something to do, and she would feel at ease, mainly because now she can’t even contact people.

How can I not worry about it?

“I’m really sorry, I can’t let you go up without an appointment. If everyone is like you, I think our boss will not do anything. I just saw you people waiting and wasted time.” He still maintained his dignified manner, but his words were not as gentle as before, and Alecia was also irritated.

“You guys, why can’t you be accommodating, or if I can’t go to your president’s office, I can just talk to him on the phone.”

“No, if you have a lot of time, you can sit in the lobby and wait, the boss comes down, and you tell him yourself, if he is willing to take care of you, you can say as much as you like.”

“Why are you like this?”

“Sorry, this is my job.”

Alecia beats the eggplant, her head drooping. The people in this big company are so unkind. She just wants to see Ryan.

“Yeah, Miss Kin.” Harrison walked in from the door, turning the car key in his hand, looking idle.

Alecia didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Turn around and left.

“Hey.” When passing by him, he grabbed Alecia’s arm, “I don’t eat people, so you don’t need to hide when you see me. Besides, we are also friends. We always have to say hello when we meet. You are like this. Isn’t it too rude?”

Alecia frowned and wrestled her hand. “Politeness depends on whoever you are. You will push and pull when you come up. If you don’t know, you thought it was a disciple.”

Harrison raised his eyebrows, flicked the dust-free suit, and squinted at Alecia, “With your words, I can sue you for slander.”

Alecia’s face sank, her breathlessness, “Insane, you provoke me first, and now you are here to beat me, it’s really eye-opening.”

Harrison didn’t really want to sue her, but deliberately teased her. Seeing her angrily, the corners of his lips raised slightly, “Are you here for Ryan?”

When he walked in, he heard her talking to the front desk.

Without waiting for Alecia to answer, he said again, “Fancy our family Ryan?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Alecia was annoyed, and her face flushed red. This Ryan is a handsome man, with the stability and charm that a mature man can have.

But she knew very well that it was Carla’s.

She had never thought about it this way.

He actually used this to tease her?

Simply not human

“Angry?” Harrison stretched his head to look at her.

Alecia really wanted to give him a slap, but did not do so after exhausting her remaining reason, gave him a fierce look, and then hurried away.

Harrison curled his lips, stood still, with a strategizing look, “You came to Ryan to ask about Miss Lane, right?”

Harrison had just come from Peter to discuss the matter of prosecuting Diane. He learned from Peter that Carla hadn’t heard the news. He heard that Ryan was in a bad mood about this matter. As a brother, he had to come and care about it.

Alecia’s footsteps stopped, and he knew about Carla.

But thinking of his shameless appearance, she resisted and didn’t talk to him immediately.

“Ms. Lane has something wrong, don’t you care as her friend?” Harrison turned and looked at the hesitant Alecia.

Carla had an accident?

How could something happen to her?

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