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Chapter 321

Kathy opened her eyes wide and stared at Diane, as if she had a knife now, she would rush to stab her to death.

“Let go of her.” Ryan wouldn’t believe that Kathy didn’t know the whereabouts of Carla because of Diane’s words.

It is really very simple to let them turn back to the cooperation of interest-bound cooperation like them, and the trust is very weak.

It is not difficult to detect something from their mouths.

“B!tch, how do you know that I don’t know?!” Kathy roared, if someone had not stopped her, she would have rushed to tear Diane and eat it.

Just like Ryan thought, they will cooperate for benefits, each has what they want to get, and now they turn to each other, where can they still consider each other? I’m afraid you want to die now, right?

“Your brother took the person away, and I followed him secretly. You are stupid, thinking I don’t know. Do you think that you are the only one who has a way out? I have it too!”

Jenna died of this plan, her only family member Leaving her, now she lives alone in the world, how could she not have a long mind and leave a way for herself.

Peter and Harrison exchanged glances.

These two women have their own minds, and Ryan’s plan to sow discord is really clever.

Ryan’s fingers slowly gathered, but didn’t clenched it tightly. Instead, he said, “Whoever tells Carla’s whereabouts first, lives.”


“I will tell you.”

The two spoke almost at the same time, while looking at each other at the same time, wishing that the other would die.

“Carla was taken by Jamie to D Village not far from city b…”

Kathy’s words almost blurted out, trying to get ahead of Diane.

In the face of interest, their relationship without any trust, built for interest, fell apart in an instant.

Ryan walked out before hearing Kathy’s words.

Harrison also hurried to follow. Peter glanced at the two men standing in the corner and said, “Let her go.”

“Aren’t they going to fight?” It was obvious that the two of them were incompatible with each other now.

Peter curled his lips, “Whoever wants to die, who wants to live, depends on their own destiny, you lead people to follow me.”

The two men understood Peter’s meaning, let go of their control over Kathy, followed Peter to leave the interrogation room, and when they reached the door, they shut the door behind.

When Kathy was free, she immediately rushed towards Diane, “B!tch, die, die, dare to betray me!”

Diane was even angrier than her, her face burning, “Fool, Ryan deliberately provoked, you and I bite mouths tightly, maybe there is still a ray of life, you think you can still live?!”

Kathy was taken aback, but angrier, she pinched Diane’s neck tightly. “If you didn’t betray me, I could continue to stay with him now, it’s all you, not keeping promises! If you go wrong, dare you name me?

When people are extremely angry, the potential is wireless. Just like now, Diane was seriously injured and it was difficult to breathe, but at this moment, she was so strong that she actually arched Kathy, who was riding on her, with her waist up.

Power, turned people down, took the opportunity to ride on her, grabbed her hair, and yelled, “I didn’t betray you, he knew it a long time ago, you are not Carla at all!”

Kathy felt that his scalp was about to be torn off, grinning in pain, and grinning grimly, “Do you think I would believe you? If you don’t tell me, how could he know that he has a pair of piercing eyes? Can he see through in one click?”

Diane was stunned for a moment. Yes, she couldn’t tell this face. How could Ryan see through it so quickly?

Chapter 322

What kind of feelings does he have for Carla?

Taking advantage of the time when her thoughts were erratic, Kathy turned passive and took the initiative again, gaining the upper hand, “Even if you didn’t say before, but you did betray me just now, what I heard is false?”

Kathy grabbed her hair and hit the ground, “You grab my hair, you grab my hair, I will knock you to death, B!tch!”

Diane was stunned by the knocking hair, the pain was numb, and her brain seemed to be flowing out. She smashed her hands on the ground hard to attract people’s attention, and then came to save her.

However, no one will come in here today, and no one will come to rescue her.

She wanted to resist, but she didn’t have enough strength.

“B!tch, go to death.” Kathy seemed to have red eyes, she didn’t care if she would die, she just wanted to avenge her for betraying her.

“Kathy, I’m dead, don’t you want to live…”

“Aren’t you trying to k!ll me. Didn’t you want my life? You must die first if you want to die!” Kathy smiled ferociously.

Diane was dizzy, the crazy figure in front of her was getting blurry, she didn’t know if she was going to die, supported by the only remaining will to survive, she suddenly grabbed Kathy’s hair and exerted her whole body’s strength downward.

Tugging, Kathy screamed in pain, Diane took the opportunity to pull her skirt around her neck, and strangled her tightly.

This face exactly like Carla also carried her hatred even more.

Her eyes were bloodshot and she tightened her band.


Kathy’s eyes were pale and her tongue stretched out. She wanted to call for help, but she could only make a sound.

“If you want me to die, you are not qualified!”

Diane was crazy, “Go to h3ll, Carla, Kathy, you all go to death, you can’t beat me, haha…”

Slowly, Kathy was no longer struggling.

Diane lost her remaining strength and will, and suddenly fell down.

On the other side, Ryan went to D Village first, followed by Harrison and Peter with others.

When they arrived, Peter surrounded the village. D Village was small, with only two rows of houses in the front and back, and the location was remote. Many people left the village to develop outside. The village seemed a little deserted, and there were few people along the way.

“Finding from house to house, just such a few family members, don’t believe that Jamie can still hide in the mouse hole.” Peter filled the eagle with righteous indignation, feeling very disgusted with the behavior of Diane and Ruben.

Ryan ignored it, but stepped on the bumpy dirt road and went from house to house in person, hoping to find her sooner, hoping to see her soon.

He hopes to find her first.

He hopes she sees him first.

Half of the village was searched, but nothing was found, and no trace of her was found.

When they stepped into a brick house again, the owner seemed to have heard that they were looking for someone. Their movement was very loud. Many people came. When they didn’t get to their house, they just listened. Said someone came to the village to find someone.

The village chief came.

“Are you looking for a woman?” The person who was talking was a middle-aged woman. She had good skin. Her husband went to work. She stayed in the village to take care of the elderly and children. She looked like a village woman, “I saw a very beautiful woman on the balcony of Aunt Edna’s house at the head of the village, but I never saw her come out.”

“Where?” Ryan was almost certain that the woman this mentioned was Carla.

“You take us over, find someone, and give you one hundred thousand.” Harrison tempted.

The woman swallowed her saliva, and looked at these people, in suits and leather shoes, and the cars they drove were only seen on TV. They seemed to be expensive. Everyone in the city called them a luxury car, and this mouth cost one hundred thousand.

She was heartbroken.

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