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Chapter 327

This place is small, even the street lights are not bright, the light is dim, and it is all small alleys, occasionally there are barbecue stalls, filled with the smell of cumin and barbecue.

Carla got into the small alley. There was no light in the alley and there was nothing in the dark. She didn’t dare to stop, and her two hands kept waving in front of her to open the way, her footsteps getting faster and faster.

“Carla stop you can’t run away.” There was a light flashing, it was Jamie’s voice.

He is nearby.

Carla suppressed the fear and panic, and continued to run. She did not know what she was stepping on, and her foot got stuck, because she had been tied up by Jamie and had no shoes. She was barefoot, and barefoot is good for running. There will be no sound, but the disadvantage is that it may be stabbed by unknown objects on the ground.

She didn’t know what was stuck under her feet, it hurts anyway.

She supported the wall next to the alley without daring to neglect it.

She saw the light at the end of the alley, and she ran over quickly, trying to stop, but the light quickly crossed.

Hope was shattered, and Jamie’s footsteps were getting closer, she looked around nervously, trying to find a place to hide.

“Carla.” The voice got closer, and she even saw Jamie shaking the light in his hand.

At this moment, how much she wished someone could rescue her.

But she knew in her heart that she could only rely on herself if she wanted to escape from Jamie’s control.

She buckled up and continued to run forward regardless of the pain.

Out of the alley is a concrete road, and there is a street lamp not far away, that one is very bright.

“Carla, you lie to me!” Don’t know when Jamie chased her up.

Carla turned back abruptly and found Jamie standing at the exit of the alley, holding the flashlight of the mobile phone in his hand, looking at her gloomily, “Do you think you can run away?”

Carla stood across the road and yelled at him, “Don’t force me to hate you!”

“Don’t you hate me now? You already hate me, and I have no retreat. Did you come here obediently, or did I catch you?”

Carla grinned dry lips and smiled desolately, “I won’t walk over even if I die!”

After speaking, she ran towards the light, because she had just discovered that there was water in the light reflection, and decided that there was water.

She saw it clearly when she ran up close, and it really was a river.

“Carla you are crazy, you don’t know how to swim in water!” Jamie discovered her intention.

Carla glanced back at him and curled the corners of her lips, “I remember you also don’t know how to swim in the water.”

After speaking, she jumped down without hesitation, with a pop, splashing water.

Rather than being caught by Jamie, she would rather die!

Jamie can’t swim either. With luck, maybe she still has a chance to escape.

“Stupid!” Jamie ran to the river. The river was very fast and looked deep. The bank was not trimmed and was full of weeds. He wanted to jump down, but he was flooded when he was a child, and there was a shadow in his heart. He didn’t dare to jump easily.

Jamie clenched his hands, “If you want to die, no one can stop you!”

The water is deep and the river is rushing. Carla can’t get through this water. After drinking a lot of water, she has watched it on TV. If she doesn’t know the water, she falls into the water. Don’t breathe in the water and you will choke. , If there is water in the lungs, she will definitely die.

But if it is drunk into the stomach, there is still a glimmer of life, even if the hope is slim, she can’t give up.

Her children need her, and she can’t give up—

Chapter 328

“The first time?”

The breath full of male hormones lingers in ears, obviously asking, but it seems so urgent.

The man seemed to pause for a moment, and the strong che5t that was attached to her back was hot and rushing out of the skin. His lips were cold and tight against her skin, ambiguous and urgent, he clearly wanted to take this woman right away. But still restrained, “You still have time to regret now.”

“I do not regret.”

As soon as her voice fell, the man behind her grabbed her wai5t and pushed h3r down on the b3d. She couldn’t see his face in the darkness, but she knew that he was very anxious, and his b0dy was hot. His hands seemed to have magical powers. Every inch of h3r skin seemed to be on fire.

She was nervous and frightened, and wanted to push him away, but thinking of h3r mother and younger brother lying in the hospital, she retracted her hand and grabbed the bed sheet under her.

Suddenly, h3r body seemed to be torn apart, and the pain was not only physical, but also psychological. In order to stop the shameful m0an und3r the man, 5he bit her lip tightly and never uttered even a faint sound.

The man was so strong that 5he couldn’t bear it several times and wanted to push him away.


Suddenly, Carla woke up from her dream, her eyes widened, her black and white eyeballs rolled, and finally fixed on the peach eyes above.

She was taken aback.

The carp sat up like a fight, speaking incoherently, “You, you, who are you?”

“I should ask you this sentence, right?” The man’s voice is low, with sharp short hair and brown eyes, as graceful as the bustling midnight starry sky. He looks especially good when he smiles with his lips. He looks at Carla. Tears on her face, “Have you had a nightmare?”

Carla held onto the quilt, it was more than a nightmare for her.

For so many years, she had never dreamed of that night. The dream was so real, and the thing that was the most unwilling to touch in her heart, suddenly appeared so real in her mind, like a scar from the past, being torn off and scabs. Blood dripping.

“You saved me?” She remembered that she couldn’t breathe in the water and lost consciousness. She didn’t know what happened afterward.

“Well, to be precise, I was the one who saved you.” The man always had a slight smile on his face.

But that smile didn’t seem to reach the bottom of his eyes.

At this time, Carla discovered that this man was actually sitting in a wheelchair, dressed in casual clothes, and covered with a thin blanket on his legs.

The man looked at Carla’s eyes deeply, he saw no contempt in her eyes, only surprise, which stretched his eyebrows a lot.

“I came back from outside last night and saw someone jumping into the river, so I rescued.” The man said warmly, “Is someone trying to harm you?”

When he saw her jumping into the river, he naturally saw someone chasing her.

Carla did not answer but shrank towards the head of the bed. She frowned when she found her feet hurt.

The man could see that Carla was guarding. After all, it was a stranger who she was wary of and he understood, so he didn’t continue the topic, “Don’t worry, you won’t be found here. The injury on your foot, I’ve given it a look. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get out of bed without resting for a while.”

Carla knew that her foot was hurt, and he had seen it. She was quite surprised, “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, I’ll draw a knife to help when I see the injustice. I believe that even if it wasn’t me, others would not stand by and watch… Besides, you are still a beauty.”

The man paused on purpose, then teased.

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