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Chapter 349

Carla looked down at the bracelet on her wrist, and then smiled, “Why, do you have a special hobby? Like things worn by women?”

Hubert, “…”

“It’s not…”

“Then what are you asking for?” Carla said sharply.

If she hadn’t accidentally seen a picture of Della in his study, she would not be so vigilant.

This jade bracelet was given to her by Della, but now he inquired about the source of this jade bracelet, which made her have to be vigilant.

She clenched her hand silently, wondering in her heart what is the relationship between him and Della?

No one will put a picture of someone they don’t know in their study, right?

It’s still on the table, obviously he often watches it.

Hubert chuckled his forehead moved slightly, “Don’t you think so much, you’ll be tired?”

Obviously, he noticed Carla’s suspicion.

“I don’t know her, I just saw her picture,” Hubert confessed that he put the picture on the table just to test Carla.

It’s not always there.

He looked at the bracelet on her hand, “I will keep you because this jade bracelet is the same as the one worn by the woman in the photo. I think-you should be her daughter.”

Carla, “…”

She is silent.

But Hubert did not continue.

“take a break.”

Carla frowned, not believing what he said, “You didn’t know her, but you thought I was her daughter and stayed here. Isn’t it because of her face? Who would give this to a woman who had never met before? Great face, do you think I will believe it?”

Carla didn’t hide her curiosity about his identity, “What is your relationship with her? Relatives…”

Actually, Carla wanted to say it was a mother and son?

She couldn’t think of any other explanation, the only explanation was that Della married a child born to another man before Nelson.

But she didn’t think Della looked like such a person.

For this matter, she was puzzled.

She wants to ask Hubert more clearly.

“Let’s make a deal.” Suddenly Hubert suggested.

Carla thought for a while and asked, “What deal?”

She didn’t dare to promise him any deal rashly.

“You want to know my identity, I can tell you, but you have to answer my question honestly,” Hubert said.

Carla thought for a while, and replied, “Okay.”

Compared to herself, she felt that Hubert had more secrets.

“Ladies first, you ask first.” When Hubert proposed this transaction, he was ready.

Carla pondered and asked, “What are your parent’s names and where are they from? Where are they now?”

Hubert frowned, “Do you have a problem?”

“Yes.” Carla answered without guilty, “I only asked one question about your parents, didn’t I?”

Hubert laughed, and he couldn’t say a word about Carla’s explanation, so eloquent.

He looked sad, “I don’t know who my mother is, because I’m an orphan. My adoptive father is Holden Tate, a native of Tatevil, and the heir of Tate’s enterprise. Later, when he passed away, he handed over Tate’s enterprise to me. I have a request…”

At this point, he stopped and looked at Carla’s eye sockets two points deep, “He hoped I could marry a daughter born to a woman named Della, I think you are.”

So this is why he saved her and keeps her here?

But who is his adoptive father Holden? What is the relationship with Della?

“I’m finished answering, it’s up to me to ask you.” Hubert was too busy, “Are you ready?”

Carla’s brain was running fast, thinking about what he would ask, and then making a response.

“Are you ready?” Hubert urged.

“Yes.” Carla looked at him.

Hubert raised his eyebrows lightly, “I have a party on Saturday, and you will be here as my female companion.”

Carla frowned, did she have auditory hallucinations?

He, what did he say?

Accompany him to the event?

Chapter 350

“Aren’t you asking me questions?”

“I don’t think a question can make me understand you at all, so it’s better to use it.”

Carla, “…”

“It’s too late for you to regret it. You can’t live without words, right?” He gave a triumphant smile.

“I won’t harm you, and maybe I will surprise you.” He blinked at her.

Carla thought to herself, it would be nice to have no surprises, surprises? just forget it.

“Your condition is unruly. I can promise you, but you must also promise me one condition.”

“I already answered you.” Hubert blinked, this woman didn’t want to eat at any loss.

“Then you ask me questions.” Carla raised her head, obviously unwilling to cooperate. If he didn’t agree with her, then she wouldn’t agree with him.

Hubert stared at her quietly for a while, and said helplessly, “Well, I promise you, you can say it.”

“Permit me to call.”

Sure enough, he knew she would definitely make this request.

“Yes, but you can contact your family only after you accompany me to socialize.”

Carla counts the time. There are three or four days left till Saturday. As long as she can contact her family, three or four days will be three or four days, she can endure it.

“Rest early.” He showed her a big smile.

Three or four days have passed like a white horse, which is fleeting in a blink of an eye. After the doctor’s careful massage these days, Carla’s ankle has improved a lot.

“Miss Lane, the young Lord asked me to give it to you.” Cindy walked in with an exquisite box.

Carla sat on the side of the bed and moved her feet. Hearing Cindy’s voice, she raised her head and asked, “What’s inside?”

Cindy shook her head, feeling extremely envious, she could receive a gift from the young Lord.

“Miss Lane, won’t you open it and take a look?” Cindy was holding the box, standing by the bed, looking at Carla, who had almost no mood swings, “Master rarely gives gifts.”

She is not excited.

At least she hadn’t seen the master give gifts to others.

“You open it,” Carla said lightly.

Cindy opened her eyes wide, and said incredulously, “Do you want me to open it for you?”

Carla thought for a while and felt that it was impolite to let others open it, although she didn’t expect Hubert’s gift, “I’ll open it.”

She reached out and opened the box.

Inside is a dress.

“Oh my God!” Cindy sighed involuntarily, “Isn’t this the one you designed last time? The young Lord actually let someone make it.”

Carla also saw it. She picked up the dress, and the silky soft silk spread out with a light slip.

“It’s so beautiful.” Cindy’s eyes straightened, and she reached out and touched, “What kind of material is this? Why is it so soft and slippery?”

“The real fragrant cloud yarn.” Carla did not expect that Hubert would actually use fragrant cloud yarn to make this dress.

There are many imitations on the market at high prices, but they are not real yarn.

fragrant yarn is known as a noble fabric in the fabric industry, and has the reputation of “soft gold” and “fiber queen”.

It is also the highest quality silk fabric.

Because of the complexity of the craft, there are not many masters who can make this kind of cloth, and the craftsmanship is on the verge of being lost.

Even she knew that this knowledge was checked from books and computers. In fact, she had only seen a dress made of fragrant cloud yarn from Mrs. William.

Now it is impossible to buy with money.

Where did Hubert get this material, and it’s still such a big piece, her design is a long dress, which is very fabric-intensive.

Cindy didn’t understand, she only thought the style was good-looking, the fabric looked soft and silky, but also shiny, so that the pure black dress was not dull, noble, intellectual, and s3xy.

“You must look good in it.” Cindy concealed her inner envy.

“Do you like it?”

Carla raised her head and saw Hubert wearing a dark plaid blue suit with a light-colored tie. Even though he was sitting in a wheelchair, he was still heroic.

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