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Chapter 399

“You are worth it.” She interrupted Della, “I have looked for a lot of people, but none of them are beautiful and resilient.”

After seeing a few women that day, she was dissatisfied. When she was about to go back, she saw Della coming out of Tate’s house from the road. It was very hot that day, her face was red from the sun, and big beads of sweat flowed from her face.

“This is Miss Della Scott, the one who knows how to make fragrant yarn.” Seeing Lolla’s eyes stop on Della’s body, the driver said.

“It’s the Scott family who is clamoring for debt because of a problem with the fabric?” Lolla asked.

The driver nodded, “Yes, she has a marriage contract with young Lord Tate, but it looks mysterious now.”

Even the driver could see that Della hadn’t gotten help from Tate’s family. What’s more, the smart Lolla could see through at a glance that Della was hit at Tate’s house.

Because she saw the silence in Della’s eyes, the emotions after the disappointment settled.

She was embarrassed, but her waist was still straight.

This is a woman with a spine.

So she went to the door when Della was most vulnerable and threw out an olive branch.

There was also the scene where Lolla suddenly appeared in front of Della.

Della couldn’t understand the woman in front of her. She was like a mystery, and she had the same confusion as Carla, “Why do you want to find a woman for your husband to have children? Is it because you are not in good health and can’t raise children?”

Lolla did not tell her, but said, “Tonight, I will let someone come to pick you up.”

She left after speaking.

But Della is no longer calm, she knows what Lolla means.

She slumped on the ground like a collapsed hill, a piece of nothingness.

Like a puppet without a soul, lonely and helpless.

She was lifted up by the servant, “Madam ordered you to shower and change clothes.”

She was confused throughout the whole process. She didn’t know how she was taken to the Blair family. She didn’t return to reality until Lolla appeared again.

Lolla stood in front of the sofa in the living room, “On the second floor, turn right to the first room. After sleeping on the bed, you are not allowed to turn on the lights.”

Della felt the humiliation. The hands covered in the cuffs were trembling constantly, and the nails stuck in the flesh of the palms, but she didn’t feel the pain at all.

Lolla saw her sense of rejection and humiliation.

“You promised me, I hope you are a trustworthy person, don’t let me down, don’t let me misunderstand the wrong person.” After speaking, she turned and left.

Only Della was left in the huge house.

It was so hot, but she felt cold.

It seemed that a big hole had been dug out in her heart, and it hurt every time she breathed.

Her legs were filled with lead, and every step was so difficult.

On the second floor, she opened the first door on the right. The room was very dark.

She did not turn on the light. She walked to the bed by the moonlight of the window. The large bed was very soft, and the room was still filled with a faint fragrance.

It’s like a lover, a well-decorated room agreed to spend a good night.

But she felt extremely ironic. Her lover disappeared when she needed comfort and help the most.

She sat in this unfamiliar room, waiting for a man who was sent to sl33p by his wife.

How ironic?

How incredible?

Outside the villa, Lolla did not really leave, but watched Della go upstairs, she took out her mobile phone and called Nelson.

“When will you come back?”

Nelson, who had just left the meeting, was a little surprised when he received a phone call from his wife. He stood in the corridor, looking at the sky outside, and asked faintly,

“What’s the matter?” Lolla hummed softly, “I’m in the room.” Waiting for you, you know I’m timid, and I’m afraid I’m embarrassed to see you, don’t turn on the light when you come in.”

Obviously an invitation.

Chapter 400

There was no change on Nelson’s face, but his eyes grew dim when he looked outside.

He and the Lolla family were married, and they never had any feelings. They have respected each other for more than a year since their marriage.

Even on the night of the wedding in the bridal chamber, they were separated and slept. She said she was afraid.

Does Nelson know that she is in her heart and is unwilling to have s3x with him?

He didn’t love her either, but he didn’t have to say that Lolla was a good woman, she was gentle and kind, and he had a good impression of her, but he only hid this affection in his heart.

Because he knows very well that this woman has someone in her heart. She seems gentle, but has a strong personality. She holds the bottom line for the person she loves.

How moving is this?

It’s ridiculous, he never forced her for this woman.

In the eyes of outsiders, how many people are envious of them, talented and beautiful, and harmonious.

But does anyone know that this “love” is just an illusion?

He knew a little about what his wife was doing. Suddenly he was so clearly invited, so she might not be the one waiting for him in the room…

But he went back anyway.

Knowing that the wife in the room was not the wife he was marrying, he still pushed the door open.

When Della heard the noise, she shrank into the quilt, trembling all over.

Standing at the door, Nelson looked at the trembling hills on the bed, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

In this era of monogamy, women’s sensitivity, women’s suspiciousness, and women’s cleanliness are vividly manifested.

But his wife, who was different, willingly offered him a woman.

He stepped in and closed the door.

Della, who was hiding under the quilt, shivered again when the door closed.

She clutched the quilt wrapped around her tightly, for fear that he would come over.

Nelson stood on the bedside, staring at the delicate figure in the quilt, knowing that it wasn’t Lolla inside, and he deliberately called, “Lolla.”

Della couldn’t help but burst into tears, crying in her heart, she is not Lolla, not his wife, she is Della!

But she can’t.

She agreed to Lolla, and now she regretted it, knowing how impulsive her decision was at the time. Although she saved her brother and the Scott family, she herself was ruined.

Nelson, who was standing by the bed, could see how scared the woman in the quilt was at this moment, but he didn’t want to leave like this. Today, regardless of whether the woman on the bed is beautiful or ugly, smart or stupid, he will take her.

He unbutt0ned the buttons on his suit, one by one, slowly and rhythmically, his voice was low, “Since you have agreed, why to bother to be so wronged?”

Della is dumbfounded, what does he mean?

Did he know that in the quilt was not his wife at all?

“You have accepted her benefits and agreed to her request, so don’t feel wronged, everything is your volition.” She was wronged, so why didn’t he be wronged?

Suddenly, Della lifted the quilt, “You…”

Before she could ask her words, she was overwhelmed. She fell back on the soft bed, too late to react, and rudely t0re her cl0thes apart.

Della struggled, “I am not your wife, I am not…”

The man didn’t want to listen to this at all. He pressed her head, never looked at her, even less willing to hear her voice, put the quilt on her face, “In this way, neither you nor me will be too humiliated.”

That night, Della cried until her voice went hoarse.

When she and Holden were together, she had never done any more behavior. Holden once expressed that he wanted to be int!mate with her, but every time she only sent him a k!ss, saying that she would leave the goodness to the wedding n!ght.

However, today, she gave h3rself to a man whom she had only seen in the photo. She didn’t know the true appearance…

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