Stealing Your Heart Novel Chapter 63 – 64

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Chapter 63

Indeed, Carla wanted to test whether he would marry Alma, and wanted to know whether his affection for Alma was deep.

She pretended to be calm, “I’m just curious, Mr. Blair and Miss Tate’s love, a temptation? Do I need to test? What good is it for me?”

Although Carla’s explanation was very reasonable, Ryan didn’t believe it.

He always feels that what she said has a different meaning.

He didn’t know what it was.

Just instinct told him that she had a purpose.

At this moment, the car has been in front of the company’s building. Usually, Ryan’s car is parked in the underground garage. This time, he parked in the parking lot above.

Carla pushed the car door down and stood aside, preparing to wait for him to go first, so she would never go in again.

Ryan glanced at her, and Carla squeezed out a smile, “Don’t dare to cause trouble to Mr. Blair.”

“How do you know that I’ll be in trouble?” He asked, neither salty nor indifferent, his gaze turned, “Is it possible that you are the roundworm in my stomach?”

Carla, “…”

Seeing a car coming in, she took a step back and completely distanced herself from him.

Ryan glanced at her lightly, then turned and walked towards the building.

The quietness of the morning light dilutes the tense working atmosphere on weekdays, and even the entire building seems a bit laid back at this moment.

The one who just drove in was also an employee of AAA Group, who was from the technical department. He saw Carla standing there and came over, “Are you also working in AAA?”

Carla smiled politely, “Yes.”

“Go in together.” A pair of round glasses hung on the bridge of the man’s nose. He was thin, his skin was pale, and he looked very gentle.

Carla nodded.

“Which department are you in?” the man asked.

“I’m an interpreter.” She replied lightly.

“Oh.” The man paused. “You should have just arrived. I haven’t seen you before.”

“Well, I’ve only been here for a few days.” When she spoke, she looked up at Ryan in front. He had already stepped onto the doorstep and entered the company’s reception hall——

Suddenly, a black shadow rushed out and rushed straight towards Ryan——

“Go and die!” It was a woman who threw over, holding a sharp knife in her hand, as if she had come prepared.

The blade was glowing with cold light, and it drew an arc in the air and struck Ryan’s back.

“Be careful…”

At an extremely critical juncture, Carla rushed over.

She couldn’t think at this moment. It was not that she was brave and not afraid of death, but just thinking that Ryan might be the father of the child in her stomach, and her reason was beyond her control.

Or maybe a woman has special feelings for her first man.

In short, she was irrational and wanted to block the danger for Ryan.

Ryan heard the sound, turned around, and saw her leaping towards him, and Jenna holding a knife——


Carla crashed into the arms, and the knife in Jenna’s hand also fell along with it——

At this moment, she is sensible, will she just die like this?

Before she had time to confirm whether he was the man that night, or the father of the child.

In her mind, there were many things from the past, mother, younger brother, happy and unhappy, and the child in the belly now.

She was reluctant to die, didn’t want to, and was unwilling.

When the brain had an idea, the body responded, and she pushed with both hands, trying to leave.

However, a force of gravity tightly encircled her waist, and her body slammed into a strong and hard chest, tightly, she couldn’t move.

She regretted it.

But there is no chance to regret it.

She closed her eyes confessing her fate.

Chapter 64

I hope the pain doesn’t come too fast, and one more second is one year.

There was a scream in the ear.

One second, two seconds, three seconds——

The pain did not come.

She opened her eyes slowly, and saw Ryan looking down at her, her face was like unpredictable clouds, shocked, surprised, fear, and surprise faintly concealed in her eyes.

She didn’t seem to expect that when danger came, she would come over to stand in front of him desperately, his pupils smiled, “Do you know what you are doing?”

At this moment, Carla’s thinking is all on her body, why doesn’t it hurt?

Turning her head, she saw Ryan catching the blade that was about to be inserted into her body with his bare hands. The tip of the blade stopped at a position where she was not half-finger, and almost touched her, and the bright red blood flowed along with his fingers. Drop by drop coming down.

Jenna stared at Ryan with scarlet eyes, so angry, why didn’t she stabbed him to death?

“I’m going to kill you!” Jenna seemed to be greatly stimulated, and she drew out the blade to strike again.

It seems to be endless!

Ryan frowned slightly.

“You caused me to have nothing, I want to kill you!” Jenna looked like a lunatic, and rushed up desperately.

Ryan grabbed Carla’s waist, turning a half, leaving aside the blade that Jenna attacked with, he stretched out his long legs and kicked the person out.

The security staff in charge of the company’s public order heard the movement and came out to stop Jenna who was kicked to the ground. She struggled, without the image of a lady before, splashing, “Let go of me, or I will sue you. indecent ba5tard.”

During this time, people came to work one after another, and there was a circle around the door unknowingly.

It’s noisy.

It seems that this farce is unexpected.

They stretched their ears, wanting to listen to understand what is going on——

From start to finish, Ryan didn’t even frown his brows. He put his injured hand behind him, his brows were cold, and he didn’t seem to be as calm as the surface.

Staring at the cursing Jenna, the coldness on the corners of her lips grew stronger and stronger, “What are you doing in a daze?”

The guard immediately pressed Jenna on receiving the order to drag her away.

She was just like a lunatic, rolling around and biting the security personnel.

“Ryan, you are indecent to my daughter. If you are not responsible, you will not die. If you have money, you can do whatever you want? Can you not be responsible if you have money? We should be bullied by you if we have no money or power?!”

Jenna yelled out of control, her brain still seemed very clear, and the lines were all Ryan bullied and suppressed her.

She is the victim.

Everyone sounds tricky.

Ryan assaulted her?

This is really shocking news.

Not to mention the employees in the company, even the security personnel holding Jenna want to hear more.

Jenna also lost her face, and sat on the ground, crying and crying, “I have a hard life, so I am a woman who was ruined by others, and there is no place to reason. In these days, is there a king’s law? Should I be bullied? Should I die—”

More and more people gathered at the door.

All eyes were cast on Ryan.

Ryan’s face was completely black, Carla turned her head and looked at his side face with blue veins stretched out, knowing that he was angry, and very angry.

He hates Jenna, she is naturally happy, but now it is obvious that someone wants to watch his excitement.

A person with a face, having such a big scandal, is a pastime for ordinary people to talk about after dinner.

“She is a lunatic, don’t you quickly get her away and disturb the order here?” Carla suddenly said coldly.

“You are a lunatic!” Carla’s words seemed to irritate Jenna, and he rushed towards her while the security guards were not paying attention, looking hideous and hated, “I want to kill you!”

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