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Chapter 797

Iris, who was nestled in his arms, moved and asked, “Dad, when can we see Mommy?”

Ryan looked down at his daughter, patted her on the back, and coaxed, “You will sleep for a while, and when you wake up, you will see her.”

They set off at this time, and they should be able to get to the city before it gets dark.

Two figures were there while passing by the river and could be seen from the car window.

When Ryan looked out the window again, he had already passed that section of the road and missed Carla.

Carla, who was standing by the river, had no idea about the passing of his son and daughter and Ryan behind him.

She was also shocked that Hubert got married just for the career.

She could not agree with this approach.

“The woman you want to marry is someone who will spend life with you. How can you just want to be a good family member?”

“Then what should I picture?” Hubert looked up at her.

“Always have a good feeling and like people, otherwise the girl who marries you knows that you are only for your career, so I am afraid that she will hate you in the future?”

For a woman, marriage is the second reincarnation. In the first half of her life, she has no chance to choose what kind of family she was born in and what kind of parents she has.

But for the husband, you can choose, what kind of person you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

Hubert was obviously taking advantage of others.

“I want to like her too, but how can I control my heart?” He smiled and asked, “Do you have a good way? Teach me?”

Carla turned her scorching gaze away, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Hubert actually wanted to say that if it can’t be you, then whoever is the same to him.

“You are very beautiful today.” His gaze fell on Carla’s skirt, a small pink dress with a large collar, a skirt with silk and knees wrapped around her slender body, bare white calves, with small pearls.

The small beaded flowers are scattered on the skirt, with a slightly convex belly, which adds a touch of soft beauty to the elegant and noble dress for no reason.

Perhaps it is a woman who is a mother who can give people this kind of gentleness.

Carla smiled politely without answering.

She felt that whatever she said, Hubert could say something she couldn’t answer.

Simply not talking.

Afterward, the two of them didn’t speak anymore, just stood quietly, the sun was getting higher and higher, and the cool shadow by the river moved.

Carla said, “Today is your big day, there should be a lot of things to be busy with, so let’s go back early.”

Hubert gave a hum, called Welsh and they left the river.

On the other side, Ryan, who was already on the highway, received a message from Alecia. There was no text, just photos.

With Carla’s permission, Alecia looked at the contents of the file bag. After reading it, her whole body was not good, and she also understood why Carla’s face looked so bad.

She didn’t know what conspiracy was in it, and Carla didn’t think about it as much. She just wanted to tell Ryan that something like this happened, and asked him if it was true or not.

Because she was afraid that Carla would be hurt.

She has experienced betrayal and knows how it feels.

Just as shocked as her was Ryan, he had never seen the woman in the photo, how could there be so many such photos.

Where did Alecia get it?

He quickly called the number back, and soon the other end picked it up.

Alecia’s eager voice came, “What’s the matter? Really?”

“Where did you get these photos?” Ryan’s voice was very cold to answer the question. Alecia knew who made these photos. Did Carla see it?

Is there any misunderstanding?

“Didn’t I tell you last time that someone sent something over, without a signature or address? After Sister Lane read it, let me give it to you. You said to keep it myself.”

“She, she knows, has she seen it too?” Ryan became more and more calm, afraid that Carla would take it seriously, misunderstanding, afraid that she would be angry, after all, she is pregnant now.

In all fairness, if Carla had such a photo in front of her, she would be crazy.

“Of course she has seen it. After seeing it, her face and spirit have been bad. I was curious, are these true?”

“Of course not. Help me look at her. I will come back soon.” When Ryan was about to hang up, Alecia’s voice came over again, “She is not here, she has gone to Tatevel.”

“what did you say?”

“She went to Tatevel, Hubert is getting married, and she was invited to the wedding.”

“I see.” He hung up the phone and said to Harrison who was driving, “Find a place to turn around and we will return to Tatevel.”

Harrison didn’t know, so he asked, “Why? Who did you call just now, what happened?”

Ryan sternly, “Let you turn around, so much nonsense?”

He was anxious. She came to Tatevel at this juncture. Who knows what medicine Hubert sells in the gourd?

Would he take advantage of Carla’s uncertainty when he took advantage of the fire?


Who is he getting married to? Get married so soon? Is it a deliberate trick to deceive Carla?

He knew that Hubert was so irritable about Carla’s thoughts.

Harrison glanced back, only to realize that with his sultry face, he would not dare to say a word that was unnecessary at that time. He got off the highway from the front exit, from the road below, and then took the opposite lane.

Ryan closed his eyes and felt that he was too impulsive. Now calmed down and thinking about it. Why did these photos appear in front of Carla?

It was obviously aimed at him, and he also knew the relationship between him and Carla.

He slowed down and dialed Peter’s number.

The call was soon connected, and before he could speak, Peter’s voice came over first, “I was just about to call you.”

“What happened?” He wouldn’t want to call him if there is nothing to do.

“You asked me to follow Dexter. I didn’t find anyone. He doesn’t seem to be in city b.” Peter felt strange.

Ryan understood in an instant that Dexter might have obtained those photos.

Not in b city, in city R?

He asked, “Are you busy lately?”

Peter’s boss values him very much and wants to promote him. Recently, he has been given a lot of things on his hands.

However, he said to Ryan that he was not busy.

Ryan asked, there must be something for him to help.

“You go to the city R, if I guess right, he should be there and see what he did.”

Peter was startled, “Is he looking for trouble with his sister-in-law?”

“You check it out first, and I’ll talk about it later in detail when I come back.”

Peter opened his mouth to ask if he was not in the city?

But the words turned a corner, “I know, I will pass today.”

If Ryan himself was in the city, he probably wouldn’t let him go to the city R again.

Harrison drove the car quietly, not daring to speak anymore.

After about an hour, they returned to Tatevel.

The wedding should be in the largest hotel in Tatevel, and Ryan asked Harrison to go to the hotel.

There is still a distance from the hotel, and they can already see that there is something like a happy event here, flowers are all over the ground, there are rows of cars parked on the side of the road, and there are many people watching the excitement on both sides of the street.

Ryan frowned, Hubert would rather get married?

The car stopped at the door of the hotel, and the two sleeping children woke up and asked, “Are we home?”

Ryan patted, “Not yet, go back with Uncle Josh obediently, and I will do something.”

He didn’t know what was going on inside, so he asked Harrison to take the two children back to Scott’s home, and he went in by himself.

Although Iris was a little reluctant, she nodded.

Ryan pushed the car door down and watched Harrison drive away with the two children before he stepped into the hotel.

Chapter 798

When entering the hotel, there is a feeling of joy. This is not a modern wedding, but a traditional theme wedding. The whole wedding scene is decorated in festive red.

In order to create a strong color, the auditorium serves as The focal point of the whole scene highlights the main color and theme from the layout.

The scene was very lively. Hubert did not have many relatives. There were many partners in the business, and some internal executives of the company, and the rest were the wife’s relatives and friends, which made the wedding scene very lively.

No one pays attention to someone coming in, their eyes are on the auditorium. The most eye-catching moment of the wedding.

The bride wore an embroidered traditional wedding gown with a phoenix crown on top of her head, covered with a red fringed square scarf, which was subtle and beautiful.

Hubert did not wear the corresponding traditional gown, but a formal suit with a smile on his face, seemingly satisfied with the marriage.

Ryan was not in the mood to appreciate such a wedding, he just wanted to find Carla as soon as possible, but there were so many people on the scene that he didn’t see her for a while.

The woman’s parents are also decent figures. They spoke on stage and expressed their satisfaction with the son-in-law.

Apart from the legs, Hubert’s ability and appearance are all outstanding.

The only shortcoming is that due to the legs cannot walk like ordinary people.

Although the wedding was grand, many details of etiquette were omitted. The bride’s speech and toast were not all.

Carla stood under the red curtain on the right side of the auditorium and looked at the auditorium quietly. Because she was still close, she could clearly see the bride’s appearance, her facial features were beautiful, and there was no particular highlight or first glance. It feels amazing, but it is the kind of person who makes people more comfortable the longer they look.

Those eyes that look at people are like a swath of water that has never been polluted, clear to the bottom.

Hubert walked down with the bride and walked towards Carla.

“Where are you taking me?” Nichole Dawson followed him honestly, and asked a little curiously.

Hubert smiled, “Take you to meet someone.”

Soon they came to Carla, Hubert smiled and introduced Carla “This is my wife, Nichole Dawson.”

Carla said hello politely, “Hello.”

Nichole blinked her big innocent eyes and said, “I have seen her.”

Hubert smiled and said, “Oh, did you? Where did you see her?”

Carla also searched for her look in her mind, but did not find any memories that belonged to her.

Nichole didn’t have any expression on her face, and said faintly, “At Embroidery shop, I saw her when I customized my wedding dress. Another designer received me and my mother. She did not notice us.

Carla suddenly realized it, no wonder she felt familiar when she looked at the wedding dress on her body.

Then she remembered that she had seen this design in Alecia’s paintings. After the opening of the Embroidery shop, Alecia took the first design.

After Nichole said this, she remembered.

Memory is getting worse, do pregnant women really suffer from memory loss?

But when there were Iris and Alan, this didn’t happen, or was it because she was too tired? Although She really want to go back to rest and return to the market as soon as possible, this is Hubert’s wedding.

“I came in a hurry. I didn’t prepare a special wedding gift for you. I can only give you a big red envelope. I hope you have a happy wedding.” Carla said with a smile.

Hubert pretended to be angry, “This is because you are not sincere. You want to send me a red envelope?”

“You didn’t tell me in advance. It’s not that I didn’t prepare for you. If I knew that this was your wife, I would not let Alecia collect the money at the time. The money for the wedding gown will be refunded to you?”

Hubert, “…”

Is he so short of money?

“Now that I am married, do you still have any concerns? Talking so alienated?” Hubert asked.

Carla frowned, didn’t he even consider the feelings of his newlywed wife? Talking so regardless of the occasion?

She couldn’t help but look at Nichole. Nichole didn’t have a strange expression on her face because of Hubert’s words. She was always calm, always keeping those big eyes open.

“she is…”

Carla felt something was wrong.

Hubert looked up at Nichole and stretched out his hand. She squatted down and put her hand in his palm obediently, smiling and spoke, “Hubert.”

“Do you like me?” Hubert asked.

Nichole nodded honestly, “I love you.”

“Is she innocent? Like her name?” Hubert’s gaze turned to Carla.

Carla said while pursing her lips without saying a word.

Hubert stretched out his hand to caress Nichole’s forehead. She is very well-behaved. She always likes to squat by his side when talking to her. “She is 23 this year, but only has the IQ of a 13-year-old child. The darkness on earth is the simplest person I have ever seen.”

Carla, “…”

She was speechless for a long time, wondering what Hubert wanted to do?

“Is it a perfect match for a crip and a fool?” Hubert teased.

Carla didn’t find it funny at all, and asked in a low voice, “Why did you make such a choice?”

“What’s wrong? She is the jewel in the Dawson family’s palm, and it is also very helpful to my career. It is just too simple. I have seen too many conspiracies and tricks, and there is such a simple person lying by my side, at least I can sleep peacefully, without fear of someone stabbing me while I am sleeping, how nice…”

Before he finished his words, he smiled deeper when he saw the man coming here from the crowd, “Carla, how about giving me a gift for my newly married sake?”

“What gift?” Carla didn’t notice the figure approaching behind him at all.

Just immersed in the shock of Hubert and Nichole’s marriage, if Nichole was a normal girl this time, she wouldn’t think there was anything, but now…

Hubert stared at her belly with inexplicable emotions in his eyes, but smiled on his face, “Let me touch your baby. In this life, I am afraid that I will have no chance to have a child. This may be my only wish.”

Carla, “…”

She frowned deeply.

“If you don’t speak, I will assume that you have agreed.” As he said, he stretched out his hand.

Carla knew that she should refuse, no matter from which aspect, she must refuse, but when Hubert’s hand covered her belly, she did not immediately avoid it.

Don’t know why, but she thinks he is very pitiful, yes, pitiful, she can’t find other adjectives.

It is like a poor person who has no food to eat. Asking her for food, she will not hesitate to give away what she has.

“You said, if your stingy man sees me like this, will he get angry with you?” Hubert said with a smile.

Carla lowered her eyes, and when she thought of that man, she would even think of those unsightly photos. Her heart is dull and hard to breathe.

She did not answer Hubert’s words, but said, “I think I should go back.”

“Okay, I don’t think you need me to send someone to send you off.” Hubert agreed very readily, and the smile on his face became more and more profound.

The ugly face of the man behind her, the happier and brighter his smile.

“Why do you say that?” Carla always felt that his smile was ‘innocent’

Hubert took Nichole’s hand and smiled while watching him behind her.

Carla only realized what was behind her and turned around slowly.

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