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Chapter 811

Harrison immediately opened the car door and sat in, “What the h3ll is going on? How did Dexter take Alecia? How is she now? Did he hurt her?”

As soon as he got into the car, Harrison smashed a series of questions.

It was Peter who glanced at him and said, “Would you calm down?”

Harrison stalked his neck, “I can’t calm down.”

He doesn’t know what is the situation now, how can he calm down?

“Don’t be excited, now we have a clue, and now we are heading over there. If you have been in this state, you will get out of the car.”

Speaking, Peter pulled the car over and stopped.

Harrison looked back at Ryan, then at Peter, silently, “I keep quiet.”

“It’s not to keep quiet, but to keep calm.” Peter corrected.

Harrison tensed, “I keep calm.”

He was afraid that he would be driven out of the car, so he had to save Alecia.

Peter glanced at him and sighed, then drove the car away again.

To go to Narven Temple, you have to take a mountain road. Although the asphalt road is very wide, it is extremely rugged, winding, and tortuous, and it is impossible to drive fast.

However, after taking them to the private room, the fourth eldest had a drink with a few younger brothers, and then left the nightclub and went to Narven Temple.

Narven Temple was indeed where Alecia’s was kept, and Dexter was also careful enough that he was afraid that Ryan would find clues to her, so he did not hide her in the city, but in the temple.

The fourth eldest drank a few glasses of wine, and became lu5tful in his heart, and then went up the mountain alone without telling Dexter.

Dexter didn’t allow anyone to watch. He was afraid of being caught by Ryan and spotting Alecia’s trail. The fourth child in the limelight was already too proud of himself. He felt that even if he had gone to Alecia, Dexter would be fine. In this way, he dare not take Dexter’s words to heart.

The car stopped outside the temple, and the Fourth Eldest got out of the car and walked into the gate. In the center of the courtyard is a large square pool. The water is crystal clear and the bottom is covered with pebbles.

At the water outlet, there is a rushing flow. In the center of the pool is a stone sculpture of Avalokitesvara. The stone sculpture is vivid and detailed, which shows the master’s sk!lls.

The Fourth Eldest bypassed the pool and stepped on the steps to bypass the Narven Temple, from the corridor on the right to the back. Narven Temple is located on the highest mountain in the south of City B.

There are monks here. The monks now are not the same as before and do not need to be shaved. It is said that there are wives and children in the family, and they are also highly educated.

Not everyone can be a monk.

Fourth Eldest walked to the storage room at the rear of the temple where the sundries were piled up. The storage room was built on the right side of the temple, next to the courtyard wall, in an extremely inconspicuous location, where few people usually come.

Dexter dared to put people here, just to take care of it. No one would dare to disclose the news. He arranged for two people to guard here and send three meals a day.

Fourth Eldest opened the door of the storage room. There was a wooden table inside. On the table were placed in a mess of wine bottles, peanuts, disposable lunch boxes, cigarette butts thrown everywhere, and there was an unpleasant smell in the room.

Seeing the fourth come in, the two younger brothers immediately stood up and smiled and said, “Fourth Lord.”

Now he is a celebrity next to Dexter. Everyone respectfully calls him “Lord”. He raised his eyebrows to such a name, which is very agreeable. He originally saw the mess in the room and wanted to curse. He was called “Lord”. Feeling very good and emotional, he waved his hand, “You all go out, I’ll go see that woman.”

The two younger brothers looked at each other and said, “Didn’t Mr. Carr tell you not to see her?”

The old fourth raised his brows and said unhappily, “It was Mr. Carr who asked me to come. Why, do you want to call to ask?”

Where did the two little brothers dare, they hurriedly laughed, “Don’t dare, we will go out now.”

The fourth eldest confessed, “Let me see her.”

The two younger brothers glanced at each other, and at the same time looked at the fourth child, as if they knew what he was doing with the woman, but did not dare to say anything, quietly exited and closed the door.

The fourth child glanced at the closed door, wiped his lips with his thumb, walked to the door of the inner room, and opened the wooden door with a squeak.

The noise woke up Alecia, who was tied up with a rope, after being caught here. She didn’t dare to close her eyes, she couldn’t hold it, she fell asleep, she slept very shallowly, woke up with a little movement, and looked at the door vigilantly.

Seeing that it was the thin man who was looking at her, her whole heart was raised.

The fourth child came over and looked at her up and down without blocking his eyes.

It was the night when she was captured that day. She took a bath and put on her pajamas to go to bed. As a result, the doorbell rang, and when she went to open the door, the fourth child rushed into the house with a few men.

Without saying anything, she was just turned around, and no one was found in several rooms, so she was arrested.

Alecia wore a two-piece pajamas. The inside was a purple sling with silk sling. The outside was a silk gown of the same color, with a belt around her waist.

The struggling when she was caught that day had already torn off the belt. The pajamas were already not neat, hung slantingly on her body, exposing large areas of white skin.

The fourth child squatted in front of her and looked up from the feet little by little. The thin legs, the roots of the thighs that can be covered by the corners of the clothes, and the small waist like a water snake.

Just looking at it, the fourth child is already Feeling that he was about to be swollen to death, he swallowed, “D*mn, this b0dy is absolutely extinct.”

Alecia opened her eyes wide, her eyes were full of panic, she knew exactly what he wanted to do, she was tied up and could not move, and she had no room to resist.

It is impossible to escape. The only hope of escape is to gain his trust and let him untie her rope to have a chance.

The fourth child stretched his hand to her mellow and delicate shoulders, caressing her skin, the touch was extremely delicate, and he couldn’t help himself, like a hungry wolf, he rushed over and k!ssed indiscriminately.

Alecia endured the panic and nausea, did not make the slightest act of resistance, but pretended to be enjoying, cooperating with a charming gasp from her throat.

The fourth child was irritated and just wanted to raise the gun immediately, and ripped off the cl0thes that were between his eyes and her b0dy. The summer clothes were also easy to take off, and he pulled himself clean in two or more strokes.

Seeing his filthy body, Alecia’s heart was tumbling, and she wanted to vomit with nausea.


With tape wrapped around her mouth, she couldn’t speak, she could only use her eyes to convey that she was willing to cooperate and had something to say to him.

The fourth child paused and asked, “You, are you willing to be with me?”

Alecia nodded.

The fourth child licked his lips, reached out his hand to remove the tape from her mouth, smiled and asked, “Do you think I’m very attractive?”

Alecia suppressed the urge to vomit, smiled charmingly, stretched h3r leg to hook him, and said lowly, “You are the most attractive man I have ever seen.”

The fourth child stared at her thin white legs and leaned into the bottom of the sk!rt. Alecia clenched her hands into fists before holding back. No matter how painful her heart is, her face is always enjoyable, “You untie my rope, I’ll do well to serve you.”

“I think this is more interesting.” The fourth eldest rushed to suppress her, preparing for the final aggression.

Alecia twisted slightly und3r him, rubbing him with h3r body, “It hurts me because of the rope. You can untie it, so I can match your posture, eh, okay?”

The fourth child was eager to burn h3r body and was about to be tortured to death by him. There were only hot scenes of men and women in his mind, no extra thinking, and he untied the ropes that bound her hands and feet.

He threw the rope aside, threw down again, stroked h3r legs, and pushed forward.

Chapter 812

Just as he was about to succeed, he suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked at Alecia in disbelief, “You…”

Holding the candlestick in her hand, Alecia pierced the sharp needle of the candle into the back of his neck.

“Smelly woman, dare to stab me!” The fourth child pinched Alecia’s neck with both hands, and tried to strangle her with fierce force.

Alecia was about to suffocate, but she didn’t give up, she couldn’t die, she wanted to live, live cleanly, she clenched the candlestick in her hand, like crazy, repeatedly exhausted her whole body strength, using the candlestick puncturing his muscle over and over.


The fourth child howled in pain, and the two men outside looked at the room and gave a tsk.

I thought it was the fourth child who played too high, so they didn’t care about it.

However, the fourth child was already rolling on the ground in pain. Alecia had two needles pierced the artery in his neck and the bleeding continued. He thought he was going to die and howled on the ground.

Alecia calmly got up, pulled up the long wooden stool next to him, and smashed the fourth child on the head twice. The fourth child was stunned and fell on the ground motionless.

The two people outside seemed to feel that something was wrong, but they didn’t dare to rush in, fearing that they would be reprimanded by the good deeds of the fourth child. They stood at the door and asked, “Four Lord?”

Alecia gathered her clothes, stood there in a panic for a second or two, and shouted to the outside, “What’s your name? You want to break our good deeds, get out!”

The two men froze for a moment, then smashed their mouths, “I didn’t expect this woman to be such a wave.”

Alecia stared at the door nervously, heard the sound of leaving, and exhaled. She leaned against the wall with her hands on her chest and breathed, her heart was like a spring with no frequency, bumping indiscriminately. At this moment, she felt helpless, tears of panic fell straight.

No, now is not the time to cry, she must try to escape.

After being closed here for two days, she clearly knew that the plan at the beginning was to place the room. There were no windows, only a vent was left at the top. She moved the stool to the wall, stacked the two together, carefully. Stepped on it and got out from the vent.

The height of the vent was about the same as the height of the wall. She reached out and climbed the wall and managed to escape from the house without being noticed.

She slid down from the high wall, her feet were still some distance away from the ground. Because the wall was too high, her feet could not touch the ground at all, so she could only let go and jump off. Fortunately, this piece of damp mud landed on her body when she fell. At this time, there was a commotion in the courtyard, as if they had found her escape.

She had no time to think too much, only one thought. Hurriedly escape from here. She was barefoot, running wildly on the mountain with no road, for fear of being caught again. If she was caught again, she would never have a chance to escape ever.

She must use all her strength, the stinging thorns will pull out bloodstains from her calves.

She didn’t know what stabbed her foot, so she hissed in pain, did not stop but continued to run.

In the temple, Peter and the subordinates who followed the fourth child took their heads, knowing that the fourth child had gone to the storage room after the monastery.

When they came to the backyard, they saw two people sitting at the door of the storage room and confirmed that Alecia must be locked here. Otherwise, there will be no guards at the door.

Peter took the two subordinates who followed the fourth child and successfully knocked down the two guards at the door.

Harrison rushed into the room first, but there was only one table in the room, except for the mess, there was no one at all, and he frowned in disappointment.

Peter and Ryan came in afterwards, but looking at such a scene, it was obvious that someone had stayed in the house. Soon the door near the inside attracted their attention. Harrison walked over quickly and stretched out his hand to push. But he didn’t push it away, and the fourth child locked the lock from inside when he entered.

Harrison lifted his leg without saying anything. There was a loud noise. The two doors were swaying, but they didn’t open. The inside was locked by an iron door lock. It was not as easy to open as a single-leaf door. Peter when walked in, the two of them kicked the door open.

The scene in front of the eyes shocked the nerves of the two of them. The fourth child was lying nak3d on the ground with a lot of blood on his body. In fact, there were no big wounds.

They were all small wounds pierced by Alecia with a candlestick. The fourth child was in a coma at this moment, blood was soaking all over his body, and his injuries were serious. The most serious were the two areas on his neck.

Peter didn’t care whether the fourth child was dead or alive, mainly because of his nak3d appearance. It was obvious what he was looking for Alecia for…

When he went to see Harrison, he saw that Harrison was shaking all over, and his side face, including the blue veins on his neck, stood up suddenly, as if being rushed to burst at any time.

He just wanted to persuade, but saw Harrison holding the chair next to the wooden table, rushing to the fourth, and slamming it down. There was no violent sound, but there was a slight bone fracture.

Peter stepped forward to hold him, not sympathizing with the fourth child, even if he was going to die, it was not like k!lling him. This was too cheap for him, and it was important to find Alecia before he was delayed.

It’s not whether the fourth child has succeeded, he won’t be able to think about it, in short, it is important to find her first, “You calm down, there is no Alecia here, she must have escaped, look at the chair by the wall, there is obviously a vents on it. Where did she go out? The most important thing is to find her now.”

Harrison’s eyes were red, and he turned around without saying a word and ran out.

Ryan glanced into the room and then withdrew his gaze, his face was also quite heavy, and he said to Peter, “Call the police.”

He called Ramiro again and asked him to call some media reporters to Narven Temple.

Peter left the two subordinates to call them to find Alecia in the back mountain.

The high mountains in the back mountain are dense with woods and weeds, and there is no road at all. Because of the entanglement of various rattans in summer, the branches and leaves are dense and it is difficult to walk.

Harrison had already walked a long way, shouting as he walked, pulling away the cane with both hands indiscriminately.

The deeper the forest, the darker the light, and the dense branches and leaves completely blocked the light.

“Alecia!” Harrison’s hoarse voice raised his hand and wiped his face to wipe the wetness from the corners of his eyes.

He kept walking and shouting, and suddenly he found the broken branches of grass. He squatted down, and there was fresh juice flowing on it. It was obviously newly broken. He looked carefully, there must be blood on the ground. Walked here.

After finding this clue, he followed the trace. He didn’t know how long he had been walking, and he didn’t feel tired. He just wanted to find Alecia quickly.

However, he has not found her. He did not give up, and continued to search along the clues. Only clues have hope.

He glanced back, only to realize that he had reached the depths, surrounded by dense woods, and could not even see the light of the sun. He shouted, “Alecia!”

The voice echoed in the mountains, but there was no response.

No matter what, he couldn’t give up, he had to find her quickly, and when he was walking, his feet suddenly became empty, his body fell, and he slid down a stone cave.

With a bang, his voice was quickly drowned out.

The hole is too deep.

The stone surface was too slippery, and there was no way to hold things until he slipped to the bottom of the hole.

His whole body hurt after being bumped, and he sat up with a painful body, only to find that there seemed to be someone here.

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