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Chapter 819

The man who appeared in the city, she guessed him to be Dexter, appeared here at this moment, did he come to Ryan?

At this time, the number she dialed was connected, and Peter’s voice came over there, “Hello?”

Because this is the new number that Carla changed after she went to the city, it showed a bunch of unfamiliar mobile phone numbers.

Carla held the phone, “What’s the matter with Alecia?”

Peter seemed to be stunned for a moment. He was surprised by this voice and paused before saying, “Now in the hospital.”

“She was injured?” Carla asked nervously.

“Got some physical injuries and have a fever, but now the doctor is giving her medicine.” Peter said truthfully.

But when Carla heard such words, the taste changed.

A physical injury? Have a fever?

She would think of the scene in the news where the old fourth was nak3d, and subconsciously thought that Alecia had been violated.

She lowered her eyes and asked in a dumb voice, “Does Harrison know?”

Peter said, “He knows.”

“What hospital are you in now?” Carla asked hoarsely.

“Do you want to come over?”

“No, wait a while before coming over.” Now she wants to know what Dexter came to find Ryan for.

“The First People’s Hospital.” Peter replied.

“I see.” She hung up after speaking.

She pushed the car door down and said to the driver, “You wait for me for a while.”

She is going to the hospital later.

The driver drove to the underground parking lot, it was too hot.

Carla walked in. Although Ryan didn’t disclose her identity to the public, he admitted in the company. Everyone knew her identity. When she entered, no one blocked her, and was respected everywhere.

Facing the person who greeted her, she always smiled back.

Going down the elevator and ran into Ramiro. When he saw her, Ramiro smiled and said, “Come to Mr. Blair?”

As Ryan’s capable cadres, although Peter and Harrison are not involved in Ryan’s life as much, they are still very clear about the boss.

Carla said, “Yes, is it convenient for him now?”

Ramiro said, “The boss will see you again now.”

“Is it a man in a silver-gray suit?” she asked.

Ramiro nodded, “Did you see Mr. Carr?”

After listening to Ramiro’s words, she was completely affirmed that this is indeed Dexter Carr, otherwise Ramiro would not called President Carr.

She nodded, “I saw him.”

“Are you going to wait in the lounge for a while?” Ramiro asked.

Carla shook her head, “No, I’ll go in and see what they are talking about.”

After speaking, she walked towards Ryan’s door.

When she was about to reach the office door, the mobile phone in her pocket rang. She took out her mobile phone and it showed Second Uncle.

She walked to the side and picked up the phone. Before Herman had spoken, she asked first, “Second Uncle. Did something happen over there?”

Otherwise, why would he call at this time?

“Nothing, everything is okay here. Someone comes to customize the clothes. I said there are too many orders. If you are willing to do it, you will have to wait for a while. If you don’t want to wait, let them go.”

“The factory is running normally. Suddenly you and Alecia are not here, and you took away the two children. I think something urgent has happened, otherwise you won’t leave in such a hurry.”

“I called you to tell you, no matter what it is. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if it is difficult, you have to trust your father and mother, they left you not only wealth, you know what I mean?”

Carla lowered her head, looked at the toes and whispered, “I know.

“Well, how about the two kids? I miss them.” I almost got used to them, and you left all at once, I always felt that there was something missing in my life.

“At night, I will ask them to call you on video.” Carla said.

“Okay, then I’ll hang up.” Herman said.

Carla hung up, and she stood there for a while. Herman never told her about her father, but she stayed with Herman for a long time, and she felt a little bit about who her father was before.

No matter who he is, she will remember what Lolla said in the letter that he is a good person.

She condensed her emotions, turned around and walked to the office door again. She raised her hand and knocked on the door. It took a moment for the sound to come in.

She straightened her spine and pushed the door in.

Ryan sat on the sofa with his back, opposite Dexter, with coffee in front of him, but he hadn’t moved. He seemed to be talking, because someone came in and he stopped talking.

Seeing her, Dexter’s gaze was slightly unnatural for a moment, and he smiled, “We meet again.”

Ryan’s gaze slowly turned around. When he saw her, his brows frowned slightly. He never thought she would come, and said warmly, “Why did you come here?”

Ryan didn’t evade in front of Dexter. If he could send photos to Carla, he must know her identity and relationship with him.

Carla stepped over and smiled at him, “Can’t I see you?”

While speaking, she sat down beside Ryan.

Dexter licked the corners of his lips with interest, “Is this going to show off affection in front of an outsider?”

“Are there any outsiders here?” Carla asked with a smile.

Dexter laughed, and glanced over Ryan’s face, wickedly trying to embarrass him, and deliberately said, “Ms. Lane meant that you didn’t let me be an outsider? I also think we have a good relationship.”

Dexter thought in his heart, is she still thinking about the feeling of ‘relief’ for her when she was in the city last time?

“I just didn’t see you.” Carla said that he was still smiling, not serious or not.

“Heh, Miss Lane’s words are interesting. Didn’t you see me sitting here as a living person? Am I not a human being?” Dexter narrowed his smile.

Carla still smiled, “It’s not that Mr. Carr said it by himself. I didn’t say it. It’s just that you don’t think you are a human anymore, so I can’t refute you.”

Dexter’s expression stiffened for a moment, before returning to his smiling face, “Women are too eloquent and unpleasant. Be careful of your man’s change of heart.”

“I don’t bother Mr. Carr to worry about this.” Carla gently pulled the corner of her lips, “Last time I met in the city, I didn’t know Mr. Carr’s identity. I didn’t have a chance to thank you.”

“I received all the gifts you gave. Mr. Carr is very attentive.” Her gaze lightly looked at Ryan, who was also looking at her at this time, her eyes met, and could perceive each other’s thoughts without words.

She smiled and said, “Mr Carr gave us such a big gift, don’t you need to return the gift?”

Ryan stretched out his hand to lift the broken hair from her ears, gently did not reach her ears, and smiled indulgingly, “This is natural. Anyone who pays attention to courtesy will only take it back. It is impolite.”

Ryan cast his gaze over, “How does Mr. Carr feel about my return?”

Dexter squinted his eyes, “You provoked me first.”

“What Mr. Carr said, didn’t you first promise Elden to hire someone to kidnap? Is it because Mr. Carr thinks that the Blair family is a bully and can be kidnapped at will?” Ryan’s voice was deep, and there was an unnoticeable hostility.

“Is the kidnapper the Blair family? Who doesn’t know that Della is in the third position? Doesn’t Mr. Blair also dislike this stepmother? Now that you are such an insignificant person, being an enemy of me, what good is it for you?”

Chapter 820

Dexter calmed down, “Don’t forget that your uncle can’t help you anymore. He has dismounted, no, now you should be enemies. What if Peter is now a deputy? I don’t want to mess with him, if I think about it, I told my old man to move his fingers, and he immediately stepped down.”

“What do you fight with me? Will you be able to pull me out of the fourth child? Last time I was able to retreat, and this time is the same, I just said , As long as you are willing to apologize for hurting me last time, this matter, we will be over, we will not run into the river in the future, of course, if Mr. Blair is willing to make friends with me, I am also willing to talk about this.”

Apologize to him?

Carla just wanted to speak and was held by Ryan, and shook her head to keep her from getting excited.

Ryan raised his eyelids, and the curvature of the corners of his lips condensed into sharp lines, cold and hard, “As long as it is Blair’s family, no one can move. Yes, Mr. Carr’s backing is hard, but no matter how hard it is, there are weaknesses?”

He leaned back slightly, leaned back in a very lazy posture on the sofa, and sneered, “You are indiscriminate, get some dirty things to smear my wife’s eyes, catch the people around my wife, and the old accounts are new.”

“Calculating together, it’s up to Mr. Carr to give me an explanation, don’t you think so?”

Dexter bared his teeth, “You are too much!”

Obviously he should apologize to him!

“Excessive? The man found in the temple belongs to Mr. Carr, right? What did he do to my friend? Don’t you know?” Carla answered, she clasped her hand, and repeated several times before calming down her mood.

“If Mr. Carr wants to turn fighting into jade, he would stand up and apologize for the car accident caused by the previous kidnapping case, bear the blame for this, and hand over the person who hurt my friend. As for the photo, you and your subordinates will perform in the city. We can be magnanimous and not pursue it.”

“Are you kidding me?” Dexter was also angry that the fourth child went to Alecia privately. Not only did he want to behave badly, he also drove the person away.

He also wanted to k!ll the fourth child, a guy who had less success than failure. When the accident happened, his lungs would explode.

But he couldn’t hand over the people, “I just handed them over to you. Who would dare to follow me and sell my life to me in the future? The car accident was purely an accident, and I am not the mastermind. The mastermind has already paid the price. ? Why do you hold on to me?”

If he hands over someone, he will be chilled and follow others’ hearts. Who is willing to work for him in the future?

Human heart is very important.

Even if the fourth child is at fault, he will protect him. He is not protecting one person, but the loyalty of those who follow him.

The manager can take the initiative to stand up for him, showing that he is very good to those who follow him.

Carla sneered, “Why are you confused by the reason Carr always wants to understand? I leave my friends alone, can my friends treat me sincerely in the future? We didn’t hold on, we just wanted to participate. The person responsible for the matter should bear the responsibility. Is this too much?”

Carla pointed at the main point with her words, Dexter was choked and speechless.

This is the truth after careful consideration.

Dexter couldn’t agree with him and didn’t smile at the beginning. He looked at Ryan and then at this sharp-toothed woman. He seemed to understand why Ryan liked this woman.

In his impression, most women, including the women he came into contact with, almost all encountered things, hiding behind the man, waiting for the man to protect, or weeping.

But she stood by Ryan fearlessly, is she fearless for those who don’t know?

He looked at Carla, “Do you know who my father is? You won’t get a good deal with me.”

Carla met his eyes impartially and said coldly, “I don’t know who your father is. I only know that the world is equal. If you do something wrong, you must take responsibility. In ancient times, there were princes who violated the law and the common people. The same sin, is it possible that your father can cover the sky with just one hand?”

The four-eyed confrontation was relatively silent, and no one was willing to lose the battle. After a long time, Dexter opened his mouth first, and he sneered, “Okay, then we will fight to see who is better!”

He stood up and left after speaking.

Carla did not look back.

Dexter glanced back at her, his eyes moved slightly, and finally he twitched his lips and smiled, “I look forward to seeing Ms. Lane next time.”

After speaking, he left with a smile.

Carla’s face was cold, he dared to be so mad, obviously because the backer was hard enough to be so confident.

“Got it?” Ryan said.

Otherwise, why come here at this time?

Carla turned her head and looked at him, “The news is flying all over the sky, don’t you know?”

Ryan helped his forehead, “Forgot to pinch the electricity at home.”

Carla, “…”

What is this called?

“Seriously, what are you going to do? I don’t think he can deal with it.” It’s not that he is so good, his backer has a backing.

Ryan sighed and did not answer positively. He didn’t want to discuss this issue with her. What she has to do now is to stay at home and raise her baby with peace of mind, and leave the rest to him, “Why don’t you be obedient? Can’t you just stay at home?”

“How can I feel at ease after seeing the news? Alecia…” She flapped her eyelashes, “I will never let the person hurt her.”

She was extremely firm.

Ryan was silent, understanding why she was in such a mood. In fact, she didn’t know whether Alecia was lost. Alecia had just been rescued and taken to the hospital, and Peter did not call in the specific circumstances.

The fourth child was hidden by Dexter, fearing that he might grab someone.

“Give me your phone.” Carla reached out to Ryan.

Ryan took out the phone and handed it to her, “Are you going to save new number in my phone?”

“No.” Carla lowered her head to manipulate the phone without even raising her head.

Ryan, “…”

What is that?

Check his phone?

She was like this, and his heart felt a little hairy.

“Then what do you mean?” Ryan asked uncertainly.

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