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Chapter 89

“Huh?” Carla watched him as she changed her shoes, “You don’t have to go to class on weekends, don’t you want to rest at home?”

Alan said solemnly, “My sister is at home, I think, I shouldn’t have time to rest.”

Iris likes to cling to people, and Carla knows this very well.

She put on a jacket for her son and took him to work.

The son is quiet and will not worry her.

If Iris was going, she would definitely not want to.

That child is what he should be at this age, and she doesn’t know whether this character is good or bad for her son.

She picked up her son and k!ssed him on the cheek.

Alan’s face turned red, and said shyly, “Mummy.”

Carla laughed, her son was so cute that he was shy.

She took Alan in the car and buckled his seat belt.

When they arrived, Carla stopped the car, hugged her son, and walked in holding his hand.

“Sister Lane, the guests who made the reservation last time have arrived.” It was her assistant Alecia who was speaking, “I have taken them to the reception room.”

This guest has already made an appointment last month, and the wedding gown to be customized is the engagement gown.

Carla made several versions for guests to choose from. She asked Alan to play by himself, “Don’t run around.”

“I know.” He is not here for the first time, he is very familiar with them, and the young ladies here like him very much.

“You go make two cups of coffee and bring them in.” Carla looked at the design drawings again, there was no problem, she took them to the reception room.

She pushed open the door of the reception room. On the leather sofa by the window, there was a man and a woman sitting on the leather sofa. When she saw their looks clearly, Carla’s body froze for a while, and then she recovered her voice after a while, her face pulled out. A decent smile, as if you don’t know them, “Hello.”

She came in calmly holding the blueprint.

Alma, no, it should be Diane who turned pale in an instant, how could it be her?

She instinctively went to see Ryan next to her.

He stared straight at the incoming woman.

She has let go of everything in six years.

Now she just wants to live a quiet life, these people are strangers to her.

Carla just walked to the sofa and sat down as if she didn’t know them. She was wearing a black professional suit with her legs elegantly overlapping. She put the design drawing on the table and pushed it in front of Diane, “This is the first drawing. Take a look.”

Diane clearly felt the chill radiating from the man next to her, and it was icy cold.

If she knew that the famous designer was Carla, she would never choose to visit.

At that time, she insisted on choosing this house, but now she can’t go back.

She had no choice but to bite the bullet and picked up the design drawings and opened it. Her hand shook slightly. Each one is very distinctive, especially the one called the original dress, pink, one-line collar, waist design, simple, But generous and concise.

She didn’t want to be sure of Carla’s design, but she liked the dress very much.

Alecia came in with the coffee, bent over, and put the coffee in front of them, Carla looked at her, “Alecia, you go and get the first finished product.”

“Okay.” Alecia took the tray and left, and soon came in with a model, wearing the original dress.

It’s even more stunning than the picture. The specially treated pink silk material reveals crystal bright colors, especially when encountering lights, it shines like stars on the clothes. The neckline of the one-line collar can reflect women. The most s3xy and temperamental parts, the neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms, and waist are fully out, which can highlight the waist, and the skirt extends to the ankles, which will appear dignified and conservative.

It’s perfect for engagement wear.

Diane reached out and touched the material. It was soft and smooth, just very comfortable to touch.

“This is Sister Lane’s award-winning work. Many people want to buy it and have not been willing to sell it. You really have foresight, and you saw this right away. It just so happened that Sister Lane decided to sell it.” Alecia said proudly.

Ryan’s gaze fell on Carla’s face, her gaze was on the dress, and she had only glanced at him once when she entered, and she never looked at him again.

Treat him as air, as a stranger?

Chapter 90

His lips were pressed tightly, as sharp as a knife.

Diane raised her head. She is now a daughter of the Gill family, not the helpless orphan before. What if she is Carla as a designer?

Isn’t it about designing a dress for her and watching her get engaged with Ryan?

Thinking about it this way, Diane felt much better, and said arrogantly, “Why is it called the original?”

Carla lowered her eyes. When designing this dress, she was thinking of her initial dream and want to be an excellent designer. However, due to changes, her studies were not completed. Later, she had the opportunity to complete her studies and enter Later, she designed this dress.

This is her original work, and the inspiration comes from her original dream, so it was named the original one.

When it comes to her work, she can always talk confidently, with a faint smile on her face, “In my opinion, everything, in the beginning, is the best. I think every young self has one What I want to do, I call it the initial dream. At first, you fell your heart for a person. In the beginning, the most primitive throbbing is the most real emotion. It is the most touching in the first moment. Am I right Miss Gill?”

As she said, she glanced over Ryan’s face, and finally fixed it on Diane, “It’s like the love between Miss Gill and Mr. Blair, after going through ups and downs, they will always come together and return to the original heartbeat for each other——”


Ryan interrupted sharply, suddenly, he stood up, stepped to Carla, and grabbed her wrist.

Carla frowned, “What are you doing?”

Ryan didn’t have any words, but directly pulled the person away.


Ryan turned his head and his eyes were gloomy, seeming to be a warning, Diane did not dare to speak anymore, she was afraid, so she could only shut up.

Carla struggled, but Ryan’s hand was very powerful. She couldn’t make a single bit of it, and she couldn’t help but sternly said, “You hurt me!”

Ryan didn’t pay attention to her reluctance and struggle. He dragged her to the stairwell and pressed her against the wall. His angry face was twisted into a furious lion, his eyes fixed on the one in front of him. Woman, “Why hide?!”

Carla frowned, hiding?

She had never deliberately avoided him, although she didn’t want to see this man.

It was just the situation at the time. Jamie said that the medical conditions here were suitable for her to perform surgery and have a baby.

She was so hurt that she had no choice but to follow Jamie’s arrangement.

“Where does Mr. Blair start? We are already divorced. What about me and what does it have to do with you?” Carla tried her best to calm himself down.

In fact, her heart is not as calm as on the surface.

She didn’t want to admit that this man who appeared for a short time in her life made her calm heart turbulent.

After so many years, the waves have already been classified as calm.

So she didn’t want to get entangled with the things and people of the past anymore.

Ha ha!

Ryan sneered, “Divorce?”

He let go of Carla, took a step back, stood two steps away from her, and looked at her up and down. In six years, she changed, her face was completely open, exquisite and incredible, and black show. The hair is ponytailed, clean, professional attire and speech, with a sense of sight of a strong woman, and chuckles, “Are you sure we are divorced?”

Carla’s heart stunned. When she was about to rush back to apply for the divorce certificate that day, she had a car accident and was taken here by Jamie.

The divorce certificate has not been processed…

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