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Chapter 1115

Jiang Yijun closed his eyes and covered his ears.

She stood trembling on the spot, only feeling that strong winds cut her cheeks like a blade, and she felt bursts of fiery pain.


Another strong wind hit her, directly pushing her to the ground.

Jiang Yijun opened her eyes subconsciously, and the scene she saw made her unforgettable for the rest of her life…

Levi seemed like a god descended from the earth.

A person.

A pair of iron fists.

Surprisingly, thousands of overseas Lords could not fight back.

The moment she closed her eyes, the ground was full of corpses.

She probably counted, more than three hundred…

She closed her eyes just now in less than a minute.

The ordinary figure in the field seemed extremely tall at this moment.

Heroes of salvation!

Undefeated God of War!

The pungent smell of blood hit her sense of smell.

The shocking scene was directed at her vision.

The most important thing is the psychological impact.

She is Jiang Yijun, the first beauty in Beijing.

What scene hasn’t been seen?

What person hasn’t seen?

But everything today is unprecedented for her.

Especially this man like a god of war.

It is what she hates and disdains.

But it brought him such a big impact!

Who is he?

Just the illegitimate child of the Garrison family?

Wild species in the human population?

In the battlefield.

Levi became more and more courageous in the war.

It is so powerful that thousands of Lords are desperate.

Isn’t it?

Levi has obviously rested for so long, is he still so strong?

Do not!

Stronger than before!


And everyone discovered that Levi had no plans to rush into the villa area to save people.

He is going to kill everyone in one go.

Seems to be hit?

The other part of the people they sent may be in danger.

Ollie and Sarah could not be seen at all.

On the other side, in the villa.

The Lords of a hundred countries rushed in one after another.

There was no one inside.

Where are Sarah and Ollie?

But their top tracking Lords have been staring at the two of them. They are always in the villa and will never leave.

No matter how powerful Levi is, his men will be terrifying.

It will not disappear in front of the elite of the Hundred Kingdoms.

This is impossible!!! !

Everyone has no time to think.


Someone immediately ordered it.

Since Sarah and Ollie are not there, it means there is an ambush.

Just as everyone was about to retreat, a voice came out immediately: “Everyone, do you want to go now?”

Accompanied by the sound, the Five Great War Kings, the Eighteen Cavaliers of the Heavenly Tribulation, the Ghost Army, and the Camp of Hundred Beasts plus Zijin Guards all appeared.

Surrounded all these Lords.

Next came the crushing blow.

Especially Owen hasn’t been so excited for too long.

This battle is almost a one-sided crush.

None of the Lords of the 100 countries escaped, all were suppressed.

Outside the villa area.

Jiang Yijun looked incredulous.

She had just witnessed Levi suppress everyone.

That’s a thousand Lords!!!

Lawrencelong opened his eyes and saw the corpses lying everywhere.

He was frightened again and passed out.



This place turned into a hell on earth.

Jiang Yijun’s body was trembling all the time.

The man in front of him was really like a demon.

It seems that the distance between her and him is a huge gap!

“Before you were defeated, and now you are too!”

Levi looked at the defeated generals indifferently and ruthlessly.

Jiang Yijun stared at Levi and shouted, “You…what is your identity?”

Chapter 1116

She could not imagine the identity of Levi.

It is definitely not as simple as a wild seed and abandoning a child.

It wasn’t until after experiencing this scene that Jiang Yijun really had a general understanding of Levi.

It turns out that Levi ignored the Garrison family, and even bet against Lawrence, not because he was ignorant…

But people have this capital…

Enough to challenge Garrison Family’s capital!

At this moment, Jiang Yijun was no longer comparing the Garrison Family alone with Levi.

Instead, I took the entire Garrison family…

The first genius of the Garrison family-Garrison West.

She was her most optimistic Tianjiao before.

But now she doesn’t compare Garrison West.

This battle, if Garrison West had died, would have died early.

And she died…

But this man crushed everyone with an invincible posture.

And save her from danger.

So she knew that this man would never be that simple on the surface.

He has the strength and identity that makes the Jingcheng Garrison Clan regret.

“You don’t need to know.”

Levi glanced at her indifferently.

Jiang Yijun looked at that figure from behind, feeling very uncomfortable in his heart.

No matter how she is all over the country, how beautiful is the country.

Levi couldn’t be touched all the time.

He has this qualification!

But Levi is too cold, right?

Don’t you have a little affection for yourself?

After all, he looks so beautiful…

It’s okay to speak softly.


He just saved himself.

Thinking of Levi’s palm resting on her shoulder, she stunned.

It shows that he still has a slight feeling for himself.

Why else save her?

Wouldn’t it be better to kill yourself if you do such an annoying thing?

Why save yourself?

That shows that Levi is not indifferent to himself.

“Thank you for saving my life just now!”

Jiang Yijun’s body is still trembling now.

She originally wanted to make Levi regret, but she did not expect to be involved in such a big dispute.

Almost became her hell ground.

“No thanks! Just beg you not to harass me in the future!”

Levi said without turning his head.

Jiang Yijun bit his lip and said, “You… why are you so indifferent? Didn’t you save me just now?”

Jiang Yijun’s meaning is very simple, Levi must have saved people because of her.

Why don’t you care about Lawrencelong and his people?

Just save her one?

“It saved you, but it has nothing to do with others. Just because you are from Morendam, it’s that simple!”

Levi said indifferently.

“What about Lawrencelong? He is also from Morendam. And his men? Why don’t you save it?”

Jiang Yijun asked directly.

Levi said coldly: “Lawrencelong didn’t make a move because I knew he would not die!”

After all, Lawrencelong is a martial arts physique, and he can still bear the punch of the Lord just now.

“As for his men are not Morendam people, why should I save them?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

Jiang Yijun was taken aback.

The ten guards of Lawrencelong were indeed not from Morendam, but from Yangguo.

“Well, it’s not because of other reasons to save you, you have to be thankful that you are a Morendam.”

Levi left after speaking.

Jiang Yijun stunned silly on the spot.

During this trip to Jiangbei, nothing she imagined happened.

Instead, such a big situation occurred.

This time he saw the true side of Levi.

It turned out that she felt that only Garrison Chenzhi and his like could match her, and her favorite was the legendary God of War.

Now there is one more person-Levi.

But why is Levi so indifferent to her?

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