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Chapter 1143

At the gate of Jiangbei Royal Garden Villa, Ollie was waiting early.

Seeing Sarah back, Ollie immediately greeted her.

“What are you doing? Get out!”

“We don’t welcome you here! I tell you, this kid has nothing to do with you!”

Dale and Edith stopped immediately.

Ollie looked ugly and looked at Sarah and pleaded: “Sarah, let me take care of you and your child! Let me atone for the unfilial son!”

“The mistake my son made, I, a mother, should atone for it!”

Everyone glanced at her and said, “That’s true! Your son did something that is not as good as a beast! You should pay it back!”

“Aunt Porter, the child and I don’t need your care. The other person has nothing to do with me. There is no problem of making mistakes and not making mistakes!”

Plum dyed his face resolutely.

Ollie looked helpless: “Well, then you have to take care of yourself and your children.”

Ollie turned around and left.

“Aunt Porter wait!”

Sarah’s voice sounded immediately.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Ollie said.

“You come and see the child!”

Sarah sighed.

Finally, Ollie entered the villa, and the moment she saw the child, she cried.

Holding the baby, she immediately felt like blood.

If Levi didn’t leave, how good would it be?

How happy is the family?

such a pity!

This unfilial son!

He even learned Lawrence and ran away.

“Well, you’ve been holding it long enough, go quickly, you are not welcome here!”

Ollie was driven away.

“By the way, the child’s name is Logan Wangjun! Do you know Sarah’s attitude this time? Don’t let us see you in the future!”

At the door, Melina sneered.


Ollie’s body trembled.

Sarah made up his mind.

Let her take care of the baby, it has nothing to do with Levi.

You can tell from the child’s name.

Ollie almost cried all the way back…

This life was a failure for her.

Even the son is like this if he meets a bad guy.

Life of failure…

Beijing Garrison Clan.

“I heard that Levi’s child was born?”

Lawrence asked.

“Well, I was born in Star Country, now I am back in Jiangbei, my child is Logan Wangjun! No surname Garrison!”

Garrison West nodded beside him.

He knew everything about Sarah and the others.

Lawrence was very satisfied with this: “Haha, that’s good! His child is not qualified to be named Garrison! It is impossible to use the name of the Garrison clan!”

“By the way, is there still no news about Levi? It’s been three months!”

Garrison West frowned: “Yes, there is no news! Even if he is dead, I can find where the body is. But there is no clue, he is just like the world has evaporated… It’s incredible!”

“This trash can be considered a little capable, but it is hidden so that we can’t find it!”

Lawrence sneered.

Garrison West said disdainfully: “He is likely to be abroad, not in Morendam. A coward planting one!”

“Haha, he was betting with me soon! I don’t know how many people are staring at this thing? But everyone did not expect that this kid would run away and hide!”

“It’s ridiculous! Hahahaha…”

Lawrence looked up to the sky and laughed.

He once again felt that it was right not to recognize Levi.

Garrison West frowned and suddenly asked a question: “Father, what if Levi comes back on the day of the gambling appointment?”

Chapter 1144


This question was asked to Lawrence.

It’s really possible!

Levi had been holding back his big move, appeared on the day of the gambling appointment, and went directly to Garrison’s house.


“Levi even gave up the moment his child was born. How could he appear at this time?”

Lawrence immediately denied.

Garrison West nodded: “That’s true! He can even give up such a moment! The bet with you will never appear!”

“Don’t worry! He can’t show up, he is just a joke!”

Lawrence’s face was full of contempt and mockery.

Garrison West sighed: “It’s a pity, I can’t see Levi’s defeat with my own eyes! I can’t see his embarrassed posture of kneeling down and begging for mercy!”

Garrison West and Lawrence still hope that Levi can come.

They want Levi to know how strong the Garrison family is!

The door of the Garrison family is unattainable!

The threshold of the Garrison family is like a moat!

They wanted Levi to regret saying those arrogant words.

I want to prove that Garrison West is better than Levi!

Lawrence’s decision was correct!

Ollie wants him to regret?


Now that Levi has escaped, why should he regret it?

This month.

While Sarah was in confinement, he was not idle.

The previous Erick Group and various resources have been integrated.

Levi hasn’t finished the road, she will come and go!

Thanks to her and Natalie’s efforts, one month has achieved remarkable results, and the Erick Group is back on track.

This makes Sarah puzzled.

Why didn’t Levi work hard in the first place?

Such good resources and connections…

She did it a little bit and it worked.

Levi’s ability is stronger than her…

He actually gave up…

Sarah sighed.

It seemed that Levi had thought about the final escape from the beginning.

In those few months, she was treated meticulously, I was afraid it was just to reduce the burden on his heart.

Time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye it was the date for Levi and Lawrence to bet.

If Levi does not disappear, he will have Dajingcheng today and challenge the Garrison family.

If the challenge is successful, you can enter the Garrison family.

Failure to challenge, a dead end.

On the battlefield of the Far North, Levi had been fighting the attrition war with the Blood King Palace for four months.

This time, he was bound to wipe out the Blood King Palace completely.

“By the way, today seems to be the day when I gambled with Lawrence?”

Levi smoked a cigarette and said.


“You won’t be able to go this time. It is estimated that the Garrison family and the entire capital are laughing!”

“That’s for sure! The disappearance of God of War this time must be a shameful joke! This is inevitable!”

Wesley is a few humane.

Levi smiled and said, “Let him jump for a few days! By the way, how about Sarah and the child?”

Suzaku told Levi about Sarah’s recent situation.

Levi frowned temporarily and stretched occasionally.

As if by the side of his wife and children…

On this day, Jingcheng was shocked.

Tens of thousands of eyes gathered on the Garrison Clan.

Lawrence knew that Levi was not coming, but still presented a ceremony to accept the challenge.

The gate of the Garrison Clan.

The high-levels gathered, and Lawrence sat in a chair at the door.

Garrison West and other juniors all stood on both sides.

Especially Garrison Fei, Garrison Stone, and Garrison Tian, ​​who are the standards, are all present.

Regardless of whether Levi is coming or not, their posture is in place.

“Today, I agreed with Levi’s gambling appointment and deliberately accepted his challenge at the door of the Garrison Clan!”

Lawrence shouted.

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