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Chapter 1187

It’s not just him.

After Lawrencefei and Lawrencefeng saw Levi’s true face clearly, their expressions changed wildly!

The Lords of the saber list such as Garrison Feng and Garrison Qing who followed them changed color one after another.

As a strong player on the Morendam Sabre Ranking, can they not know Levi?

What’s more, this list is made by Levi’s people!


“Lawrenceyi pays homage to the God of War!”


“Lawrencefei pays homage to the God of War!”


“Lawrencefeng pays homage to the God of War!”

Garrison Feng knelt down.

Garrison Qing knelt down.

Garrison Hua knelt down.

Garrison Long knelt down.

Garrison Hart knelt down.

In the blink of an eye, all of Garrison Jiafan’s status as a Morendam warrior knelt down in front of Levi.

And everyone shouted: “Meet God of War!!!”

This scene changes too fast, and it changes too shocking!

The Garrison Family and even everyone in the audience were caught off guard.

How could Lawrenceyi kneel to a young man?

They are the top three on the Morendam Sabre List!

The supreme powerhouse!

Even the ancestor Garrison Tianlin was dumbfounded.

What is his identity?

What is God of War?

The main thing is that I am confused, and I can’t think about it.

“The Qin family pays respects to the God of War of God of War!”

Wesley suddenly shouted, and everyone in the Qin family knelt to the ground.

“Ling family visits the God of War!”

“The Jiang family visits the God of War!”

“The Gao family pays respects to the God of War of God of War!”

The next scenes became more and more shocking!

All members of the Thirty-two Royal Family of the Sixteenth Great Family at the scene knelt down in front of Levi one by one.

And they all shouted the same.

Inspired by them, hundreds of quasi-royal clans and members of the rich and powerful families also knelt down in front of Levi.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of people in the field knelt down at Levi.

Everyone’s name is the same!


Extremely shocked!

It was like a series of thunders falling, leaving the Garrison family and Sarah with no time to react.

The brain is blank and can’t turn around at all.


Suddenly there was a roar of wolves.

Everyone looked around and saw eighteen figures of wolves riding on the top of the mountain not far away.

Those present are not ordinary people.

It can be recognized at a glance, this is the 18th rider of the Heavenly Tribulation under the command of the God of War!

“Wesley pays homage to the God of War!”

“Kirin pays homage to the God of War of God of War!”

“Suzaku visits the God of War!”

“Owen visit the God of War!”

“Ron pays homage to the God of War of God of War!”

Kings of the Five Great Wars also knelt to the ground one after another.


Accompanied by the sound of uniform footsteps, teams of soldiers in black appeared.

The Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army that once appeared in Luo Junhao’s house!

“Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army see God of War!”

The Dragon Cavalry Forbidden Army knelt on the ground one after another, expressing their highest etiquette to Levi!

“The Ghost Army meets the God of War!”

Another group of soldiers appeared, and also saw Levi.

Next, another team appeared.

“Tianzi Army pays homage to the God of War of God of War!”

“The land army meets the God of War!”

“Xuanzi Army pays homage to the God of War of God of War!”

“The Yellow Army visits the God of War!”

The four legions of Heaven, Earth Xuanhuang appeared one after another!

These four legions are also invincible legions created by Levi!

They happened to be in the capital, so they came together.

“Colin visits the God of War, and welcomes the God of War to the capital!”

Chapter 1188

Another group of soldiers appeared.

It turned out to be the most representative Colin in the capital!!!

In the small square of Garrison’s family, tens of thousands of people were kneeling unexpectedly, and they all bowed to Levi!

This kind of scene is too shocking!

For Garrison Family, Sarah, and Ollie, it was equivalent to a frantic bombardment.

It was so blown that they couldn’t find North!

The shocking scenes before them gave them no time to react.

Where is a person standing dumbly, like a walking dead body.

“The God of Asura is here with the seven kills, the broken army, and the wolf-greedy army!”

There was another cold shout.

I saw Woodrow and three teams came one after another.

Everyone in Woodrow’s team wears demon masks, but the masks are different, and they can easily be divided into three teams.

“Seven kills meet the God of War!!!”

“Broken the army to meet the God of War!!!”

“The greedy wolf visits the God of War!!!”

Not three people, but three teams led by three people, kneeling down in front of Levi, shouting together.

Add momentum again!

These are the most elite and powerful teams in Morendam!

Each one is the existence of the Wanjun!

It is no exaggeration to say that the soldiers present are comparable to millions of troops!!!

It is equivalent to a million army worshipping the God of War of God of War!!!

“Woodrow pays homage to the God of War of God of War!”

Even Woodrow wanted to meet Levi.

After all, Levi wanted to crush him.

But the two are equal, so Woodrow doesn’t need to kneel down, just bend over and bow to salute.

Levi accepts the challenge, and Woodrow naturally sells his face.

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree!

Who is Woodrow?

The capital dignitaries are very clear.

Besides, Woodrow appeared last year!

Such battles all illustrate Levi’s identity!

The young man in his 20s is already an important weapon in the country, the god of war!

Deter all parties and suppress the existence of an era!

“Kun…God of War…”

The first thing that reacted was Garrison Tianlin, the ancestor of the Garrison family, and he finally understood why he was defeated.

How can you win when you meet this guy?

On the Long Family’s side, Long Zhanye and others were crying.

They finally understood why the invincible Dragon Kuangfeng, after being abolished by others, chose to calm down and never mention what happened.

It turns out that he offended the God of War, so what would he dare to pursue?

A dragon family is not enough to be a prodigal!


Lord Lin seemed to explode in his mind.

He finally understood that Gao Qingyu would rather offend the Lin family, rather than die, and want him to terminate his marriage contract with Sarah.

Gao Qingyu knew his identity.

No matter how courageous he was, he would not dare to grab his wife from the God of War War God!

This is not a question of immortality…

Lin Fengxian also wanted to understand all this in an instant.

What did he do yesterday?

Even embarrassed the God of War and asked him to kneel into Lin’s house to explain?

He is looking for death!

Ten lives are not enough for him!!!

“Dad is amazing! Dad is amazing!”

On the contrary, Junjun is the clearest one in the field.

She couldn’t see complicated things, only saw ten thousand people kneel down in front of her father…

Of course Dad is awesome!

That is the supreme God of War!

Sarah’s eyes gradually brightened, and the context of the matter gradually became clear.

“God of War?”

“What? God of War???”

“My Sarah’s husband is the God of War???”

Sarah’s face gradually showed a crazy look.

She is about to lose control…

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