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Chapter 1205

“He is now a waste, and even Qin Beishan can’t be cured. Who can be cured in this world?”

Ramond sneered.

Adoptive mother Boyd Wanruo laughed and said, “Maybe the prison is his home?”

Just when they insulted Levi mercilessly.

No one noticed that an imperceptible color flashed under Levi’s eyes.

The corner of his mouth is even more intriguing.

“Levi came to us this time, not to do anything to you? I just want to tell you a truth, no matter what time a person should not overdo it, because one day may fall from a high position, such as you now !”

“Now you, we don’t want to bully, really, we can’t compare to a wild dog!”

“I provoke a wild dog, and it will chase and bite me, how about you? I can’t move it!”


In the end, everyone in the Garrison family left the villa amidst triumphant laughter.

They left shortly after.

Someone is here again.

Several families in Jianghai.

They all came to mock Levi.

After all, he was stepped on by Levi before.

With this kind of opportunity, I will definitely step on it.

Then someone came one after another.

all the same.

Seeing this, Sarah could only comfort him: “Don’t worry about it, my husband, this situation will definitely happen. The villain is looking for trouble! I have a foster father behind me. They ridicule at best and dare not do anything.”

Fortunately, Mr. Lin pressed it down.

Otherwise, what Levi and the others had encountered was not this kind of verbal insult.


Suddenly the door was blasted open.

Dozens of people rushed in.

Headed by Qiao Jinqiu.

At the beginning, Levi deposed him into an eunuch!

“Levi, you also have today! I didn’t expect it!”

“The dignified God of War will also fall? I didn’t expect one day to come to you for revenge!”

Qiao Jinqiu was once abolished by Levi, and has always held a grudge.

Is there any way?

He stepped on the top 100 Jianghai giants.

He has been looking forward to a day of revenge.

This day, it turned out to be here.

He hadn’t thought of it anyway.

“Levi, Levi, you can’t move now, right?”

“I am bullying your mother and your wife and daughter now, what can you do?”

“I can only watch!!!”

Qiao Jinqiu shouted wildly.


Several bodyguards behind him stepped forward one after another.

“Who dare I see?”

Boyd Xiao stopped in front.

She can be regarded as Levi Mo backward, who has been by her side all the time.

“Can you stop us? That’s ridiculous!”

“Today, I am here to avenge Levi! I don’t care who is behind Sarah, today I must take away something from Levi!”

Qiao Jinqiu is crazy.

Boyd Xiao was anxious, these few in front of him were all Lords.

She can’t stop it.

It’s too late to call reinforcements now.

Seeing Qiao Jinqiu came desperately.

Even if he offends Old Man Lin, he will hurt Levi.

Qiao Jinqiu even ordered: “You guys stop this woman, and others will give me up. I want Levi’s hands and feet, and I want him to become an eunuch!”

Qiao Jinqiu gave an order.

The dozens of bodyguards he brought moved.

Boyd Xiao was quickly controlled.

“Hahaha, isn’t Levi desperate? Doesn’t it feel good to ask Tiantian not to make the ground work?”

Qiao Jinqiu looked smug.

“Give it to me!”

The bodyguards are going to attack Levi.

“is it?”

A cold drink came.

Chapter 1206

Along with the voice, a figure appeared.

A long black dress, even his face was covered.

Levi smiled.

Unexpectedly, the person who came to save him at the critical moment turned out to be his former enemy, the God of War Yama.

He was injured at the beginning, but after Levi sent someone to heal him, the God of War Yama disappeared.

Unexpectedly, it appeared at this time.

“Boom boom…”

Although the wolf country is a small country.

But the strength of Yama God of War should not be underestimated.

Soon Qiao Jinqiu and his party were all thrown out…

“thank you…”

Sarah quickly expressed his gratitude.

“I respect the strong in my life the most, and the God of War is the person I admire the most! Next, I will always protect him, even if I lose my life!”

Yama God of War had a firm face.

Levi didn’t speak, but looked at him quietly.


Boyd Xiao sighed.

She understood that Levi was uncomfortable.

In the end, it was Yama God of War to protect him.

Very chilling!

The God of Bass Luo is determined to protect Levi, even if he knows that the road ahead is a dead end…

But with the Yama of War God, there are a lot fewer villains to find faults.

During the recent period, overseas has not been peaceful.

After Woodrow took the position of God of War, in just one week, he wiped out dozens of dark organizations.

He is creating momentum!

Everyone is afraid that he wants to kill overseas!

He was originally a cruel man by nature.

You must prove yourself stronger than Levi on the battlefield!

good results.

Woodrow’s strength has also caused headaches overseas, including Watanabe Tenner and others.

After finally overthrowing Levi, another lunatic came.

Woodrow’s reputation in Morendam has been rising.

All those who originally supported Levi now supported Woodrow.

Everyone only knows that the current God of War is Woodrow.

As for Levi, I have forgotten it!

Many people even made remarks against Levi…

“I said that the previous God of War was too conservative, and he would only fight back if he was passively bullied!”

“How strong is the new God of War? They are all proactively attacking! See how effective they are, they are scared to hit them!”

“Yeah, that’s right! If Asura War God took over the position of God of War War God earlier, would Morendam be several times stronger than now?”

“It must be because the last God of War was delayed. I am too optimistic about Woodrow!”

Heard a lot of comments and evaluations.

Levi just smiled indifferently.

There are very few people who can do “never come here when you are at your peak, and never leave you when you are down.”

At present, apart from a few women, there is only one person, Yama God of War.

Of course, except for his brothers and old friends like Qin Beishan.

“You throw your head and sprinkle your blood on the front line, and the people you guard have fun in the back. They pretend to support you in your glory moments!”

“When you fall into a trough, no one will remember you well! On the contrary, the people who have been guarded by you are the ones who have been scolded! They are the people who are most likely to stabb you!”

“Some people really don’t deserve to be guarded!”

Sarah smiled miserably.

Half a month later, Qin Beishan came to follow up in person.

The result was disappointing-Levi didn’t get any better.

It is a foregone conclusion that he will lie in bed for a lifetime.


Qin Beishan looked at Levi with regret.

Misfortune never comes singly.

Qin Beishan just walked in front of the mountain.

The seven kills under Woodrow came to the door.

Levi smiled.

Seven kills are definitely not a good thing!

Even catastrophe is imminent…

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