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Chapter 1483

The highest point of the Tianshan base in the north.

The Northern Demon stood here, looking into the distance.

It seems that the mountains and rivers of Morendam Wanli are all in his eyes.

“Lord Northern Demon, according to the news from the Avengers—the apprentices of the four Morendam Five Dragons and the East Demon, leading a thousand death squads, are coming here!”

“It is said that the East Demon Four have developed a combined attack technique specifically for you for decades, and the four apprentices have already Lorded it! They want to use this combined attack technique to kill you!”

After listening, the North Demon smiled.

“East Monster, the four of you are afraid that I am still in the realm of that year? I am now more than three times stronger than before! The combined attack technique is useful to me?”

“They have been studying and thinking about me in the past few decades. Am I not thinking about them? Let’s put it this way, I have thoroughly studied all the tricks and combat skills of the four of them! I also know the equivalent of their apprentice!”

“I basically guessed what their combined attack technique is, ridiculous! Just want to defeat me with this?”

This is what no one expected.

The North Demon was also studying the Four Eastern Demon.

He even guessed their combined attack technique.

The combat effectiveness of the four little army gods in front of the North Demon was probably not much higher than that of Woodrow and his ilk.

The so-called knowing oneself, knowing the enemy, never end in a hundred battles.

Colin and Morendam Xiaosilong just thought they knew the Northern Devil.

In fact, I don’t understand at all.

The fact that the four little dragons of Morendam rushed to the north with the death squad quickly spread throughout Morendam.

Because the four little dragons practiced the combined attack technique against the Northern Demon, it seems to everyone that they can defeat the Northern Demon 100%.

So it is a national celebration.

The Northern Devil has not yet been defeated, and the four little dragons have been portrayed as heroes of the country.

The voices for them are getting louder.

Even more than one word side by side king!

Many places have planned to build statues for the four little dragons to commemorate them.

The haze of Morendam these days has been swept away.

There are joyous scenes everywhere.

In the ancestral home of the Logan family in Jiangbei.

Everyone began to persuade Sarah: “Did Sarah see it? Levi might be able to come back alive.”

“The Four Little Dragons of the Great Xia are specifically aimed at the Northern Devil! They can definitely defeat the Northern Devil! Then the death squad will not have to die, and Levi will also come back.”

Hearing this, Sarah clenched his fists tightly and prayed: “All hope is placed on the four little dragons of Morendam. You must defeat the Northern Devil!”

“You are Morendam’s heroes! You must win! I, Sarah, are willing to build statues for you!”

Sarah prayed for a long time.

It was for Levi to come back safely.

Little did they know that Levi was still the strongest in this team.

If you want to defeat the Northern Devil, it must be Levi.

It’s no use relying on other people!

After Colin released the news of the Four Little Dragons, Morendam’s morale was unprecedentedly hot.

Even overseas are scared.

I thought that after the North Demon was released from prison, Da Xia would have nothing to do.

But I didn’t expect Morendam Wulong’s apprentice to appear.

Everyone thought that the North Devil would lose.

As everyone knows, the situation is completely opposite.

Soon, the four little dragons brought thousands of death squads to the north.

The Tianshan base is less than two hundred kilometers away.

“From now on, all of you must follow my orders!”

Several people from Dong Beast spoke to thousands of people.

“Thousands of you will consume the North Demon first, and wait for you to finish it. Then we will go up again, so we can be more confident.”

The little army god ordered.

Chapter 1484

After listening to this order, everyone in the death squad was lifeless.

No one responded.

Although every member of the death squad knew that he could not go back alive.

But you must die with dignity!

To be cannon fodder like this, everyone is upset!

They are also living people.

Not a tool!

Even if they are allowed to charge freely, no one wants to use them as cannon fodder.

But everyone dared not speak.

After all, this time the command is in the hands of others.

And the four little dragons have absolute strength.

How they arrange it, how the death squad executes.

“Does everyone understand?”

“No one has objections? Let’s go!”

The members of the death squad below squirmed their lips, after all, no one dared to come out to refute.

Xiao Jun Shane saw that there was no objection from anyone below, and smiled with satisfaction.

The four of them enjoyed this feeling of control.

“I have an objection!!!”

Suddenly, someone shouted.


In an instant, thousands of eyes fell on the person.

He is Levi.

It’s just that Tang Mufeng’s identity in the death squad.

The four Xiaojunshen looked at Levi and said coldly, “You have any objections?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“Even though we are a death squad, we are not a death squad! Without knowing the enemy’s deployment and strength, if we rush to consume it, we will die!”

“Even if we die, we must die to be worthwhile! There is no value in not being able to die!”

Levi has always been the commander-in-chief, and the deployment of war is naturally better than everyone else.

Fight against the enemy, know yourself and the enemy.

The North Devil’s situation was hardly understood, so he rushed to fight, not to die?

“Well said, we are a death squad, but not a death squad!”

Levi’s words drew everyone’s applause.

After all, Levi said their aspirations.

Hearing this, the little army god laughed: “We don’t understand the enemy? It’s ridiculous! Is there anyone in this world who knows the Northern Devil better than our Lord? No!”

“The combined attack that the four of us practiced is specifically aimed at the Northern Demons. You tell us that we don’t understand the enemy?”

Hearing this, everyone feels very reasonable.

The Four Little Dragons know the North Devil best.

It seems that following them is the best choice.

“But I don’t think your preparations are in place! The real North Demon is only your Lord has contacted, you have not. Besides, how many people around the North Demon and what kind of Lords do you know?”

Levi asked.

These few questions asked the four little dragons.

“Get out! Get out of here!”

“You want to be a deserter, don’t you? I allow you to get out of here!”

“Then check which power he is from?”

The four little army gods were already angry.

Levi sneered: “I won’t be a deserter! Since I choose to come, the Northern Demon is immortal, it is impossible for me to go back.”

“But I can’t understand your way, I will use my own means to kill the North Demon!”


Hearing that, everyone in the four little dragons laughed.

That is a kind of presumptuous mockery!

“You want to use your means to kill the North Demon? Well, well, I promised!”

The little army god laughed.

In their opinion, Levi’s behavior is simply stupid.

Kill the North Demon by him?

Crazy dreaming!

Levi shouted at the others again: “Are there any other brothers with me? Follow me if you don’t want to die!”

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