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Chapter 1489

Tang Wansheng laughed.

This is a trade that makes a profit without losing money.

You don’t have to do anything by yourself.

The son’s life is saved, and he will gain supreme glory.

Tang Mufeng will become a hero of the Great Xia in the future.

Their wishful thinking is really good.

“Next, we just need to wait for the victory to come!”

Everyone is proud.

Nick and the others also smiled.

I was really afraid that Levi would turn over because of this.

Fortunately, Levi bleeds desperately, and the credit is all Tang Mufeng’s.

Sarah clenched his fists tightly, gritted his teeth.

But she only hoped that Levi could come back alive safely.

Nothing glorious or glorious is useless.

Especially seeing the four little dragons now leading the death squad in an invincible posture.

The more she felt relieved.

“Four little dragons, come on! Must win! Bring my husband back alive!”

Sarah prayed silently.

In the Tianshan base.

The four dragons led the death squad to be more courageous.

Sweep the enemy with a destructive momentum.

Soon, the Northern Devil army could not stop them.

It’s very close to the North Devil.

“Can you run away from the North Devil?”

The four little army gods looked at the North Demon scornfully and arrogantly.

“How about the Lords of the Avengers? What about them? I let them lie in ambush on the right side. Why can’t they see?”

North Demon asked angrily.

According to his deployment, there are a large number of Avengers Lords on the right.

If you encircle with his men, I am afraid that no one in the death squad can survive.

It’s just that this group of people disappeared.

“We don’t know, the Avengers are unreliable!”

The North Demon nodded: “I knew they were unreliable.”

Little did they know that Levi and others were fighting the Avengers now.

They held back the Lords of the Avengers.

In a disguised form, they saved this group of death squads.

Looking at the defeated situation, the North Demon snorted coldly: “A bunch of trash!”

Although there are many people under him, they are all mobs.

Dong Beast snorted coldly: “Don’t talk about others, you are also a waste!”

Hearing this, the North Demon laughed instead of anger.

How ridiculous a stupid and ignorant person is!

“Today, we will kill you here! Tell the world that the Northern Devil can’t do it!”

The four Xiaojunshen moved.

Kill the North Demon successively.

Everyone shook the sky and the mountains collapsed.

They showed their true strength.

All four of them are the true transmission of the Great Xia Wulong.



But the North Demon all took one by one.

“Sure enough!”

“If we go alone, none of us will be his opponent!”

“But we will join forces, and there will be a combined attack!”

The four Xiaojunshen laughed.

“North Demon, your end is here!”

The four teamed up to attack the North Demon.




The strongest fought against each other, and the world broke and the earth broke, and the mountains and rivers flowed backwards.

However, no matter how overbearing the four men’s combat skills, how powerful they are.

The North Devil can easily take it.

Even predicting their every step.

This surprised the four of them.

As everyone knows, the North Devil knows each of them very well.

Know more than they themselves.

“No way! Activate the slaying magic combat technique!”

The four of them looked at each other and nodded one after another.

Zhu Mo’s combat skills are what their Lord has studied for decades to deal with Northern Demons.


As soon as Zhu Mo’s combat skills were displayed, the Tianshan Mountains collapsed and shattered, and the heavens and the earth were killed.

As if the end is coming…

Chapter 1490

Research for decades, only for this set of combined attacks.

One can imagine how powerful this blow is.

The four little dragons couldn’t attack for a long time, so they directly used this combined attack technique, trying to kill the Northern Demon with one blow.

At this moment, the whole world is still the same.

Everyone held their breath and waited for the last moment.

From Morendam’s point of view, this time, the Northern Devil will undoubtedly lose.

After all, this is a combined attack against him.

Colin and Morendam Wulong both showed relaxed smiles-it was over, everything was over.

“Haha, the next question is who the king will give to you!”

“Hey, all four are good! We who are Lords can’t make a choice!”

“How about four people together?”

The battle is not over, they have discussed victory.

This is their confidence.

All four of the five dragons of Morendam came, indicating that the Northern Devil would be defeated.

There was also a cheering voice in the Logan family’s ancestral home.

The voice from overseas is: Don’t defeat the Northern Devil! Be sure to hold on!

But even they themselves didn’t believe that the North Devil would win.

After all, the four little dragons have a combined attack against him.

Everyone is afraid that only the Avengers believe that the North Devil will win.

In the middle of the battlefield.

The death squad and the Northern Devil army stopped one after another, watching the battle at the highest point of the Tianshan base.

In the next second, Zhu Mo’s combat technique will strangle the Northern Demons.

The Northern Devil let this combination of strikes fall…


A booming sound exploded.

The highest peak of the Tianshan base was directly smoothed out.

This blow was not crushed by ten coverage bombings.

Even stronger!!!

The whole area was covered by smoke and dust.

After the four little dragons landed, they smiled and said, “Okay, everything is over!”

Under the strangulation of the combined strike, the Northern Demon, let alone alive, would not even leave a complete corpse.

After waiting for a while, the smoke and dust gradually dispersed, revealing the appearance of the Tianshan base.

next moment.

Everyone looked like a ghost.

Dong Beast was dumbfounded.

Nan Jiang was dumbfounded.

The western monk was dumbfounded.

The soldier was dumbfounded.

For no other reason, they saw the North Demon.

Not only was the Northern Demon not dead, it was intact.

He wiped the dust off his body, smiled and said, “Is that power?”


At this moment, the death squad made bursts of cold breath.

Their shocked eyes are about to fly out.

As for the Northern Devil army, they roared fiercely.

In this second, the world is still.

Colin was silent from above and below.

The smiles on the faces of the four Morendam Wulong Dong Yao solidified.

In the house of the ancestor of the Logan family, plums are dyed and turned into sculptures.

Tang Mufeng and the others are going crazy…

The Four Eastern Demon’s combined attacks that had been studied for decades were useless to the Northern Demon!!!

No one thought of this!

Everyone thinks that there is a combination of strikes, which is definitely a surefire method.

No one thought it would be like this.

There is dead silence everywhere.

This result was unexpected.

In the battlefield.

Xiao Jun Shane looked incredulous: “Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Why is the combined attack technique useless to you?”

“I do not believe!”

“I don’t believe it either!”

“I must be dreaming!”

The four little dragons are going crazy.

This incident caused them to collapse.

The North Demon looked at the crowd and laughed: “East Demon, you four old guys, do you think my strength is the same as before?”

“I am at least three times stronger than before! What are you fighting against me?”


After hearing this explanation, everyone was silent.

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