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Chapter 1495


The Northern Demon snorted and turned his hands.

Control the powerful infuriating energy to change the sand and dust.

The walls in front of him changed shape again and turned into a big mountain.

Although it is made of sand, the mountain lies in mid-air.

It’s like a fairy mountain.

This is the power of the North Devil.

At his level, he can no longer be positioned as a Lord-level powerhouse.

He is beyond the grandLord level.

He can use the power of heaven and earth.

Such as wind, fire and lightning.

This is not the yellow sand all over the sky, just come at your fingertips.


This “big mountain” was thrown directly and smashed at Levi.

Covering the sky and the sun, Levi’s eyes were dark.


Levi roared wildly and smashed the mountain to pieces with a punch.


A dull loud noise burst on the desert.

The surrounding bases trembled.

“Oh my God!”

The four little dragons were stunned.

There are even people who can fight the North Demon.

“I think we can come closer and have a look?”

The four reached an agreement.

Quietly touched forward.

When Levi smashed the mountain, the Northern Demon suddenly appeared in front of him.

Split with a palm.

“Boom boom boom…”

Immediately, Levi’s feet and surroundings exploded.

It seems that there has been a round of coverage bombing here.

Levi’s heart was sweet, but he could not vomit it out.




But Levi reacted extremely quickly and fought back instantly.

He and the North Demon blasted each other in the yellow sand in the sky.

In an instant, the two banged tens of thousands of punches.

The area near the Tianshan base has been completely destroyed.

There are big pits everywhere…

It’s as if it was bombarded by nuclear weapons.

These two people are so terrible.

The Northern Devil army was stunned.

I thought that after the Northern Demon defeated the Four Little Dragons, it was invincible.

I didn’t expect the real Lords to appear.

“It’s him!!!”

“It turned out to be him!”

“Our hero!”

“We are right!”

The thirty-eight people who followed Levi couldn’t help cheering when they saw this.

In the field, Levi and the North Devils have fought tens of thousands of rounds.

Levi’s death squad armor had long been torn apart.

There were even more hideous wounds on his body.

But the North Demon was not much better, his clothes were torn to pieces.

The blood in the mouth kept spitting out.

He looked horrified.

I don’t think anyone would be like this with him, right?

“What kind of monster are you? You are so strong?”

The Northern Devil looked at Levi in horror.

“Surrender! You can’t beat Morendam!”

Levi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Huh! Next is the real beginning!!!”

The North Demon suddenly changed his whole spirit.

A monstrous hostility surged out.

Darkness began to appear on his body, and even his eyes became pitch black.

His whole person seemed to be burning with black flames, like a demon from hell.

The North Devil is like a different person.

The most important thing is that his strength has improved too much.

Levi could clearly feel it.


The North Demon was shocked.

This time, Levi fought and clearly felt the power of the North Demon.

One trick puts too much pressure on him.

Less than a hundred tricks.

Levi was beaten and slipped back hundreds of meters.

The blood from the corners of the mouth overflowed even more.


The North Devil’s offensive continued to increase, and it was another wave of fierce killer moves.


Levi shot out a mouthful of blood and was beaten out.

Falling to the ground and nothing happened…

Chapter 1496

The Northern Demon bullied himself up.



All kinds of combat skills came out, and Levi became a blood man.

Under his most powerful combat skills, no one can survive.

He just stopped!!!

“Still too young! If I give you fifty years, you might be able to catch up with me!”

“It’s just that I won’t give you this chance!”

Bei Mo’s eyes were all black, and said gloomily.

Levi is undoubtedly the strongest opponent he has ever encountered.

Not many can seriously wound him.

“is it?”

But the next second, a voice sounded.

I saw Levi slowly getting up.

Covered in blood, he smiled coldly: “It’s not over yet.”

“What? Impossible!”

The North Demon is going crazy.

Is there such a freak?

Take over his strongest combat skills without dying?

how can that be?

“You, you… are you okay?”

It’s not a question of death, it’s all right.

Although Levi was covered in blood.

“Now is the real beginning!!!”

Levi’s momentum rose, like a dragon coming out of the abyss.

The North Demon could clearly feel that he had become stronger.

After all, Levi’s oldest practice is not breaking or standing.

This kind of devastating battle against him will make him stronger.

“It’s me!!!”

Levi changed his decay and killed Xiang Bei Mo with an invincible posture.



The person who was beaten now became the Northern Demon.

His various combat skills were of no use to Levi.

He looked at Levi in horror, and said in surprise, “Could it be the oldest technique…”




The Northern Devil suffered heavy blows repeatedly and vomited blood.

Gradually, the Northern Demon fell into a disadvantage.

It is completely different from the previous state.

“I can’t lose!!!”

The North Demon roared.

He is really tough, and his momentum is rising again.

The whole person’s demonic energy is overwhelming, and the killing intent is overwhelming.

At this moment, he really turned into a demon.

There is no trace of humanity anymore.

There is really only killing in his eyes.


The North Demon is also the strongest blow.


Levi was also the strongest blow.

Shocking, weeping ghosts.

A powerful volatility swept across hundreds of miles.

The strongest blow of the two made the world change color.



The two vomited blood at the same time, and their bodies fell.


The desert at the foot collapsed completely.

Both he and the North Demon were caught in it.

Quicksand is sliding from all directions.

The area with a radius of several tens of kilometers all collapsed into a quicksand river.

Levi and Beimo hadn’t been found for a long time.

The four little dragons who had just approached happened to see this scene.

“What? This Lord and the Northern Devil are dead together!”

Because they saw the scene where the two died together, and they happened to be swept away by quicksand.

“Too strong! When did Morendam have such a character?”

“It’s a pity, it’s just killing the North Demon to die!”

The Northern Devil army saw this scene and completely collapsed.

Thirty-eight people in the death squad almost ran in tears when they saw this scene.

“He is the real hero! What four little dragons, shit!!”

Just then.

Suddenly a large army rushed over to the south of the Tianshan base.

The Shura Army, God of War Iron Brigade, and the Great Wall Army all came to support.

Several people led by Woodrow rushed to the forefront.

“Where is the North Demon?”

Everyone asked.

“The Northern Devil has been…”

When the western monk was about to answer honestly, Dong Beast and Nan Jiang interrupted: “The Northern Demon was killed by the four of us!”

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