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Chapter 1517


The four East Demon had actually thought of that possibility in their hearts.

But this is their apprentice!

They are obsessed.

Unwilling to believe all this.

Now as soon as I hear that the apprentices want to tell the truth.

They panicked.

Even Colin panicked.

Did they see the wrong person?


“We say it all! Everything is our fault!”

Little Junshen burst into tears with his nose and tears.

Everyone: “…”.

At this moment, Da Xia was silent again.

Billions of people clenched their fists tightly.

“Say! Tell the truth!”

The senior Colin scolded.

“I said, I said it all!”

Dongju wiped his cold sweat.

“In fact, in the first battle of the Tianshan Base, the combined attack technique did not work against the Northern Demons at all! He was three times stronger than before! We are not his opponents at all!”


Everyone was shocked.

The North Devil is really three times stronger than before?

This this this…

At this moment, everyone is going to collapse.

That is the feeling of overthrowing one’s faith.

Uncomfortable, even shortness of breath.

The hero that everyone loves is not the one who killed the North Demon?

“We were afraid of death, so we ran away! But the North Demon can catch up with us at any time. In order to extend the escape time, we let the death squad act as a meat shield to block the North Demon!”

“What? You are really angry! That’s all your compatriots! They are the death squad, not the death squad!”

Hearing this, everyone was furious.

Thousands of people were used as cannon fodder in order to escape.

What a shame!

“go on!!!”

Everyone gritted their teeth.

“It was not us who defeated the North Devil, but someone else! We witnessed half of the battles!”

“who is it?”

Everyone looked at them anxiously.

“We don’t know who that person is, but he is very powerful! In the end the two died together and fell into the quicksand!”

“At that time, tens of thousands of troops arrived. At this moment, we can only say that we killed the North Demon! We dare not admit that we are deserters, and even more than a thousand death squads!”

“In order to make everyone believe that we eliminated the Northern Devil, we will kill everyone who witnessed that battle!”

A senior Colin asked immediately: “So you killed all the prisoners?”


“Then you decided that the 30-odd death squad members who passed by were deserters? Want to kill them?”

“Well, that’s it! One of them has been killed by us!”

“You are forcing the other people in the death squad to prove for you that you killed the North Demon?”

“Yeah. It’s true.”

It’s time, everyone admitted everything.


After knowing the truth, Morendam Wulong fell to the ground with a thud.

For everyone, this is a heavy blow.

The great hero in their minds that is unparalleled in the world is such a person!


Everyone has been deceived!

The Four Little Dragons deceived Morendam by means!

Colin never saw the wrong person.

It turned out to be wrong.

Still a major mistake in history.

Because the four little dragons are going to be crowned kings.

Once the king is crowned, if it is exposed again, Morendam will become a joke.

The reputation of the so-called great power will be wiped out!

This is the most terrible!

Morendam Wulong discovered that the one they didn’t understand was their apprentice.

Everyone finally understands a simple and popular truth-truth is not necessarily in the hands of most people.

At this moment, everyone was extremely uncomfortable.

“Hahaha, I really laughed at me!”

The North Devil laughed.

“Morendam is a joke! Who can stop me?”

Chapter 1518

“Speaking of which, I also want to thank that person, who is the most powerful opponent I have ever encountered!”

“In that battle, I had a new understanding. I didn’t die, and my strength greatly increased! Compared to me back then, I was five times stronger!”

The North Demon laughed excitedly.


Everyone sucked in cold air.

A normal North Demon is too heavy to breathe.

The North Demon, five times more powerful, is unimaginable!

Stop the North Demon?


Everyone originally placed their hopes on the four little dragons.

I didn’t expect it to be such a result.

The four little dragons are not as good as a finger.

Colin’s face was extremely gloomy.

The biggest joke ever made!

Not to mention the most serious mistakes, now let Jingcheng and Morendam put them in a dangerous situation.

The Northern Devil was not dead, and it was so much stronger.

Five times!

“Didn’t you kill me? Come on!”

The North Demon stared at the three little dragons.

The three little dragons shivered in fear.

“And haven’t you ever defeated me? Come on!”

The North Demon looked at the four Dong Demon again.

The four were also silent.

The four of them were born destined to be crushed by the Northern Devil.

Not worthy of being as famous as the North Devil!

The senior officials of Colin scanned the audience.

Regardless of the tens of thousands of people, there may not be one person who has dealt with the North Devil.

“Colin who will you use to deal with me?”

The North Demon laughed wildly.


The high-level Colin was speechless and could not speak.

Have you really reached this point?

There is nothing to do with the North Demon!

Are you going to be forced by the North Devil to bow your head?

No way!

This is not Morendam’s style!

This damages Morendam’s reputation!

Bei Mo sneered and said: “Let’s do it, give you a choice-as long as you declare to the world: Da Xia bows to me, I will leave Da Xia without killing anyone!”

“This simple request can save the lives of tens of thousands or even countless people present. It’s easy, isn’t it?”

“You can all decide, right?”


Deep shame!

Everyone’s face is hot.

There has never been such a moment.

Da Xia was at a loss by just one person.

The other party even offered Morendam a condition to bow to him…

Blame us!

We are all to blame!

Everyone regretted death in their hearts.

If everyone were not deceived by the Four Little Dragons, this situation might not have happened.

“You die this heart!!!”

“How can my great country bow to a demon!”

“I don’t believe no one can do anything to you, brothers kill!”

Tens of thousands of Lords guarding the Jiangjun Lake all shouted.

Everyone killed the North Demon one after another.

The North Devil just smiled contemptuously.

A battle of crushing has begun…

The Northern Devil is brave and invincible.

Someone kept falling under his feet.

He doesn’t kill people either.

It just hurts.

He likes to see the desperate look of everyone at a loss.

There are tens of thousands of Lords, but in front of the North Devil, they are no different from ordinary people.

There were screams everywhere.

It hurts countless people.

Soon the injured people piled up into hills.

Everyone couldn’t stop the North Devil’s offensive at all.

“Let’s run!”


The three little dragons saw the North Demon coming, and they were scared to leave.

Where is the appearance of a half hero.

Tens of thousands of people stand fewer and fewer.

Colin started to be anxious.

“This is how to do?”

“If this continues, the capital will become a purgatory on earth!”

“Where is Colin’s face?”

“Is there any way? Think quickly!”

“By the way, Wang Levi side by side!”

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