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Chapter 1553

At least the people behind the black dragon think so!

So they have come to take revenge!

“Since you know everything, then die!”

A few people didn’t talk nonsense at all, and directly used killer moves.

They all knew about Levi being abolished by Colin.

Ordinary people without the power to bind chickens.


The one headed slashed to Levi fiercely.



Levi flicked his finger.

The blade was broken in half.

“you you you you…”

Several people were so shocked that they could not speak.

Everyone never thought that Levi’s martial arts had not been abolished.

“His martial arts is still there, intelligence error!!! Withdraw!!!”

Several people are fleeing like crazy.



But Levi didn’t give them a chance to escape at all.

A few blood arrows shot sharply.

All six are dead!

Levi doesn’t care who they are!

Now he has quit.

He only follows one principle-don’t mess with him!

After dealing with the six people, Levi returned home.

Sarah looked at him curiously: “You seem to be different?”

“The life of ordinary people is so much fun!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah didn’t think much about it.

The rest of life gradually calmed down.

Levi finally enjoyed the silence.

At this moment, Colin’s plan is also rapidly advancing.

The plan is named “Ian”.

In this regard, Colin is very confident.

At least five king-level existences must be cultivated side by side.

One hundred genius seedlings first abolished their martial arts, and even their bodies were crippled.

Reach the “break” standard.

Then come to practice Levi’s technique.

I don’t know what’s going on.

Hundreds of genius seedlings practiced the exercises for a month, but there was no effect at all…

This is what Colin did not expect.

They all follow the steps, how can it be ineffective?

These 100 seedlings are all selected by thousands of people.

And there are special instructors to guide.

Basically you can’t go wrong.

It can only be exercises.

“Could it be that Levi didn’t hand over the real cultivation technique?”

“Take another time to experiment!”

Colin spent another two months, a total of three months, to inspect.

As a result, there was no effect at all. Instead, these hundreds of seedlings were abandoned, and they could no longer practice martial arts for life.

Because it took too long for self-defeating…

“It’s definitely a question of exercises!!!”

“Levi has not surrendered the real technique!”

Someone came to this conclusion.

Everyone agrees that it is a question of exercises.

“We were all deceived by Levi, he didn’t hand over the real technique!”

“It’s probably to fool us with the incomplete article! I said he couldn’t hand it over easily!”

The crowd was indignant.

After all, the “Ian” project failed.

How much money, material and manpower was spent in three months.

It’s all in vain!

Everyone’s efforts were in vain.

There are a hundred genius seedlings just like this.

The initiator of all this is Levi!

“Go, go to Levi and ask for clarity!”

In Jiangbei Villa.

Looking at the aggressive group of people, Levi asked in a cold voice, “What are you doing here? Hurry up, I’m just an ordinary person!”

“Well, you Levi, you really have a good hand!”

“what’s happenin?”

“You didn’t hand over the real cultivation technique at all! Your cultivation technique was useless at all! As a result, we lost a hundred genius seedlings in vain!”

Chapter 1554

“Levi, why did you do this? Are you so narrow-minded?”

“Do you know how much we lost in these three months? This is a painful blow to Morendam!”

“It’s all on you!!!”

Facing everyone’s accusations, Levi was stunned.

Gongfa problem?

I surrendered the exercises by myself!

What does it have to do with him?

“What I handed over is the exercise you want. This exercise was originally incomplete, and I have made it up. What I have given you is the supplementary exercise!”

Levi said seriously.

“Did you make up for the incomplete exercise? Obviously you did it yourself, right?”

“You must have done something, and then all of our hundreds of seedlings have been abolished!”

“You have to give an explanation about Levi!”

Levi frowned, and a terrible chill broke out on his body.

“I’ll say it again one last time-the exercises I gave you are okay!”

Levi approached.

“Impossible! The exercises are okay, why can no one succeed?”

“You must give an explanation about this!”

No one can think of other reasons.


Spring thunder burst into Levi’s mouth, and a terrifying aura broke out.

All the people present were suppressed.

Everyone seemed to see the one-word king back in the past.



No one dared to look at him at each other!

its not right.

Levi is now an ordinary person!

What are you afraid of?

“Levi, we won’t be oblivious anymore. I hope you will hand over the real cultivation technique! Otherwise, this matter will not stop!”

Several people said.

“If you don’t leave again, I will smoke you, believe it or not?”

Levi said angrily.

“I do not believe!”

Now that Levi is an ordinary person, everyone will naturally not be afraid of him.

“Death yourself!”

When Levi was about to lick someone with his big mouth, King Shu appeared.

“What are you going to do?”

“Don’t bully my Lord while he is an ordinary person! With me and the brothers, who dares?”

Shu Tianwang is in a desperate posture.

Hearing this, the others showed a look of jealousy one after another.

There are nine heavenly kings, indeed no one dares to move Levi!

“No, King Shu has other things…”

After listening to the exercises, King Shu Tian sneered; “Everyone understands how Lord has treated Da Xia these years? How could he do things that would harm Da Xia?”

“Furthermore, he is now an ordinary person, what is the use of keeping the exercises?”

“There is no effect, I can only say that this kind of exercise is not suitable for everyone!”

After Shu Tianwang reminded, everyone also reflected.


Think about it, Levi has been this one for so many years.

After thinking about it, Levi was willing to abolish martial arts by himself.

What does he still keep the exercises for?

“We misunderstood! It seems that we made a mistake in that step!”

“Go, go quickly!”

Everyone knew what was wrong and left immediately.

“Don’t harass my Lord next time!”

Shu Tianwang cursed.

Levi shook his head helplessly: “You saved them!”

Levi was going to smoke these people’s mouths.

King Shu appeared to rescue them.

“Lord, don’t worry, you will be a teacher for one day and a father for life. I, Tang Juefeng, will do my best to protect you from any harm to you and your family!

“I think the other brothers think the same way! You are an ordinary person, but your apprentices are not!”

King Shu said earnestly.

“I don’t need protection from others!”

Levi smiled coldly.

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