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Chapter 1557

They would never have thought that the two of them were above the Northern Devil’s level.

Not to mention them, even if the King of Shu comes, there is no move.

After all, no one would have thought that killing an ordinary person would send two powerful men above the Northern Demon level.

Furthermore, no matter how you think about it, there will be two powerhouses of this level appearing.

The Northern Devil brought Morendam enough fear.

Here, two at a time!!!

The corners of the six people’s mouths sneered: “You made the wrong person! He is the Lord of King Shu, you damn it!”

“You leave quickly, you can’t afford to provoke these two people!”

Levi glanced at the six people.

“Hehe, Mr. Garrison, you too underestimate us? Shu Tianwang can arrange us by your side to protect you, it is the trust in our strength!”


Before the words of the few people were finished, a force of horror, like the waves of the sea, came.

The six people flew upside down like a kite with a broken line.

There was an incredible look in their eyes.


This is too strong, right?

North…North Demon level…

Or two at a time!

Several people are dumbfounded!

Going crazy!

A North Demon can toss Da Xia miserably!

It’s pretty good for two of you…


And the appearance of such Lords!

The news spread, Morendam made a sensation, and the whole world was a sensation.

After all, the Northern Devils, who were invited out by the Avengers at such a high price, actually have two here…

Unless the nine heavenly kings make a move together, they can only be killed with that set of combined attacks!

Otherwise there will be no way!

This is over!

Levi couldn’t help but not say, even he had to finish it!

The two had no words, but slowly walked towards Levi.

“You are going to die, and your daughter is going to die too!”

“But we will kill your daughter first, and let you watch the scene of the child dying in front of you! Let you taste the loss of a loved one!”

The two are cold and merciless.

Faced with this threat, Levi thought for the first time that the man behind the black dragon should be his father.

its not right!

Heilong has such a powerful father, how could he become a sinner?

Will you ruin your face?

These were things that Levi didn’t know.

“bring it on!”

When the two Lords start at the same time, they must first kill Junjun.


The six guards made horrified sounds.


But when one person was about to take Junjun away, a force bombarded them.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

“Ding Ding Ding…”

The two Lords were bombarded and flew out more than ten meters at the same time.

Four traces of black scorch appeared on the ground.

It’s like a tire brakes quickly…



The two Lords and the six guards were dumbfounded.

“You, you…Are you not an ordinary person? How could you?”

The two Lords are crazy.

The six guards were stunned on the spot.

This is not just a problem for ordinary people.

Levi can defeat two Northern Demon-level powerhouses with one blow!

“Dad is great! Dad is great!”

Jun Jun clapped his little hands.

“I see, the last time the people sent to kill you disappeared, you killed them yourself!”

The two Lords reacted instantly.

“Well, smart!”

Levi smiled.

“So what? We are so much stronger than the North Demon. If you are the only one, we still kill it!”

The two Lords have a mystery of confidence.

Levi smiled too.

It just so happened that he was going to test how strong he is now.

“Unlucky for you, Dad is great!”

Jun Jun scared the road.

Chapter 1558


The two Lords rushed to Levi to kill.

The two didn’t leave any hands.

Shot is a terrifying ultimate move!

Within a kilometer of the surrounding area, abandoned buildings, trees and flowers burst into pieces in an instant.

It seems to have been bombarded by coverage.

It was razed to the ground in an instant.

The huge area became scorched…

Horrible as the end!

This is the horror of two strong men who are stronger than the North Devil at the same time!

Fortunately, the place where Levi was leaving was an abandoned area.

Otherwise, there will be countless deaths and injuries.

At this moment, even the sky became red, as if dripping blood.

The six guards sent by King Shu were all frightened.

Who can stand this?

It’s just that Levi’s mouth has a chuckle.

He moved.

Ignore the attacks of the two Lords.

Appeared in front of the two in an instant.

The speed and defense made the two dumbfounded.

Is that human being?



Photographed by Tian Ling Gai facing the two.

The two fell straight.

There is no movement.

“Dad, what’s the matter with them?”

Jun Jun asked curiously.

Levi smiled: “They were just fainted by their dad! It’s okay!”

It turned out that although he could win against the North Demon, it would take some time.

But now, two powerhouses who are stronger than the Northern Devil, he can instantly crush them.

I seem to be a bit too strong, right?

“This, this…”

The six guards looked dumbfounded.

Levi obviously abolished his martial arts, Colin Gaoren also specially blocked and destroyed his martial arts.

He can no longer practice martial arts for life, just an ordinary person.

It turned out to be fine, but it was stronger than before?

Two existences stronger than the North Demon were killed by him at the same time?

What kind of strength is this?

“I, I, I…”

Everyone’s mouth trembled, looking crazy.

“Don’t kill us! Don’t kill us!”

They naturally understood that this was Levi’s biggest secret.

Knowing his secret, it is normal to be killed.

Several people knelt and begged for mercy.

Life and death are between Levi’s thoughts.

Levi smiled: “I won’t kill you! But you have to listen to me!”


Everyone kowtowed on the ground.

After Levi confessed, he left here with Junjun in his arms.

Several people quickly disposed of the body…

At this moment, the big event in Jiangbei has reached Colin’s ears.

“It’s not good, a certain abandoned area in the southwest of Jiangbei was razed to the ground…”

“I don’t rule out the possibility of bombing, but we haven’t found any traces of fighters in the Jiangbei Theater!”

“I now suspect that it was a Lordpiece who made the shot, and it should be no less than the North Demon!”

“Hi!!! The North Demon!”

“Hurry up and ask King Shu to find out what’s going on?”

King Shu was ordered to go to the abandoned area to inquire.

After arriving at the scene, King Shu Tian was taken aback.

“Horrible! This is a North Demon level Lord!”

“Hurry up and tell the other Eight Heavenly Kings and Colin that there is a North Demon level powerhouse in Jiangbei, and he is currently missing!”

“In addition, send all the power to investigate!”

King Shu was already in a cold sweat.

“Why did you appear in Jiangbei? What’s in Jiangbei? Could it be…Lord!”

King Shu suddenly thought that the North Demon level Lord was coming towards Levi.

“Not good, dangerous!”

The king of Shu rushed to the royal villa non-stop.

When he arrived nearby, King Shu saw several men hiding in the dark.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

The presence of these people shows that Levi is safe.

“Have you met a North Demon level powerhouse?”

King Shu asked casually.

But the six of them looked weird.

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