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Chapter 1599

Three thousand Lords.

Among them are three supreme-level powerhouses.

Fourteen Pseudo Supreme Powers!

The rest are Lord-level powerhouses!

This team is simply terrible!

If it is released, Morendam and Colin may be scared to death!

This team has fifty Lords who are better than or at the Northern Devil level.

If it were before, it would be impossible to imagine.

Fifty North Devils appeared together…

Disaster in disaster!

But now is different from the past, stronger people have appeared.

The Northern Devil is nothing.

“bring it on!”

Levi rushed towards the enemy group.

Fight with three thousand people together.

This battle was really dark.

Beat a piece of pure land into purgatory.

The blood was everywhere.

Miserable cry

The sound of broken bones;

Howling wind

All kinds of sounds are combined to compose a death killing song.

After a while.

Only one person stood in the field.

That is Levi.

Everyone else fell to the ground, nothing happened.

Especially Tuoba Zunwan’s body stiffened, but his eyes stared like copper bells.

He is unwilling…

At this point, Tuoba’s three thousand army was wiped out.

After doing all this, Levi left.

When Colin sent someone to find here, he was dumbfounded.

“Who did this?”

“They were annihilated? This, this…”

Everyone is going crazy.

“Where is Levi? Find him quickly! Then post the news!”

Soon, the news was released-the mysterious organization was annihilated, including five supreme-level powerhouses and 14 pseudo-power-level powerhouses.

The world is shocked!

Da Xia was once again covered with a veil of mystery.

So many supreme-level powerhouses have fallen.

What does Morendam have?

It is also from today that supreme-level powerhouses enter everyone’s eyes.

The secret of the covenant of the gods will also start to be revealed a little bit.

Fengtian city is buried deep in the deep mountains and heavy snow.

“Is Tuoba Zun Wan crazy? He came out of the mountain!”

“Did he disregard the covenant of the gods?”

They just learned that Tuoba Zunwan had left with his line.

“It’s not good, the big thing is bad!”

“If Tuoba Zun is annihilated!”

News came at this time.

“It’s over, it’s over, this time is over!”

“Tuoba Zun broke the agreement of the gods in spite of the promise! They must have done it!”

A similar voice was also heard from the Colin base.

“They must have done it!”

There are high-level Taoists.

“They? Who are they?”

Everyone is curious.

“The god who guards Morendam in the dark!”

Everyone was shocked: “That is, those people you said that the North Devil is not qualified to let them take action?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“The Northern Devil is far from qualified, but now that the supreme-level powerhouses have come forward, they are going to make a move! These people are already up to their standards for making a move!”

“Believe it or not, Levi is safe and sound now! Go to Jiangbei to find him, you can definitely find him!”

“Because they took action, Levi will definitely live!”

Colin’s senior leaders are extremely confident.

Soon Colin sent people to Jiangbei.

Sure enough, I saw Levi.

Safe and sound.

Everyone in Colin laughed.

Sure enough, Morendam’s secret patron saint had acted.

Little did they know that the person who shot was Levi.

Have a trivial relationship with other people?

“Mr. Garrison, your life is very big, but you have to thank Morendam!”

“It was the patron saint who made the move, and you were able to survive!”

Several people laughed.

Levi was stunned.

Does this have anything to do with other people?

Chapter 1600

Levi didn’t take it to heart, and continued to play with Junjun.

Tuoba Zunwan’s death was just the beginning.

He broke the covenant of the gods.

Paid the price of life.

This means that the covenant of the gods that restricts all supreme-level powerhouses is invalid.

They can come out.

Morendam’s supreme powerhouse is like this.

The same is true all over the world.

Even the ambitious war Eagle Nation, Dong Dao, etc. thanked Tuoba Zunwan for breaking the covenant of the gods.

They have always wanted to break the covenant of the gods.

But I still don’t have the courage.

Now their supreme-level powerhouse can come out unscrupulously…

It is convenient to achieve any purpose they want.

The real darkness is coming!

Countless people are waiting for the covenant of the gods to expire!

They are waiting!

Why did no one dared to break the covenant of the gods before?

That is because the price of extermination has to be paid!

What is the covenant of the gods?

Before, when the supreme powerhouse was rampant, the whole world was in chaos.

In order to grab resources, the major countries and major regions have fought hard to seize territory.

There are killings everywhere, the people are living in charcoal, the people are not living…

The world is purgatory.

At this time, the covenant of the gods suddenly turned out.

The covenant of the gods is limited-the supreme-level powerhouses and their family sect forces have all disappeared, and they shall not appear among ordinary people.

The purpose of the covenant of the gods is very simple, that is, to make the supreme-level powerhouses and the powerhouses above all disappear from the world.

And erase all traces from the source.

Just as if these supreme-level powerhouses did not exist.

So up to now, no one knows the existence of the supreme powerhouse except for confidentiality or the highest level of each country.

There is no such concept at all.

The fate of violating the covenant of the gods is simple-death.

The covenant of the gods just came out.

No one knows who released the covenant of the gods?

Do not know its reliability.

There are many supreme-level powerhouses who refuse to accept, and still go their own way.

The covenant of the gods was not regarded as the same thing at all.

He even threatened to kill the makers of the covenant of the gods!

Available in the next three days.

The supreme-level powerhouses who refused to accept all died tragically…

All hundreds of thousands died.

Either the supreme powerhouse who refuses to accept, or the connected person.

Judging from the wounds, they were all killed by a single move.

There is no chance to fight back!

For a while, the whole world fell into panic.

At that time, everyone understood that they could not afford to offend the existence of the covenant of the gods.

Violating the covenant of the gods has only one end-tragic death.

Everyone is scared.

All the supreme-level powerhouses disappeared.

Everyone is afraid of death.

Especially these supreme-level powerhouses are more afraid of death.

They all obeyed the covenant of the gods unconditionally.

The only way to break the covenant of the gods is for someone to break it.

But everyone at the supreme-level powerhouse cherishes their lives.

Not willing to take this step.

Tuoba Zunwan took this step.

The supreme powerhouses all over the world are cheering.

Because of Tuoba Zunwan, they are free.

Everyone thought it was Tuoba Zunwan who was killed by the maker after breaking the covenant of the gods.

As everyone knows it is Levi!!!

I am afraid that the existence of the covenant of the gods is very strange.

Why did Tuoba Zunwan and the others died.

The whole world started to panic.

Especially Colin.

I always feel inadequate.

Especially the failure of Ian Project…

They came to Levi to apologize.

“From now on, Da Xia and Colin will unconditionally believe in Levi!”

This is their attitude of admitting mistakes.

Levi smiled: “In that case, I will give you a surprise!”

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