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Chapter 1613

Levi’s words angered Wang Xing and several others.

“Okay, you guys have a seed!”

“But you have to remember that they asked me to repair the Martial Arteries, not by themselves!”

“Then we’ll leave. If we want to repair the martial arteries, this kid has to kowtow!”

Wang Xing and several people left directly.

They were right Colin.

Since Levi’s martial art needs to be repaired at all costs.

Will never let them leave easily.

Sure enough, a few people didn’t take a few steps, and Colin immediately chased it out.

“Lord, calm down his anger, his character is like this! No harm to you!”

“Please also ask the Lord to take action to help him repair the martial arteries!”

Several Colin arched hands.

“No, no one has ever dared to speak to Lord like this!”

“I want to repair the martial art, unless the kid kneels and asks!”

Several apprentices sneered.

“Yes, he asks for it himself, I will do it!”

Wang Xing left a word and left with his apprentice.

In his opinion.

Colin did not hesitate to pay any price.

They just mentioned that condition, letting Levi kneel to ask for the simplest condition.

But what he didn’t expect was that Levi would never be like this.

Don’t say he is invincible now.

Even an ordinary person, he would not do anything to lay down his dignity.

After returning to the villa.

“What’s the matter with you in King’s Landing? Everyone is good for you! If you don’t agree with you, you lose your temper and leave the Lord!

The senior officials of Colin bury the grievance a bit.

Levi smiled: “I know you are good for me, but they are just a bunch of liars!”

“They couldn’t even find out my martial arts, so they threatened to repair it, the purpose is to deceive you and get rich benefits!”

Hearing Levi’s explanation, naturally no one believed it.

Saying he heard the conversation between Lord Wang and theirs, no one would write a letter.

“Levi, your hot temper has changed!”

“Look, you have offended the Lord, people want you to kneel and beg, only then promised to repair your martial arteries!”

“But we all know that your character must never kneel down!”

Colin left.

It is absolutely impossible for Levi to kneel and beg for help.

They can only use other conditions to ask Lord Wang to agree to repair the martial arteries.

Levi did not expect that Colin would bow down to ask Lord Wang.

He obviously doesn’t need to repair his martial arteries.

What’s more, these crooks can’t fix it.

On the other side, Lord Wang knew that Levi could not kneel and beg him. Colin wanted to use other conditions to let him take action.

He has been hanging on Colin’s appetite.

The longer the delay, the greater the benefits they will get.

In a blink of an eye, a month’s time came.

It was when Levi came to visit Jun Jun.

When the time came, Levi immediately followed Sarah and Regina to Wushuang City.

The two are the registered disciples of the Three Elders, and they are familiar with Wushuang City.

Wushuang City is an ancient city in the depths of the bamboo forest in Shuzhong.

If it weren’t for someone to lead the way, you wouldn’t find it.

Because the ancient city is full of institutions and formations.

Coming to the nearby area will only drive you far, unable to approach Wushuang City.

After coming to Wushuang City.

There are many people inside.

When I saw Sarah and Regina, many people gathered around.

Because of their beautiful faces and extremely high talents, the two are deeply loved by the men of Wushuang City.

If it hadn’t been for hearing that Sarah had a husband, there would be many suitors.

“Sister Sarah has such a high talent and such a beautiful face, why did she follow an ordinary person?”

Everyone’s eyes fell on Levi.

Say something bad.

“Shut up! Whoever talks nonsense, I smash someone’s mouth!”

Levi suddenly became angry.

Chapter 1614

In the eyes of Levi.

These disciples of Wushuang City are just kiddies.

Dare to hit Sarah’s idea?

court death!

In his eyes, Wushuang City could level off at any time.

Not to mention these little kids.

Everyone was stunned by Levi’s words.

Sarah and Regina were both taken aback.

Levi’s character is too hot.

It can cause trouble everywhere.

But here is Wushuang City.

Everyone is a warrior who flies away from the sky.

Killing is invisible.

What are you doing as an ordinary person to provoke others?


“On the site of Wushuang City, did we let an ordinary person provoke?”

Several people came to Levi step by step.

“Come on, aren’t you going to slap my mouth? Come on!”

The person who just mocked, facing Levi.

“Levi must hold back! This is Wushuang City!”

Sarah and Regina reminded.

“I just said, what’s the matter? Your wife and you are a waste! Your kind of waste is not good for her! She should have left with you and find someone else!”

The man continued to speak.


Suddenly, the next moment, Levi lifted his slap on the man’s face.

The voice was crisp and resounded throughout the audience.

Hundreds of people around were stunned.

No one thought that Levi would make a move.

I never thought that an ordinary person would have such power…

“What? Do you dare to hit me? You are looking for death!”

Only then did Lin Gan, the one who was beaten, reacted, and he was about to act on Levi.


But at this moment, a crisp child voice came.

Seeing Junjun a few jumps, he appeared in front of Levi and threw himself in Levi’s arms.

Immediately, the surroundings were quiet.

Lin Gan abruptly retracted the move he had stretched out, and looked at it stupidly.

Levi is not afraid of him.

Sarah is not afraid of the two.

But this kid alone.

He is scared!

In other words, the whole Wushuang City is afraid!

She is the little ancestor of Wushuang City.

All the seniors are pampered.

I was afraid of turning it in my mouth, and I was afraid of losing it when I held it in my hand.

Everything depends on her.

If you beat or kill her father.

That is the sky is falling.

Lin Gan clenched his fists and stared at Levi with red eyes.

“I took this punch, I have a chance!”

Lin Gan looked at Levi.

“Don’t, just report it on the spot!”

Levi sneered.

Lin Gan wanted revenge, but he glanced at Jun Jun and held back.

“But you really shame a man!”

“At this age, I have to rely on the protection of a daughter who is a few years old! If I hit you to death, forget it!”

There was such a voice around.

In this world where the strong are respected.

Everyone looks down on the soft fan man the most.

Especially Levi not only eats his wife’s soft rice, but also his daughter’s soft rice.

Rely on the daughter to spend a lifetime.

This is what they hate most!

This is how a man has the least dignity…

“You are not allowed to say that about Dad, what happened to my mom and I protecting him?”

Jun Jun’s milk stared at her fiercely.

“I’m so ridiculous! Rely on a child to protect you! If you are a little self-aware, don’t come out and hang around!”

“Yeah, it’s better to just hit the head to death!”

“Don’t say men can’t watch it, I can’t watch it even a woman!”

Faced with such a scene, everyone couldn’t help but make a similar mockery.

“Shut up all! Go back all!”

At this moment, suddenly there was a thunderous sound from the sky.

“City Lord!!!”

“It’s the city lord who has appeared!”

This group of people ran away like a mouse seeing a cat.

Jun Jun said excitedly: “Dad, it is the Lord who is here. I will take you to see the Lord!”

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