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Chapter 1625

“Let’s leave! It must be the Old City Lord who needs to be quiet!”

“Now we only need the Old City Lord to be alive and the cultivation base of the Supreme Grade Sixth Heaven!”

Fu Qiufeng laughed.

Full of confidence in the future development of Wushuang City.

Jiang Haozhe’s hearts were ashamed of death.

This time is completely over!

The status of Junjun cannot be shaken.

Even the Old City Lord has to protect it.

Jun Jun soon woke up.

Everyone, including Fu Qiufeng, surrounded the past.

This is the treasure of Wushuang City!

“Mom, where’s Dad?”

The little girl looked around, and the first person to find was Dad.

“Your father is at home! Not here!”

Sarah touched her little head.

Jun Jun shook his head: “No, Dad is here! I saw Dad before, and Dad rescued me!”

Although Jun Jun was in a daze.

But she knew in a daze that it was her father who had rescued her.

She also sent a distress signal to her father before.


As soon as Junjun said this, everyone laughed.

“This silly boy! When something happens, I think of her father!”

Sarah smiled awkwardly.

“It’s okay, after all, the father is tall in the mind of the child!”

Fu Qiufeng looked at Jun Jun and smiled and said, “Jun Jun, Lord tells you that it was not your father who saved you, but the Old City Lord, that is, the Lord’s Lord who rescued you!”

“Impossible! Dad rescued me! I know!”

Jun Jun shouted.

“Junjun, have you seen your father? Have you been sleeping all the time?”

Fu Qiufeng asked continuously.


Jun Jun pursed his lips and shook his head.

She only felt that it was Levi.

But I haven’t seen it with my own eyes.

“So, Junjun, don’t talk nonsense, it was the Old City Lord who saved you!”

“What’s more, your father is an ordinary person, how can he save people from the Black God Sect?”

“What’s more, the Black God Sect has been completely destroyed! How can an ordinary person do it?”

After Fu Qiufeng instilled ideas for Junjun.

Jun Jun can only listen to them.

But the clever Junjun still maintains his opinion.

It was Dad who saved her.

In the dark, Levi looked at everything.

In particular, I watched Jiang Haozhe a few more times.

Let a few people feel chilly.

A little scalp tingling.

Jun Jun was rescued.

Sarah is the happiest.

“Regina, you didn’t tell your brother about it, did you?”

Regina shook his head.

“Look, Junjun will you be saved? There is no need to tell your brother, it will only cause trouble!”

The next day.

Fu Qiufeng called everyone together.

He wanted to find out who leaked Junjun’s talent.

He made this matter strictly confidential.

Secretly cultivates the king.

The Black God Sect actually knew.

That means someone must have leaked the secret.

He must find this person out.

“If you admit it now, I will be punished lightly! If you let me find out, it will be a big trouble!”

Fu Qiufeng directed at all people in Wushuang City.

All of Jiang Haozhe was terrified.

Of course they dare not admit it at all.

After standing for a long time, no one admitted.

“Lord, I think it was revealed by the Xishu clan and the Logan Mann family!”

“Yes, they are the most likely!”

Jiang Haozhe succeeded in shifting their attention.

Fu Qiufeng immediately led everyone to Jiangbei.

He wants to find out who the spy who revealed the news is.

Bring everyone together.

Fu Qiufeng began to speak.

At this time, Levi stood up.

“The spies are your apprentices!”

Chapter 1626

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

Thunder billowed.

The entire square was silent.

Everyone looked at the apprentices beside Fu Qiufeng subconsciously.

No one thought of this.

Jiang Haozhe and the others were in a good mood.

Successfully shifted my attention to this group.

But Levi pointed out them directly!!!

Several people were dumbfounded.

They were all trembling subconsciously.

“what did you say?”

Even Fu Qiufeng was dumbfounded.

“My apprentice is a spy? How is it possible?”

Of course Fu Qiufeng didn’t believe that he was his apprentice.

These four apprentices usually obey him.

The equivalent of a good student in a school, how could it be a spy?

“Yes, you are spitting blood!!!”

“How could we be spies? We are Lord’s most beloved disciples, and the hope of Wushuang City in the future. We will not do things like shooting ourselves in the foot!”

Jiang Haozhe’s analysis is right.

Everyone also thinks it makes sense.

Even Sarah and Regina are very strange, why did Levi point to Jiang Haozhe?

Levi smiled and said: “The reason is very simple! Because of Junjun’s arrival, your position has plummeted! Originally Wushuang City spoiled you, but now all this belongs to Junjun. You are jealous of Junjun and want to get rid of her, this Only revealed the news…”

Hearing that, Jiang Haozhe and the others were terrified.

Levi is too scary.

Analyze the main points all at once.

Get a clear picture of their practices and ideas.

After listening to Levi’s analysis, everyone just felt terrified to think carefully.

It seems so!

When Jun Jun arrives, these people have suffered the most.

Even Fu Qiufeng and the four elders felt that what they said made sense.

“Lord! Injustice, we can learn from the world of loyalty to Wushuang City!”

“What’s more, we are very good to Junjun and Junior Sisters, and you are all in your eyes!”

Jiang Haozhe immediately knelt on the ground and began to defend.

“Yes, that’s right! Since Junjun started, they have been caring for Junjun, and they behaved like brothers and sisters everywhere. I can’t imagine them starting Junjun!”

Fu Qiufeng told a fact.

Everyone nodded loudly.

indeed so.

Secretly, how many people don’t know.

But on the surface, they are really good to Junjun.

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like it would treat Fu Junjun.

Even Sarah and Regina said, “Levi, are you wrong? Several of them are very good to Junjun. Some people say bad things about us and Junjun, and they all go to educate others.”

“Yes, how can people from Wushuang City deal with Wushuang City?”

“Are they so jealous? They are already supreme powerhouses. There is no need to be jealous of a child, right?”

Everyone present began to defend Jiang Haozhe.

While several people breathed a sigh of relief, Jiang Haozhe suddenly said, “Is it not the news that you leaked out yourself?”

He suddenly pointed the finger at Levi.

Levi smiled: “Am I stupid? Deal with my daughter?”

“You are not stupid, you are rather smart! From the very beginning, you looked down upon Wushuang City and felt that Wushuang City was not worthy of nurturing your daughter. Is this true?

Jiang Haozhe asked.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Levi admitted to this point.

“So you want to find more powerful characters to train your daughter. It is not difficult to find the Black God Sect in your previous identity! You want to send your daughter to the Black God Sect to train, and you have created such a scene!”

Jiang Haozhe said it was right.

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