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Chapter 1687

The moment the bright light shines, these Higashishima samurai are shocked one after another.

All were stunned on the spot.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

It’s like someone who shines in a demon mirror with the light, and instantly shines them out of the prototype.

Especially the sound from behind.

They were even more stunned.

Morendam had expected them to come here?

The moment the voice sounded, a group of figures appeared from behind them.

It was Long Hanzhou and the others.

On the high wall of the prison in front, Levi stood there with a smile on his face.

There was a man kneeling beside him.

It was Jefferson.

It turned out that Levi said that he would appear in an unexpected place, but it turned out to be here.

He had expected that the Domination of the League would save Jefferson.

Especially the current situation and the public opinion and psychological warfare used by the enemy.

All fit this point.

Sure enough, he squatted to the big fish.

Jefferson was about to cry.

I thought it would be completely free this time.

However, this plague god came early and had seen everything through.

“Kill them! Leave none!”

Levi gave an order.

Long Hanzhou they all rushed up.

Although there are hundreds of Samurai in Toshima, and each of them is a supreme powerhouse.

But the overall strength, or the person led by Long Hanzhou, is stronger.

It’s just crushing and killing.

More than a dozen Samurai warriors of Toshima were forced to rush into the prison instead.

A dozen people jumped onto the prison wall.

Toward Levi to kill.

When Jefferson ignited hope, he saw more than a dozen Supreme Warriors being beaten to death by Levi with his fists.



It turns out that this damn is not an ordinary person at all!

No wonder hitting yourself hurts so much?

Immediately, Levi looked at him slowly, and said with a smile: “How courageous, dare to come to save you? Then the punishment will be on you!”


Levi had another painful beating at Jefferson.

Jefferson had just recovered and was beaten back by Levi.

“Go! Let’s support the Northern Territory Theater! Take him with you!”

Levi did not stay much.

Immediately led everyone to the fourth line of defense in the northern theater to support.

Jefferson wanted to cry without tears.

They are still waiting for news from Richard, who is far overseas.

“It stands to reason that someone should be saved!”

Although Richard is confident.

But this is his own brother, and he is still worried.

“Mr. Richard, please rest assured, people will definitely be saved. It’s just that the terrain in the north of Morendam is steep, and it will take time to come back!”

Richard nodded.


The situation in the northern theater is extremely severe.

Leading the team is the Myron and Cary of the Dragon Tiger Temple, one of the four great protectors of the country.

He practiced horizontal kung fu from the Buddhist school, and it is said that he can possess the same body and strength as a dragon and a tiger.

Strength is the sixth heaven.

He brought so many Lords, in fact, it is not weak.

But the other party is stronger.

Now the dragon, tiger and god monk led the crowd to huddle between the fourth and fifth lines of defense.

There is oppression by the army that dominates the alliance ahead.

There was harassment by crooked doors in the rear.

They suffered too much.

Moreover, the support sent by Colin was intercepted by a crooked door outside the fifth line of defense and could not get in at all.

After another wave of defense.

The dragon tiger god monk held a high level meeting.

“If this continues, we won’t be able to hold it for a day! There are too many strong enemies at the sixth heaven level, and we can’t hold it!”

“And those evil demons outsiders are even more hateful!”

They are discussing countermeasures.

The evil way is discussing how to attack them.

Nearly thirty evil sect forces are ready to attack.

As everyone knows, Levi sees everything in his eyes.

Chapter 1688

This trick is called a mantis catching a cicada, and the oriole is behind.

Levi has been here for a long time.

Under Levi’s forbidden technique, everyone’s breath was hidden.

Even the powerhouse of the sixth heaven could not notice it at all.

Therefore, every move of these evil sects is under the control of Levi.

In addition, the support sent by Colin was almost wiped out by them.

They would never think that there was someone behind them.

“The dragons, tigers, gods and monks just beat us back, and they never thought that we would attack again!”


Thousands of evil Lords again quietly approached the middle area of ​​the fourth and fifth defense lines in the darkness.

But what they didn’t notice was that the companions behind were disappearing one by one.

After walking out dozens of miles.

There are hundreds of thousands of people left.

However, hundreds of people can be followed by a large number of Lords.

That was Levi coming to them.

So the hundreds of people in front didn’t notice it at all.

Keep going.

After all, you can feel someone behind.


After arriving at the designated location, all the evil Lords rushed out.

The dragons, tigers and monks who had received Levi’s signal on the opposite side directly attacked.


Soon the evil Lords were dumbfounded.

What’s going on here?

Aren’t they five thousand people?

Why are there hundreds of people left?

Wasn’t there a lot of people behind just now?

Looking at the back, all the people in the dark are crowded.

But there is no familiar face.

Levi smiled and said, “Kill!”

Hundreds of people were flanked back and forth.

Soon it showed a trend of decline.

However, there are more than a dozen evil Lords of the Six Heavens, which are still obstacles.

Under the watchful eye of tens of thousands.

Levi beat these people abruptly.

The Sixth Heavenly Lord was in front of Levi, no different from ordinary people.

Everyone looked silly.

Including dragons, tigers, gods and monks.

Morendam still has such a top Lord?

This is terrible!

Morendam has hope.

The morale of the soldiers in the north has risen sharply.

“From now on, you all listen to me!”

“Attack the enemy! A quick fight! Don’t give the enemy time to breathe!”

Under Levi’s leadership, the soldiers were as if they were beaten up with blood.

Charge forward.

It is estimated that the army that dominates the alliance to attack the northern border did not expect it.

They will use offense instead of defense.

Will attack them all-round.


In a hurry, I can only challenge.

Everyone was almost scared to pee when they played against each other.

The opponent’s combat effectiveness is too strong.

Especially the headed person.

Specialize in killing the powerhouses of the sixth heaven and the fifth heaven.

The other warriors and warriors of Morendam were led by Levi.

It is also the more courageous the war.

Hit the opponent completely.

The battle lasted for five hours.

The army that dominates the northern border of the alliance is annihilated.

None of them stayed.

They were all killed by Levi.

This is Levi’s plan.

Take it quickly.

Let the enemy overreact.

In this way, the enemy would not know that both the southern and northern war zones were lost.

Levi was able to surprise the most important eastern and western regions.

“Quickly clear the battlefield! Don’t let the news spread!”

“After all the staff rest, follow me to other places!”

Levi ordered.

Everyone was excited.

I thought Morendam was about to end.

Unexpectedly, Levi would descend to the heavens.

At present, the problems in the two major war zones have been resolved.

“Report King, the news has been blocked! The news of the northern border cannot be transmitted temporarily!”

Upon hearing this, Levi smiled.

But at this moment, major news was released, and the whole world was terrified.

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