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Chapter 1707

Dominate the distribution of the alliance’s six heavenly powerhouses.

Eleventh place in the north.

Thirty-eight in the south.

But there are three hundred people in the West!

This is absolutely unimaginable for everyone.

Especially Wushuangcheng.

They are proud of being a Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse.

But there are three hundred people here.

This is not even Richard’s use of mechas to enhance combat effectiveness and reach the strength of the sixth heaven.

All add up to at least three hundred and five.

“Your mission goal is only one-kill Levi!”

Richard roared with red eyes.

Since the covenant of the gods, Levi was definitely the first to receive treatment.

It was targeted by three hundred six-layer powerhouses.

Do not.

Even before the covenant of the gods, it was very difficult to encounter such a situation.

Was targeted by three hundred six-layer powerhouses at the same time.

What status must this be!


Three hundred six-layer powerhouses were dispatched in an instant, with the goal of Levi.


When I saw that the other party had a total of three hundred six heavenly powerhouses.

Logan Taishan and the others were stunned.

This is too strong, right?

The total number of their six heavens is less than twenty.

How to fight this?

“Brothers follow the word side by side, and fight together!”

Levi smiled: “Don’t worry, I’ll leave these to you!”


“A street in Morendam, inquire who is Dad!”

Facing the powerhouse of the 360th Heaven, Levi did not retreat and counterattacked.

“court death!”

Soon, Levi fought fiercely with the three hundred Lords.

The Sixth Heaven Powerhouse is still different from other warriors.

Very strong.

Three hundred together, stronger!

If these three hundred people are placed at the forefront, they will definitely push the entire Western Frontier Theater.

It’s just the previous battle, these big guys don’t want to take the lead.

After all, there is status and status. Who wants to be a soldier at the forefront?

This is the first time that the three hundred and six heavenly powerhouses have joined forces.

The reason was that Levi angered them.

At the beginning of this battle, everyone thought that Levi would die.

“Brother-in-law hold on! Brother-in-law must win!”

Xiao Qin held the dragon flag and prayed in his heart.

“Go, destroy me that flag!”

“Morendam people like this kind of symbolic things and think that it is their faith and will!”

“It’s ridiculous!”

Richard ordered.

Immediately, many of the Five Heavenly Powers rushed to the top of the mountain.

Morendam is at stake.

Everyone is waiting quietly.

“According to the latest news, the two sides have already played against each other!”

“Know? The opponent’s six-layer strongman has more than three hundred, and the fifth-layer strongman has more than five thousand! It’s too strong!”

“Unstoppable! Absolutely unstoppable! It is estimated that within an hour, the fifth line of defense in the Western Region will be breached, and the entire Morendam will be under the enemy’s feet!”

The breath of failure permeated every corner of Morendam.

There is a scene of depression and decline everywhere.

Even Colin didn’t dare to speak out.

“Hahaha, Morendam is finally over! I finally saw this day!”

“There is Morendam in the Eastern Continent, how many years has it been over us? Now he is finally going to be destroyed!”

“The demise of Great Xia, we must celebrate! Come on, hurry up and hold an event!”

Overseas countries are so excited to hold various celebrations.

The family of Logan and Mann from the Eagle Nation.

Enjoy the life of being a Lord every day.

Seeing Morendam in dire straits, everyone was very happy.

“Once the Western Territory is over, Morendam will be over.”

“At that time, we will bring back grandparents and grandparents!”

“What if the summer isn’t over?”

Cross Wentao smiled: “The summer is not over, I eat shit!”

Chapter 1708

All over the world are singing bad days of Morendam.

After all, this is the case.

The gap between the two sides is too great.

Ants can hardly shake an elephant.

What’s more, there are more elephants than ants.

This is the most terrible.

No one believed that the Western Territory could hold it.

The whole army was wiped out in an hour.

The battle has already begun.

Almost everyone in the world is paying attention to this battle.

Half an hour passed.

The battle is still there.

One hour passed.

The battle continues.

At this time, most people were taken aback.

Haven’t solved the battle yet?

“This shows that Morendam’s remnants are very tenacious and can resist for an hour!”

“It will be gone within two hours!”

time flies.

Two hours passed.

The battle is not over yet.


Too shocked!

After holding for two hours, it has exceeded the limit.

Is there something wrong?

“Impossible! In any case, there will be no change!”

“It’s just that they are tenacious. Morendam is famous for his tenacity and desperation!”

“Let’s wait and see!”

Most people all over the world are paying attention to this battle with breathlessness, waiting for the result.

Three hours.

Four hours.

Ten hours passed.

The battle in the West is not over yet, and the scene is getting bigger and bigger.

The range of thousands of miles has spread.

This battle was extremely brutal.

“This…what’s the situation?”

“How can Morendam’s little people be able to dominate the league?”

“A strong man of more than three hundred and six heavens, who is going to die? How can they be able to hold it?”

“Could it be that I went to foreign aid? Morendam’s strength is more than that?”

Not only overseas countries are confused.

Even Colin was dumbfounded.

According to what they know, there are only a few people on Morendam’s side.

They can’t do anything they want to support.

What kind of existence is this amazing soldier?

Can you fight an enemy a hundred times stronger than yourself for so long?

Is there really hope?

It’s been almost twelve hours.

The western battlefield is really a purgatory among adults.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

At the beginning, all the Sixth Heavenly Powers killed Levi, and later, the rest of the remaining Sixth Heavenly Heavens and more than five thousand Fiveth Heavenly Powers all went to kill Levi.

The fighting power of these strong men is terrible.

Gathering together, it is simply destroying the world.

But no one thought that Levi could not stop it.

Not only that, he also guarded the Great Xia Dragon Banner, and did not let anyone approach the 100-meter range around Xiao Qin.

At first, the two sides attacked, but everyone found out later.

Levi actually pressed them all by himself.

He seems to be descended from the ancient gods.

One hour.

Two hours.

Time is constantly passing, and the five or six heavenly powerhouses that dominate the alliance are falling one after another.

Kill kill kill!

Levi punched all by himself, killing his eyes.

Even if the opponent’s Sixth Heaven and Five Heavenly Powers are everywhere.

But Levi broke it by himself.

The battle lasted for twelve hours.

From day to night.



Never stopped for a second.

Levi was covered in blood, and the blood was poured over and over again.

Even the land in this area has long been blood red.

There are uneven spots, and the blood will accumulate into a river.


With the last person down.

Levi killed all the five or six heavenly powerhouses who ruled the alliance alone.

Of course, except for Richard Richards from the rear.

Exist like a god!

One person breaks the army!

he made it!

The Great Xia Longqi is still flying.

But the Domination Alliance was silent…

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