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Chapter 1709

Lighted up!

The warriors who dominated the alliance are gradually gone!

First, the complete destruction of the five or six heavenly powerhouses!

Gradually other warriors fell one after another!

Under the leadership of which man, Morendam, this amazing soldier, swept everything with the momentum of destruction.

Too strong, too strong!

Richard couldn’t imagine that the army dominating the Alliance was destroyed by one person.

The battle continues.

Three hours later.

The Domination Alliance is completely exhausted.

Hundreds of thousands of people fell.

However, Morendam also suffered heavy losses.

Three quarters of death.

Most of the remaining quarter are also bruised and bruised.

Logan Taishan and Lei Baiqing are dying.

“Save people, save people!”

All over the mountains and plains, there are voices for help.

Levi said with a cold face and pressed it step by step.

Only Richard and other high-level leaders are left to dominate the league.

After seeing that the situation was not right, Richard and the others ran away.

Levi chased all the way to the rear and joined the 400,000 army.

They still didn’t catch up with Richard.

The mechas on Richards have aircraft functions and stealth technology.

It escaped the detection of various radars.

“Well, it doesn’t matter how many people run!”

Levi didn’t take it seriously.

After all, the Western Territory Theater has declared victory.

He wants to thank the old man most now.

Without the old man, there would be no such strong him.

There is no future for Morendam.

Although it lasted a little longer.

And Levi was covered in blood.

But the scary thing is that Levi was not injured at all.

Who can imagine such a big battle, he is not injured!

He is different from before.

It used to be able to win.

But in the end, Levi was seriously injured and even died.

But now he is not hurt at all.

After returning to the battlefield, Levi found Xiao Qin.

Xiao Qin held it for more than ten hours, and everyone was numb.

“we won!”

“Morendam won!”

Everyone cried with joy.

This victory was exchanged for their lives!


“By the way, where is this kid Jefferson?”

Levi suddenly discovered that Jefferson was missing.

“No, it’s probably because no one cared about him during the previous fight and let this kid run away!”

Only then did the others react.

Don’t blame anyone.

No one would pay attention to Jefferson in the battle that lasted more than ten hours.

“Run? Well, good!”

“But you have to understand that I can catch you once, and I can catch you twice.”

“When the war is over, I will personally go to War Eagle Nation and capture you back in front of everyone in the War Eagle Nation!”

“In this life you never want to escape from the palm of my Levi’s hand!”

Levi sneered a few times.

“Wang, what should I do next?”

Everyone asked.

“I’m going to support the Eastern Frontier Theater, I’m afraid Xiao Feng and the others won’t be able to last long!”

Levi did not stay much.

Immediately proceed to the Eastern Territory Theater.

The Eastern Territory Theater is also very important.

Maybe the threat is greater.

After all, where is very close to the capital.

The whole world is paying attention to this battle in the Western Theater.

It’s been a full fifteen hours.

But everyone sees the Morendam Dragon Banner is still flying…

The battlefield was filled with smoke and flames everywhere.

It seems that even the sky is dyed red.

But this battle is finally over.

Morendam lasted fifteen hours?


What a strong will is that made them hold it for so long.

What’s the ending?

What is the ending?

Is Morendam Qibing all over?

Next, the army that dominates the alliance will fully enter the West and occupy the land of Morendam?

Chapter 1710

Everyone wants to know the outcome of the Western Territory Theater?

But the news never came out.

No one can approach the West Territory Theater.

At this moment, Richard and his party are fleeing with Jefferson.

Everyone’s complexion is ugly to the extreme.

They were defeated.

Planning for so long.

It fell short.

But everyone’s face is unwilling!

It can’t just end like this.

“No, we can’t admit defeat like this! We are still in the Eastern Territory Theater, and Wood Zhengjie’s killing weapons are still there! We still have a half of the power!”

“There are also supporters behind us, this opportunity must not be let go!”

Richard was the first to be unwilling.

“Brother, what should we do then? We must take revenge!”

Jefferson asked.

“I have to activate my second set of plans to directly attack Morendam Capital! Destroying Morendam Capital means we won!”

“Immediately send someone to destroy the capital! Implement my second plan!”

“Quick, quick, as fast as possible, before they don’t react!”

Richard was crazy.

Completely crazy.

“Also contact Wood Zhengjie and ask him to take out all his weapons!”

“Tell him, he promises everything he wants! Let him show all the bottom cards!”

“Take out our last hole cards again! Hurry up to the Antarctic laboratory!”

Richard was crazy.

Others are also crazy.

At this point.

They want to fight desperately.

All the cards that should be revealed have been revealed.

“It really doesn’t work, I used that weapon too!”

Richard was short of breath, panting heavily.

“Calm down, calm down! If that weapon is born, it would be terrible! We can’t bear the responsibility!”

“No, that weapon can’t be released anyway!”

Richard’s words were strongly opposed by everyone.

Soon, the Eastern Frontier Theater received news from Richard.

Logan Zhengguo and Wood Zhengjie were all dumbfounded.

The Western Territory was actually defeated?

All the main forces that dominated the league were defeated.

how can that be?

Richard told them that the Eastern Territory Theater was the last hope.

Wood Zhengjie is required to bring out all the weapons and hole cards.

Promise Wood Zhengjie all the conditions.

“Okay, then you sign an agreement with me! I’ll take it out!”

Finally, Wood Zhengjie put forward the conditions and signed the agreement, even after the other party fulfilled most of the conditions on the spot.

Wood Zhengjie agreed and took out all the weapons and hole cards.

“Hurry up, hurry up!”

Wood Zhengjie’s weapons will be shipped to the battlefield in a short time.

“Don’t worry, we will still win! What I want to take out this time is an upgraded version of my god-killing weapon! At that time, what kind of Lord the opponent has can kill!”

Wood Zhengjie looked confident.

I didn’t intend to take it out.

The frightening thing is that Wood Zhengjie’s killing weapon has an upgraded version.

It is said that you can kill the Sixth Heavenly Powerhouse.

It’s just not officially used.

After all, there is no Sixth Heaven Powerhouse to let him do experiments.

After they received the news, they would launch the most violent attack on Xiao Feng and the others.

They must rush to take down the Eastern Frontier Theater before Levi’s arrival.

In addition, the Lord arranged by Richard went to the capital immediately.

It is necessary to completely destroy the major institutions in the capital and paralyze Morendam’s brain.

Instead, this time is the most critical moment.

Levi also realized this, and he hurried to the Eastern Frontier Theater.

Levi ran wildly.

But when I came to a place, I was stopped.

“This road is nowhere!”

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