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Chapter 1717

Levi was still holding on to the Great Plains alone.

The power of the killing weapon is simply against the sky.

Almost collapsed the plain.

But this is just the beginning.

The upgraded version of the killing weapon, the energy box is filled.

There are always only eight in the upgraded version.

Production costs more money and resources.

The risk is also high.

Especially the upgraded version of the energy box is not easy to control.

Mainly the same equipment, but it needs to play twice the power.

The difficulty is super big.

Especially the technical requirements are higher.

They are also worried that if the control is not good, the energy box will explode, which will be destructive to their own people.

So Wood Zhengjie was also very worried.

Can the upgraded version of the killing weapon work?

It all depends on actual combat.

“Lord, all eight stations are on target!”

Soon, the eight upgraded versions of the killing weapons were all locked on Levi.

“Boom him for me and light up all the energy boxes! I don’t believe he is immortal!”

Wood Zhengjie shouted.

There are only 80 energy boxes in the upgraded version of the God-killing weapon.

Because it’s too difficult to produce.

Only so much.

The upgraded version of the god-killing weapon is theoretically a powerhouse that can destroy the Sixth Heaven in an instant.

It would be unimaginable to hit all the 80 energy boxes on Levi.

“Lord, you can withdraw quickly, you can’t hold it!”

“Yes, Lord! Please, withdraw quickly!”

Xiao Feng at the rear couldn’t bear to watch Levi stand in front of him.

“Lord means I know that if he doesn’t block all the weapons of death, he won’t give up!”

“Yes, as long as this weapon still exists, it will be a threat to Morendam! He wants to use his body to make the opponent consume all the energy boxes!”

The others were surprised.

“For the opponent to consume the weapon, he would rather be a live target?”

“Yes, this is my Lord!”

Xiao Feng shouted several people.

Their tone was full of pride.

Also reveals three points of sadness.

They can only watch where the Lord is consuming, but they can’t help much.

“Everyone is not allowed to step forward without my order!”

Levi’s voice was heard in their ears.


“Be sure to hold on!”

Everyone clenched their fists tightly.

They expected Levi to hold on.

Everyone knows that next is the bombardment of the upgraded version of the killing weapon.

“Kill! Kill Levi for me!”

Wood Zhengjie shouted.




The upgraded version of the killing weapon is launched together.



The personnel who fired the weapon, even though they were wearing special protective clothing, were abruptly shredded by the surplus and recoil of the fire.


Everyone gasped.

The power of the upgraded version of the killing weapon is amazing!





Every bombardment with the killing weapon.

Levi stepped back and shot blood in his mouth.

Obviously he can’t hold the upgraded version of the killer weapon.

“Go on, continue to me!”

Wood Zhengjie urged.




Wood Zhengjie also struggled.

In the shortest time, all the energy boxes were lighted up.

The power of this weapon is too terrifying and terrifying.

Levi was hit again and again.



Suddenly, when the 67th energy box bombarded Levi’s body.

He was directly blasted and disappeared on the spot.

Was beaten and disappeared under the noses of hundreds of thousands of people…

Chapter 1718

“Boom boom boom!”

Only a total of eighty energy boxes are launched almost at the same time.

Levi was bombed, and the remaining thirteen shots were all empty.

But it has been battered here.

It’s like a doomsday scene.

“It’s gone! Levi was beaten!”

“Successful, we succeeded!”

All dominate the alliance cheered.

Just like a big victory…

Wood Zhengjie even shouted: “There is no more Levi in the world!”

“I am the only king in Morendam! Remember my name Wood Zhengjie!!!”

Everyone present looked at Wood Zhengjie in admiration.

No one would have thought that an ordinary person would become an important factor in turning the tide of the war.

Who can think of it?

Levi Linqiang, right?

The hundreds of thousands of the main force in the Western Territory that dominated the Alliance were abruptly defeated by him.

He kills the strong in the fifth or sixth heaven, like killing chickens and oxen.

Wasn’t it killed by Wood Zhengjie’s god-killing weapon?

From then on, Wood Zhengjie’s value will be maximized.

Really become the king that everyone robs.

His dream of becoming a king will be easily realized.

“Won, we won!”

Logan Zhengguo told Richard the news for the first time.

“Won, kill Levi, our biggest obstacle is gone!”

“If Beijing wins again, we will be fully victorious, and Morendam will be in full control!”

They have seen the picture of victory.

Richard was very excited.

But at this time, someone came to him.

Everyone is wearing a black suit, and there is a medal with a black shield on his chest.

Richard’s face changed when he saw them.

The visitor is impressively the number one mysterious organization of the War Eagle Nation-Sky Shield.

The Sky Shield has a long history, and the agents inside each possess supernatural powers.

They control one of the most mysterious powers and secrets in the Warhawk Nation and the whole world…

They are different from Colin.

They really control the terrible power.

Usually responsible for all kinds of terrible supernatural events.

It is said that the covenant of the gods was sent by the rulers to the Sky Shield…

In the face of the Sky Shield, Richard and the others are also afraid.

“Come on! Morendam is not as unbearable as you think!”

“This sleeping oriental lion should never be underestimated. If you make him anxious, it will wake up!”

The Tianshield agent was straightforward and persuaded.

Richard smiled: “Yes, Morendam was indeed forced out by us! But it is still not our opponent!”

“Next, you will see that we captured Morendam!”

“You guys do it for yourself!”

The Tianshield agent turned and left.

They are just reminding.

On the eastern battlefield.


Xiao Feng and the others watched Levi being bombed out.

Everyone made heart-piercing noises.

Levi just disappeared from under their noses…

All this is too trance.

It has been a long time for them to believe that all this is true.

The other side.

Wood Zhengjie yelled: “Come on, rush for me! Take down the Eastern Frontier Theater immediately!”

Wood Zhengjie gave an order.

The tide of dominating the Alliance army is generally oppressive.

Xiao Feng is weak here.

In addition, everyone was immersed in the pain of losing Levi.

Presumably, within half an hour, they will be wiped out.

“Everyone has it, you can go north to meet up in the capital!”

Wood Zhengjie and the army behind them also began to activate.

After all, Xiao Feng and the others couldn’t stand a blow and couldn’t stop it.

“How can Da Xia provoke you outsiders?”

At this time, there was a sound of thunder rolling in the sky.

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