The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1735 – 1736

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Chapter 1735


The eyes of the whole world are on the aircraft carrier Eagle.

In other words, Levi’s every move was under surveillance.

What he does next will be broadcast live.

Hundreds of millions of people in Morendam are watching Levi’s whereabouts.


Hearing Levi’s words, Morendam all cheered.

Even Colin clenched his fists tightly and shouted out loud.

They don’t know who this person is.

Can’t find it either.

But the only certainty is that he is from Morendam!

He is doing the right thing!

Since he couldn’t stop it, he was upset.

It is best to bring Wood Zhengjie and Jefferson back to Morendam!

Stone Morendam Guowei!

Let them know that Morendam is not afraid of anyone.

I’m just afraid of trouble!

“Hold on, you must leave Warhawk Nation alive! You must bring people back!”

Everyone clenched their fists and looked forward to it.

Everyone in Morendam hopes that Levi can live and bring the two back!

Other people around the world have different ideas.

Most people are looking forward to Levi’s miserable end!

The Eagle Nation is super powerful!

Levi’s making such a big move in War Eagle Nation is equivalent to a provocation.

According to the style of the War Eagle Nation, Levi will never end well.

On the Eagle, Levi and Wood Zhengjie were close at hand.

Wood Zhengjie panicked and shouted: “Kill him, kill him for me!”

The guard beside him slammed Levi frantically.

But there was an invisible wall of air in front of Levi, blasting them all out.




Recently Wood Zhengjie was splashed with hot blood.

He was dumbfounded.

“Let’s go!”

Levi grabbed his collar and kicked him in the leg.

He only heard a click, his leg broke, and he immediately lay on the ground, like a dog.

Levi tied Wood Zhengjie and Jefferson together with a rope, dragging them with his left hand, and holding the Beiming sword in his right hand.

Leaving the aircraft carrier step by step.

His cold eyes swept over the people who used to be Morendam, one by one, they fell to the ground in fright, or pissed off in fright.

“Oh! Me! Ah!”

“Crazy! It’s none of my business!”

Nick and the others were even more embarrassed. Seeing Levi’s eyes, they were so scared that they crawled, not to mention embarrassed.

Levi walked like this step by step.

Although there are Lords around, no one dares to step forward, they can only go around Levi.

“Stop! Do you want to take people away like this? Let them go quickly, and I will keep your whole body!”

Richard’s voice sounded.

Richard’s face was colder than ever.

He is going to explode.

This is a provocation to everyone, but also a provocation to him.

When did he suffer such humiliation?

Being so humiliated on his own territory.

My brother is dragging like a dog.

How does this make him bear?

More than that.

The circles that know about this are about to explode.

This is hitting them in the face!

Provocation on their territory!

All were blown up!

When did anyone dare to provoke them?

They have always provoke others!

In a word, the war eagle must not be insulted!

“Kill him! Kill him for me!”

“Who would dare to run wild on our turf, it’s going against the sky!”

“If this person is not removed, our face will be lost!”

All circles gave orders to kill Levi.

Chapter 1736

Even the Tianshield Bureau, which learned the news, immediately issued the order.

“This person must be removed! It must also be removed by cruel means! Tell the world that this is the end of the provocative warhawk!”

It turned out that the War Eagle Nation not only wanted to get rid of Levi, but also warned the world and declared their status.

Therefore, the pressure and crises Levi faced in the War Eagle Nation were greater than imagined.

It is absolutely unprecedented!

Morendam also knows this.

They also know that no matter who it is, it is impossible to survive from the Eagle Nation alone.

No matter how powerful you are, you can’t stop the nationwide power of the war eagle!

It’s not even just a nation of Warhawks. For a long time, Warhawks have had close ties with many other countries, even alliances.

To exaggerate a bit.

Levi wants to fight the power of half the world alone!

Leaving alive is the Conferred God of the Century.

Even death is a legend!

But everyone hopes that Levi can live…

On the aircraft carrier, tens of thousands of Lords quickly gathered, and they surrounded Levi.

“I’ll give you another chance and let the people go immediately!”

Richard is still threatening.

Levi Beiming’s sword pointed forward and said coldly: “Those who stand in my way, kill!!!”

“Take it!!!”

“Remember not to hurt my brother and Mr. Wood!”

Richard gave an order.

All major Lords killed Levi.


Levi was holding the Beiming war knife, as if waving the death sickle.

He stepped out step by step, brandishing the North Ming sword in his hand.

In the blink of an eye, there were already thousands of knives flickering, murderous.




Shoots of blood soared.

One body fell down.

Levi never stopped, dragging the two “dogs” forward.

A corpse fell behind him and on both sides.

He kills everybody, it’s against the sky.

No one has ever been close to his one-meter range.

With a swing of the North Ming sword, hundreds of people must fall.

Levi was still advancing, and he was about to get off the aircraft carrier.

However, there were fewer and fewer people on Richard’s side, and they kept falling down.

Levi’s momentum is too strong.

With a war knife, it is invincible.

Richard saw Levi’s forces and knew why Jefferson was still captured under the heavy siege.

“Go on, give me all on!”

“We must take him down!”

“Request for support! The Eagle aircraft carrier requests support! How many forces are all sent, hurry up! We can’t stop him!”

Upon seeing this, Richard immediately asked for support.

At the same time he sent out all his guards.

They each wore modern mechas, each killing Levi like robots.


Levi slashed an oncoming mecha warrior, and even the mecha leader chopped it in half.


With another knife, another mecha warrior was chopped in half.

Richard was dumbfounded.

Although his guards are wearing first-generation armor, they are all invincible.

Can be split in half with a single knife?

What is his strength?

This couldn’t help but make him think of a person-Levi.

On the battlefield of the Western Territory, he was so unstoppable.

Morendam is really scary.

The Lord is like a cloud.

Richard was stunned.

All the tens of thousands of Lords on the aircraft carrier fell, and all his guards died.

Levi couldn’t stop Levi’s offensive at all.

“You can’t stop me!”

Levi dragged the two off the aircraft carrier.

“Impossible! Now is the beginning!”

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