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Chapter 1739

At this moment, the major Lords of the Eagle Nation stopped their actions.

Quietly looking into the distance.

There was joy on Richard’s face.

The Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse.

Only exists in the legend.

Even before the covenant of the gods, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is a legend.

To say that the strong of the six heavens is a hurdle, under the six heavens are all ants.

Then the Seventh Heavenly Power is a qualitative leap for the Sixth Heaven.

A Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse can block thousands of Sixth Heavenly Powerhouses.

The two are not the same.

This is the Seventh Heaven Powerhouse.

At this moment, the world is quiet.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The Eagle Nation really does not hesitate at all costs.

In order to stop Levi, the powerhouses of the seventh heaven were dispatched.

The visitor wore an ancient medieval armor.

He was surrounded by lightning, making a sizzling sound.


This is a super person.

Innate talent for awakening thunder and lightning, he can control thunder and lightning.

For ordinary people, it is a god.

So he has the title of “Warhawk Thor”.

Is a big killer of the war eagle country.

He came to kill Levi himself.

“Get out of me!”

Warhawk Thor gave an order, and everyone immediately gave way to a large blank area.

The tall warhawk Thor approached Levi step by step.

“Zila Zila Zila…”

The electric lights surrounding him seemed to be angry, making a dazzling light and terrible sound.


The warhawk Thor roared.

The sky became extremely dim at this moment, black clouds hit and lightning flashed.

Then came the rumbling thunder.

Seeing that the warhawk Thor can really control thunder and lightning, the whole world is silent.

It turns out that there are such god-like figures.

It’s just that you didn’t have access to it before, or even imagined it.

The warhawk Thor controls thunder and lightning, which is unstoppable.


He suddenly waved his hand.


A terrible lightning struck Levi from mid-air.

Levi’s eyes were cold, and the Beiming sword in his hand was swung out.


Blocked the lightning with one blow.

But everyone found that there were gaps in the blade of Beiming Zhan’s sword.


Everyone gasped.

Warhawk Thor is too scary, right?

Levi’s treasure knife that cuts iron like mud was cut through a gap.





Warhawk Thunder God was like crazy, controlling a series of lightning to kill Levi.




Levi used the Beiming Sword to block it again and again.


But when it was the twenty-eighth time, Beiming’s sword was broken.

Upon seeing this, the War Eagle Nation and most of the world began to cheer.

Sure enough, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is too strong.

This Morendam person can’t go out anymore.

Morendam was dead silent.

No one spoke.

But even if Levi was about to die.

It is also glory!

After all, the force of the whole nation of the Eagle Nation was forced by one person to target it.

On the other hand, it also allows the whole world to see the strength of the war eagle nation.

Superpowers are just extraordinary.

Whether it is the foundation of ancient martial arts and super power, or the advanced and powerful modern technology.

Du Yaoyao domain world.


Levi no longer defended, holding a short knife to kill the warhawk Thor.

Warhawk Thor looked at Levi, who was close at hand.

He smiled.

“court death!”



There was loud thunder in the sky, and thunder and lightning fell intensively and frequently.

Turning this area into a sea of ​​thunder, Levi is the center.

Chapter 1740



A thunder and lightning.



Another thunder and lightning.


The warhawk Thor roared like crazy.

Soon, thousands of thunder and lightning smashed down one after another, as dense as the sea, smashing towards Levi.


In an instant, the radius of a hundred li turned into scorched earth, and no grass grew.

Everyone was stunned by the flash of lightning before them.

The warhawk Thor’s trick alone is afraid that hundreds of thousands of troops will be wiped out in an instant.

The Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is really like a god.

Today, everyone is an eye-opener.

How terrible is the control of the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse?

Being like a god.

Can Levi stop it?

In an instant, tens of thousands of lightning strikes.

Submerged Levi.

The central Levi shouted: “Block! Block! Block!”

“Block block block block…”

The terrible thing is that Levi used his fist to knock down a thunder and lightning with one fist, and another thunder and lightning with one fist…


Two punches!

Three punches!

Soon, Levi has swung tens of thousands of fists, smashing thousands of lightning bolts down.

Resist thunder and lightning with a hard body?

Unheard of!

Jefferson and Wood Zhengjie were frightened and passed out.


Every fist that Levi smashed was shocking.

The earth trembled, the air wave surged, and the shock wave dissipated even more.



The powerhouses of the surrounding war eagle nation suffered, and countless casualties.

“Boom boom…”

Levi continued.

Smashed all the thunder and lightning with a fist abruptly.

He was not injured at all!

“It’s me!!!”

Levi let out a long roar.

The right fist blasted out domineeringly, like a heavy artillery.

This punch blasted out, pulling out a long white wave of air, like the tail wave of an airplane taking off.

A punch that breaks the speed of sound and breaks the sound barrier!


Warhawk Thor didn’t have time to react, so Levi hit his chest with a heavy fist.

The mask was printed on his retina, and his eyes were full of weirdness.

How could this man escape from his thunder and lightning?


In the next second, the body of the warhawk Thor burst open and turned into blood mist.

The shocking scene shocked everyone present!

The warhawk Thor burst open under their noses…

Kill into blood mist with one punch!

Levi is invincible!

The Eagle Nation and the whole world are silent at this moment…


too strong!

Seventh Heaven’s strongest move did not hurt him at all!

Can he fight back?

How strong is he?

Everyone in Morendam breathed a sigh of relief.

They also thought of someone…

Everyone held their breath, and was extremely nervous.

After Levi killed the Warhawk Thor, he dragged the two dogs and moved on.

“Those who stand against me kill without mercy, kill without mercy…”

Levi’s momentum is like a rainbow.

Kill the enemy without leaving a piece of armor.

After some interception, no one dared to step forward.

They looked at the monster Levi in horror.

He is invincible.

They came forward to die…

Even Richard was going to be beaten.

Levi destroyed the Domination Alliance in one fell swoop.

Later, this mystery made trouble in the Heavenly Palace in the War Eagle Nation, but no one could help him?

Soon, Levi passed through Lake City and walked to the southern border of War Eagle Nation.

“Stop him, you must stop him! At all costs!”

The various circles of the Warhawk Nation have been humiliated, and they are all crazy.

The hole cards are all out.

On a high mountain on the outskirts of Lake City, several figures gathered.

Everyone is the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse!

A Seventh Heaven can’t kill you, so what about a lot of Seventh Heaven experts?

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