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Chapter 1757

Levi’s attitude was firm and he didn’t give any chance at all.

Let them fend for themselves.

Not only that.

Levi immediately issued the order-

All people who left Morendam nationality before are not allowed to enter Morendam again, let alone restore their status.

This order was issued by Levi himself, no matter what the identity of the other party, it won’t work!

When this order came out, it caused dissatisfaction among countless people.

Now Morendam has demonstrated unprecedented strength.

Plus, most people are not so happy living abroad.

After all, the network resources are in Morendam, and the money is also in Morendam.

In foreign countries, they just eat their laurels.

There will always be one day to finish eating.

And they found that foreign countries are using their value to squeeze them.

They are not really welcome.

When they are drained of value, they will be driven out.

Especially the recent big moves of War Eagle Nation made them deeply aware of this.

Morendam is the best.

They have to return to Morendam as soon as possible.

Therefore, due to various factors, those who fled before want to come back.

Even some celebrities have already bought tickets and want to take the flight back.

As a result, Levi suddenly gave such an order, which made many people directly dumbfounded.

Several old people could only scold Levi’s six relatives for not admitting, but there was no way.

After Levi’s order was issued, it was quickly implemented everywhere.

However, there was a lot of opposition and resistance.

Some people, relying on their power and status, have to forcibly break in, and the two sides may even clashed.

The next day, Levi received a call from Xiao Feng to say something important.

It turned out that the largest port in Jianghai City is about to arrive at a 10,000-ton cruise ship

The passengers on this cruise ship are all wealthy celebrities who have left the Morendam nationality before.

Now that the danger of Great Xia is lifted, these people will come back.

As a result, Levi’s order blocked their plan to return to Morendam.

So some of them are in the East Island, Star Country’s rich and famous celebrities gathered together.

They want to come back together.

Therefore, they chartered a cruise ship and returned with thousands of upper class people.

In their view, all of their cruise ships are elites.

No matter where they are, they are valuable.

They believe that Morendam will not reject their elite group.

What’s more, the people on the cruise ship are powerful and powerful.

Who dares to stop?

What’s more terrifying is that the big celebrities on the cruise ship unexpectedly released the news that they were coming back to Morendam and asked fans to pick them up!

The news that dozens of hundreds of celebrity Internet celebrities came back came out.

Their fans are not calm.

The cruise ship arrives at 12 noon.

These fans came to the port early at five or six o’clock to grab a spot, and they all wanted to be the first to receive their favorite star.

The tricky problem is that there are more and more fans.

According to the news from Xiao Feng, the port has already gathered 50,000 fans, and the number is still increasing.

He can’t handle this matter.

Then I asked Levi for help.

Levi’s face changed drastically when he heard it.

This group of actors really have the means to come up with such a trick to get fans to pick it up.

This is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to deal with.

You can’t beat fans or drive them away.

In that case, the impact will be too great.

Therefore, even if Xiao Feng was a supreme-level powerhouse, he was helpless in the face of this matter.

Especially the fans are getting more and more, it is difficult to control.

“Wait for me, I will take care of this myself!”

Levi immediately went to the port of Jianghai City.

“This group of fans is so pitiful, I don’t even know that they have been used.”

Chapter 1758

Levi was sitting in the helicopter and saw a crowd of fans on the ground.

He couldn’t help sighing.

A group of innocent people!

“This trick is very vicious! Use fans to counter us! Once we have any excessive behavior, it will definitely have a huge impact!”

Xiao Feng explained after seeing Levi.

Xiao Feng is also an extremely intelligent person, but he can’t handle this kind of situation.

You can’t use force, right?

At this moment, the number of fans is almost 100,000.

Crowded the small port.

As soon as Levi arrived, the cruise ship from Star Country had also arrived at the port.

About to log in!

On the deck of the cruise ship, thousands of elites are looking at the port.

Everyone smiled when they saw the crowds of fans.

The leading stars Gao Xiangcheng and Zion Xuebing were even more excited.

“Look, how about our approach?”

It turned out that the fans were the ones who came up with the idea.

The more fans came, the less Morendam dared to target them.

So before they set off, they incited fans to pick up the ship…

Not only that, they also invited dozens of internationally renowned media on the cruise ship.

In this way, even if they are driven out, these media will release the news, which will have a great impact.

I have to say that they are very smart.

A lot of preparations were made, so Morendam had no reason to drive them away.

Under the public opinion of all parties, they can only be allowed to enter Morendam and restore their identities.

They can continue to make money and continue to have a high position in Morendam.

The things that fled Morendam before had no effect on them at all.


Finally, the cruise ship docked at the port.

These fans are starting to go crazy.

Can you not be excited to see so many stars at such close range?

The fans were crazy about rushing over, but fortunately, Xiao Feng arranged someone in advance to keep them out.

But it was just blocking.

If anything happens, this group of fans may get out of control.

These can’t stop them at all.

“Gao Xiangcheng!!!”

“Zion Xuebing!!!”

“Welcome back!”

“Welcome, welcome, warm welcome!”

“Morendam’s door is always open for you! You are always welcome back!”

The fans screamed frantically, it was as if whoever dared to stop these celebrities, they would be desperate.

Nearly 100,000 fans chanted together, the scene was too grand.

Xiao Feng and others couldn’t stop it if they wanted to.

The situation is more serious than they thought.

They only have to dare to say a word.

These 100,000 fans can eat them.

Not to mention the impact.

After stopping at the port.

Gao Xiangcheng and these people first let the international media go round.

“This is the number one Korean media company in Eastern Continent!”

“This is the largest Kevin Media company in Western Continent!”

These media began to introduce identities as soon as the downstream rounds, and used equipment to start filming, and even live broadcast.


Upon seeing this, Xiao Feng was dying of a headache.

In this way, they don’t even have a chance to block the news.

Unless all these media are killed.

But how is it possible?

The matter is more serious than they thought.

Xiao Feng clenched his fists: “I’m afraid this matter will be difficult to deal with, or it can’t be dealt with anymore!”

At this time, the elites of Gao Xiangcheng went down one by one.

“Who let you down, get me back!!!”

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