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Chapter 1777

Of course, Levi was not here because he wanted to send Junjun to a certain force.

He went, just to tell everyone-accepting my daughter as a disciple, you are not worthy!

So Levi was just trying to teach those people.

It’s just that there are a lot of people facing this wave.

Nearly hundreds of powerful forces.

In the past two days, Levi is still concerned about the Shenlong science and technology base.

However, the news from Wen Lei said that everything was normal.

Levi didn’t think much about it.

Wen Lei is staring, and it is estimated that there will be nothing wrong with Wood Zhengjie.

Soon, it was three days later.

The reception ceremony shocked Morendam and the whole world.

Morendam’s martial arts forces released news one after another-whoever touched a finger of the emperor would be an enemy of the entire Morendam martial arts world.

As a result, there are a lot less people from abroad who want to get rid of Junjun.

After all, behind this kid is the entire Morendam martial arts world!

Jiangbei Grand City Villa.

This is where today’s apprenticeship ceremony is.

These ancient forces in the Morendam martial arts world emerged one after another.

Three days ago, a total of seventy-four waves appeared.

However, the one who came today has long since surpassed a hundred forces.

And it is still increasing.

For a genius like Junjun, everyone wants to accept disciples.

Especially today is the reception ceremony.

So many ancient forces have all been forced out.

It is estimated that there were at most three or four powers in which the Seven Heavenly Powers were in charge.

But now it is said to be more than two fingers.

this is too scary!

Previously, there were five Seven Heavenly Powers consecutively in the Eagle Nation, which shocked the whole world.

Now there are dozens of Seventh Heavenly Powers who want to accept the monarch as disciples.

Junjun’s face is too great.

Grand City Mountain Villa is very big, but today, it is almost full of people.

Lords from hundreds of forces gathered here, and there were tens of thousands of them.

It can be described as an unprecedented flourishing age!

Aroused the attention of the whole world!

Even Wood Zhengjie and the others are paying attention to all this silently!

Jun Jun is now famous.

In addition, the Tianjiao on the Daxiadi list almost never showed up.

I don’t know the strength is strong, but the popularity is not high, so you can say that.

Since Da Xia Tian Di’s ranking came back out of the arena, all attention has been on Jun Jun alone.

Jun Jun alone ignited the entire Morendam martial arts world!

Soon after, Levi brought Junjun and others to Grand City Mountain Villa.

The Logan and Mann families were shocked when they saw this posture.

This group of warriors is not nonsense, after a simple rule, it will begin.

The major powers give all kinds of benefits to the family behind the monarch.

For example, various cultivation resources and so on.

It is equivalent to holding a few ordinary families to the point of skyrocketing!

Soon the apprenticeship ceremony began.

And this time, it wasn’t just for Jun Jun to accept disciples.

Instead, he received disciples from the whole university.

These ancient forces must discover as many geniuses as possible!

After all, there is only one Jun Jun!

All other forces will face the problem of deflation.

Some weaker forces voluntarily gave up fighting for the emperor.

They looked at other genius seedlings.

There are many people in Morendam, so naturally there is no shortage of such geniuses.

So today’s apprenticeship ceremony, many people came.

Such a situation is what Colin and even the Baolong clan want to see.

After all, this is a good thing to promote Morendam’s strength.

After the ceremony began, the major forces began to berserk the seedlings of the major geniuses.

Even Sarah and Regina were spotted.

However, due to their special identities, no one directly grabbed them.

About an hour later.

Everyone has robbed the genius seedlings.

Jun Jun is left alone.

It is also the focus of the reception ceremony.

“HallLord of the Phoenix Palace, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse!”

“HallLord of the Hall of Seven Lights, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse!”

“HallLord of Tianwu Palace, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse!”

Hundreds of forces showed their strongest trump cards one by one.

Chapter 1778

The power of the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse came out.

All other forces were eclipsed.

After all, they don’t have a strong man at this level, even if they accept the monarch as a disciple, they may not be able to protect it.

What if someone comes to grab it?

Can’t protect it!

So as soon as these dozens of forces appeared, the other forces silently gave up.

It is impossible to compete!

Before they were also the influence of Junjun.

Until now, I understand how popular this kid is!

“Let’s discuss it carefully, the probability that you can choose is only a dozen forces!”

Finally, the problem was thrown to Levi and them.

From these dozens of forces, choose one to be your teacher.

One says one.

There are seven heavenly powerhouses in charge, and Junjun’s safety and future are no problem.

After all, the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse is too rare.

Levi killed five consecutively and was on the big summer list.

Sarah began to discuss with his family, everyone was arguing and Levi was hanging aside.

At first, everyone was excited about the discussion, but then suddenly realized a problem…

If one of them is chosen, what will happen to the other forces?

Will definitely be angry!

Even enmity!

In the future, I am afraid that the life of Logan and Mann’s family will not be better.

It will even be devastated.

So I didn’t choose that one!

Everyone was embarrassed for a while.

Because of these dozens of forces, their strengths are roughly equal.

Choose one and definitely offend the other ten.


The real big problem!

If you choose one, that force will definitely protect the monarch, but others may not be able to protect the safety of others.

A full half an hour passed, and everyone did not discuss a result.

Instead, everyone was nervous to sweat.

Which one will not be suitable…

All of them are martial artists who are capable of the gods, and if they are not happy, they will all shoot you to death.

“Has your family negotiated a result? Have you decided where to send this child?”

At this time, someone came to ask.

“Finally, give us a little more time, we have to think about it!”

Everyone hesitated.

“Hurry up, all the major forces are urging them!”

“I am annoyed by these people, I can’t eat it!”

Now everyone is even more embarrassed.

I don’t know how to choose.

At this time, Levi’s voice sounded: “Leave this to me! I’ll choose one for Jun Jun!”


Everyone’s eyes fell on Levi alone.

Suddenly someone’s eyes lit up.

“Let Junjun’s father choose! Don’t mix too much with the rest of us, let’s go quickly!”

“Yes, yes, let Junjun’s father choose! This is his right!”

Everyone agreed.

But everyone is making wishful thinking.

If you let Levi choose, then all the consequences will be added to Levi alone.

If other forces find trouble, they will also find Levi.

Have nothing to do with people like them.

But the forces selected by Junjun can become their backers.

They just want to enjoy it.

Any risk is borne by Levi alone!

This is really great!

“This matter is the responsibility of the child’s father, so we won’t be involved!”

In the end, the old lady and her group took Sarah and others to leave Grand City Villa.

Levi and Junjun are left behind.

Anyway, everyone knows that Jun Jun will be fine, and Levi was in front of him.

Finally, Levi led Junjun to the court.

Hundreds of forces stared at the father and daughter.

“Junjun’s father, have you decided yet?”

The lord of Tianwu Hall asked coldly.

Others began to urge Levi to make a decision as soon as possible.

Levi scanned the audience for a week and said with a smile: “Sorry, everyone here is not qualified to accept my daughter as a disciple!”

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