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Chapter 1781

“You… are you Levi?”

“The same technique as Levi!”

Before dying, the eyes of the thirteen Seventh Heavenly Powerhouses were full of horror.

Those who had just played against Levi knew this very well.

So the people in front of them all suspect that it is Levi.


After finishing all this, the mysterious person posing as Levi took out a white handkerchief and wiped his hands.

His eyes shone brightly.

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Immediately, he left the Grand City Villa.

This is something that no one had thought of anyway.

The reception ceremony will suddenly become a massacre.

All tens of thousands of Lords died.

None of them were left.

It also contains a total of thirteen Seven Heavenly Powerhouses.

If this matter spreads out, I’m afraid it will shock the whole world…

Tens of thousands of Lords were instantly destroyed, which was a fatal blow to the Morendam martial arts world!

The dead Lords did not expect such a tribulation.

Levi didn’t expect that someone would impersonate him and kill tens of thousands of Lords.

It uses exactly the same technique as him.

And there is no trace of imitation!

After all, so many forces want to accept monarchs as disciples, just to have a contradiction with Levi.

His motive for slaughter has been established.

It’s still his practice.

What’s more, everyone on the scene was dead, and there were no witnesses at all, which is equivalent to a real deal.

The most critical point is that although the apprenticeship ceremony has attracted worldwide attention.

Maybe no one was close to inquire about the news at all.

After all, they are all Lords, and it is impossible for anyone to approach them.

Coupled with the fact that someone deliberately planned all this, this thing was basically locked up, and it was Levi who did it.

Not long after the mysterious man left the villa.

A group of people came here.

They are the Tiance Mansion that is as famous as the Baolong clan and maintains the balance of the Baolong clan.

As the strongest martial arts institution in Morendam.

Now that they are born, they naturally have to take care of Morendam’s affairs.

The Reception Ceremony is now abnormal, and the Lord of Tiance Mansion rushed to it for the first time.

They consist of four people, codenamed Tianlong, Earthhu, Xuanlang, and Yellow Fox.

After entering Grand City Villa, everyone was shocked by the terrifying scene before them.

“What happened?”

Everyone was shocked again and again.

Start looking around.

“Dead, all dead, no one is left alive!”

“It’s terrible, it’s all a one-shot kill! So is the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse!”

The result after checking was even more shocking.

“By the way, have you seen Levi’s family? They are the focus of the ceremony!”

Asked Tianlong, who was nearly two meters tall.

The bald tiger shook his head: “I didn’t see it!”

A mysterious wolf in white, with a cold face, said without emotion: “Levi’s family is not here!”

Huang Fox, the only female of the four, exclaimed: “I have a major discovery!”


The three immediately surrounded them.

“These people die in the same way!”

Huang Fox’s beautiful face was full of solemnity.

“Does that mean that they were all killed by one person?”

Tianlong asked.


“It was killed by one person, and it was still a magic power!”

“It’s the news from the Baolong clan a few days ago: Levi is using the same technique as that of the big demon!”

Huang Austin said coldly.

The other three continued to examine the body.

Xuan Lang was expressionless: “It’s really this magic skill! It’s exactly like that big demon!”

“Yes, that’s right! It’s him!”

Several people directly affirmed on the spot.

The four people looked at each other, and they all had the same idea.

“According to the news, those wicked ways are worshipped by Levi! Levi will not hesitate to save them!”

“All this shows that Levi is the new demon!”

“Then you can be sure that Levi did all the deaths of these people today!”

Chapter 1782

All clues and evidence refer to what Levi did!

Almost a real hammer!

There is no reason to prove that someone else did it!

“The motive for the murder is very simple! These people wanted to accept his daughter as a disciple, and he killed them all in a fit of anger!”

“In addition, the temperament of this demon is moody! There is no reason to do things in many cases!”

“Yes, there is no doubt about this matter. Levi did it! Even if someone wants to frame him, he doesn’t have the strength. He can kill everyone in just a few minutes, including the thirteen Seventh Heavenly Powers. !”

“Yes, this matter is confirmed, it is Levi!”

The Tianlong four immediately made a judgment.

Huang Fox collected all the evidence.

“The Baolong clan mentioned this issue before, reminding Tiance Mansion to pay attention to Levi, his identity is too special!”

“Yeah, we didn’t care before! Now think about the fact that the king of the word side by side is a big demon, what a terrible thing would it be? How dangerous will it be to the Morendam martial arts world, to Morendam?”

Huang Austin reminded.

Hearing this, everyone was startled in a cold sweat.

“Yes, look at his casual shot, it will be such a devastating blow to Morendam Martial Arts!”

“Also, he has a large group of crooked ways, all of them are time bombs! Once there is a problem, it will be a disaster!”

Several people said.

“How should this matter be resolved?”

Earth Tiger asked.

“First, immediately destroy everything present, block the news, and don’t let this matter go out. It’s as if it didn’t happen!”

“Second, immediately report to Tiance Mansion and Baolong Clan, and let them decide how to deal with it. We don’t have enough authority!”

Tianlong puts forward a plan.

Everyone immediately executed.

“By the way, the purpose of our visit this time, everyone has forgotten it?”

Huang Austin reminded.

“Yeah, this time we are here to see the talent of Levi’s child Junjun!”

Others all showed their suddenly realized expressions.

Tiance Mansion is here.

Just for Jun Jun.

Others may not believe Tianji Pavilion’s introduction to Junjun’s talent.

But they absolutely believed in Tiance Mansion.

This time they are sent here to check Junjun’s talents.

Basically, they wanted to bring Junjun back to Tiance Mansion.

With Junjun’s talent, few people are really qualified to accept her as an apprentice.

In the end, Junjun will probably enter Tiance Mansion or Baolong clan.

“Now it seems that our Tiance Mansion must take away this Junjun! Her father is a great demon. With such a high talent, if she is cultivated into the next great demon, there will be endless troubles!”

“Horrible! Does this great demon possess such a high level of talent? God is really unfair!”

Tianlong’s eyes flickered: “From this point of view, there must be a third thing-to receive Junjun from Tiance Mansion!”

In the end, this matter was forcibly suppressed by Tiance Mansion.

The news didn’t spread at all.

Even if Levi was in Xiao Feng, they didn’t even know.

No one knew what happened to Morendam.

The martial arts world has lost a lot of power…

This is exactly what the people who framed Levi wanted to see.

It has caused a conflict between Levi and Baolong.

The Logan and Mann families are also immersed in the joy of Junjun’s high talent.

Even Levi didn’t care.

But I did not expect an unprecedented event to happen.

He has been given the title of Great Demon.

At this moment, the Tianlong members of Tiance Mansion had already met with the senior officials of Colin.


The senior officials of Colin were also shocked.

Unexpectedly, such a thing happened.

They wanted to defend Levi.

But the bloody facts lay ahead.

“Wait, he must have the next move!”

Colin asked: “By the way, who you said is the Lord of the king, who is that great demon?”

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