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Chapter 1881

Levi didn’t want a tragedy to happen, and he didn’t want to fight around.

What good and evil?

Are you not from Morendam?

He wants to stop!

In addition, the hiding place of the Heretic God’s forces is extremely concealed, and it has not been discovered for so long.

Why did you find it at this time?

There must be a problem!

“The little Lord is not good, there are traitors among us! They exposed the whereabouts! It is our fault!”

On the way, the seven evil gods already knew the truth.

Speaking of betrayal, hasn’t Levi ever experienced it?

Wushuang City is one of them.

They personally pushed the three of Jun Jun into the fire pit!

This account Levi remembers.

In the southern border of Morendam, somewhere deep in the mountains.

A fight is going on.

“Lord Lin, we rescued you, you have to testify for us! We are on your side and won’t follow Levi!”

Someone rescued Lin Tianlong and his party.

It was they who had betrayed the seven evil gods and revealed the place where the evil gods were hiding.

The reason for their betrayal is simple!

Although the seven evil gods surrendered to Levi.

But many people under him were dissatisfied with Levi’s rules and regulations, especially the rules of no murder, no free movement, etc., which made these people totally unbearable.

When he followed Huoyun Cthulhu in the past, his old man never restrained them!

Instead, it gives them a world of freedom and lets them do whatever they want.

Let them kill people!

Let them do anything that can deter others!

It is to teach them a truth: only the strong can survive.

In the era of Cthulhu, they did all evil and became the existence that everyone feared.

But Levi’s idea was completely opposite to Huoyun Cthulhu.

Levi actually wanted these demons to change their hearts and become good people.

Constrain them in all aspects!

So even though Levi is very powerful now, the Tiance Mansion has been crippled.

But many people are dissatisfied with Levi!

They would rather live the life of licking blood, so much at ease.

Not willing to follow Levi!

Therefore, after a round of consultation, they rebelled.

They rescued Lin Tianlong and his party and revealed the location to ensure their safety in Morendam.

Finally, they will leave Morendam and go to the evil spirits overseas.

After the Evil God Fire Cloud disappeared, a group of people was forced to an area with harsh environment.

There is also the equivalent of a person fleeing overseas. They united with many high gestures overseas to form a huge organization.

Codenamed “Bible”.

In the end, they all have to take refuge in the Bible.

This is their confidence to betray Levi…

“Don’t worry, you saved us, I know!”

Under the support of Lin Tianlong and several people.

These betrayers escaped safely one by one.

No one embarrassed them.

It is estimated that someone from the back will react, and they have all fled overseas.

Lin Tianlong waved at Fu Jia and the two again: “Let’s go, let’s leave! When I move in for reinforcements, I will come to Levi for revenge!”

It’s just that the two of Fu Jia didn’t move, but stood there hesitantly.

“What? Are you hesitating? Are you really Levi’s women?”

“He is the number one demon! What are you doing with him?”

Lin Tianlong sounded hoarse.

“Come here, take them away!”

Lin Tianlong ordered the Lord of the family to forcibly take Fu Jia away.

Shortly after.

Levi arrived with a few people.

Stopped this fight.

Minimize casualties…

“What about the traitors? What about those who betrayed us?”

Levi asked.

The seven evil gods looked at each other, showing embarrassed expressions.

“What’s wrong? Where did they go?”

Levi asked.

“They went overseas and turned to the Bible Organization!”

“Bible Organization? What is that?”

Levi was curious.

“That is an extremely terrifying existence!”

Chapter 1882

“In fact, there were a total of 13 Cthulhus under the Cthulhu God! The other six took away the strongest power of Cthulhu after the Cthulhu disappeared, and joined many powerful forces overseas to form a Bible organization!”

“Let’s put it this way, the Bible organization is listed as a taboo by the strongest institutions in overseas countries! Overseas countries dare not provoke!”

The seven evil gods explained.

“Among the seven of us, the Sword Evil God and the Black Evil God are the strongest! But among the other six, three are better than them! Especially the strongest one is terrifying!”

Speaking of which one came, the seven evil gods present became ugly.

Even sucked in cold air.

Levi immediately understood which one is so strong.

It is not easy to make the seven evil gods show such a timid look.

“Which one is infinitely close to the existence of the Fire Cloud Cthulhu! At least 80% of the strength is there! It can definitely be crushed against us!”

Sword Evil Shinto.

Levi shook his head helplessly: “Okay, just run away! There is no way!”

“These traitors can’t upset any storms. What we are afraid of is the Bible organization! I’m afraid the Bible organization will make trouble!

The seven evil gods showed deep worries.

“Afraid of what they do? What’s more, this is Morendam! Whoever dares to come, I will let whoever die!”

Levi didn’t take this matter to heart.

He is now devoting himself to the plum.

Of course there is also the issue of the East Island forces.

Their existence makes him still Morendam’s demon, and everyone is playing the role.

Levi came out of this bad breath!

Since Levi fled, the entire Tiance Mansion has been silent.

No one dared to speak!

As the strongest institution of Furutake!

How to bear such a shame?

They can’t even lift their heads!

“What should I do now? Let Levi be so presumptuous?”

“But Levi is too strong, and I don’t know if he has any helpers, who can shake him?”

Even Tiance Mansion was helpless.

The key, Levi, escaped from the chain of the dragon, bringing them shame.

The experts in Tiance Mansion had no face to trouble Levi.

Now all Morendam is looking forward to someone defeating Levi.

I look forward to the person who defeated Levi before to make another move!

But this is difficult!

Everyone knows it!

At this moment, the Common Killer God, who was the second highest in the ranking, uttered a voice.

He has written a statement to Levi.

The time and place Levi is coming.

Come to a life and death duel!

Levi had to wait for his disposal if he lost.

If he loses, he must kill Levi.

In an instant, the whole Morendam boiled.

People cheered.

Commoner Killing God can stand up at this time, worthy of a generation of Lords!

They hope that Commoner Killing God will defeat Levi in one fell swoop!

Levi smiled when he received the Zhanshu.

“The Common Killer is very strong! It is the wrong time! If you are in the same era with the Lord, you may not be able to compete with the Lord!”

The black evil god said such a sentence.

This is the biggest evaluation of Commoner Killing God!

He can compete with the Huoyun Evil God!

Powerful horror!

“Book of engagement!”

Levi smiled.

Afterwards, the news came out-Levi took over the battle book of Commoner Killing God.

It was agreed that three days later, a battle will be held at the site of the Eastern Frontier Battlefield.

This place was once the place where Morendam Warriors fought against the invaders who ruled the Alliance.

Levi’s selection of the decisive battlefield here can be regarded as a reminder to the world!

News of the decisive battle between the two sides spread all over the world.

Everyone is looking forward to this battle.

Many places have opened gambling on which of the two will win?

For now, Commoner Killing God has a bigger win.

Morendam voices unanimously, hoping that Commoner Killing God will win!

Commoner Killing God was the second place in the previous rankings, and now so many years have passed, the strength is becoming more and more unfathomable.

Who knows what state he has reached?

This battle cannot be avoided.

Represents “good and evil”.

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