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Chapter 1885

Levi’s threat was too great.

Even if he is now the opposite of Morendam.

But he is too strong and too strong.

Plus there are seven evil gods.

The greatest threat.

There are not many people who are sober in Morendam.

Levi counted as one.

Still the most important one.

Severely hindered many enemies!

A lot of people are pierced in the flesh!

So Richard and the East Island forces will do whatever it takes!

There were only two days left until the battle between Levi and Commoner Killing God.

In a secluded courtyard in the capital.

In the small courtyard, there were more than twenty people sitting.

Everyone is extraordinary, and he is the overlord of one party.

Everyone’s eyes are fanatical and reverent.

Looking at the man in the room drinking tea.

The man was spotlessly dressed in a white gown.

The appearance is ordinary to no more ordinary, and there is no special temperament.

But who would have thought that he was the famous commoner killer.

This is also the biggest reason why he can hide in the city.

Because he is an ordinary person.

Prefer to live a modern life.

He also prefers his apprentice to call him a teacher instead of a Lord.

The twenty-odd people sitting below are all disciples of Common Killer.

Some he taught martial arts, some were the way of life, some were medicine…

Anyone who has been directed by the Common Killer God has become a giant in all walks of life.

Now that their teacher is out of the mountain, these people are all here.

“Teacher, how sure are you against Levi?”

Someone asks below.

Ask a question that the whole world wants to know.

How sure is the commoner to kill God!

The Common Killer thought for a while, and slowly said: “Before 50% sure!”

The next second, Common Killer picked up an ancient sword.

“Now, ten percent!”

“God Sword Sky! Can’t open the scrap iron, open the world invincible!”


With a blast of swords, Common Killer pulled out the ancient sword.

All of a sudden, the cold light shot everywhere, like fire.

It was so shaking that everyone couldn’t open their eyes.

Especially when they felt the terrifying killing intent of sword aura, everyone couldn’t help a cold war.

too frightening!

As soon as the divine sword came out, the world was invincible.

Divine Sword Sky is an invincible artifact, known as the existence of God blocking and killing God!

Whoever gets this artifact will be invincible!

Countless people have searched, including the power of the East Island Star Country.

But this artifact was accidentally obtained by Common Killer!

So now Commoner Killing God is so confident!

With this artifact, he is confident that he can win Levi!

“Students wish the teacher victory in advance!”

The students in the audience said Lloyd Lloyd.

“The rumor has it that the sky of Divine Sword is murderous and invincible!”

“But not everyone can use the Excalibur Sky! Even if you get it, you can’t pull it out! It can’t be pulled out like scrap iron!”

“Teacher is the only one who can pull out the heavens of the divine sword in a hundred years! This time Levi will undoubtedly lose!”

The students have full confidence in the teacher.

In their eyes, Levi will undoubtedly lose!

“Teacher, can you show the Divine Sword Sky to the students?”

The speaker is Hao Yuxuan, and he is currently developing in Dongdao.

Commoner did not expect to kill God.

Hao Yuxuan actually went to the East Island forces now.

His move is the task assigned to him by the boss.

“it is good!”

The Common Killer handed the Divine Sword Sky to him unsuspectingly!

A flash of cold light flashed in Hao Yuxuan’s eyes.

He will do tricks.

By then, it was not just Levi who would die.

Even the commoner kills the gods to die!

It’s just that no one in the room can notice it.

The message of the Divine Sword Sky spread out, and the whole world was in an uproar.

Levi’s winning side is even smaller!

The seven evil gods are anxious.

I want to find a magical tool for Levi to fight against the Common Killer God.

However, Levi shut himself in a remote place and delved into ancient books carefully.

Regardless of everything outside.

Soon, the next day was the day of the decisive battle.

Levi came here this night but something big happened…

Chapter 1886

In order not to be disturbed, Levi sent the seven evil gods away.

He is alone in the villa.

Reading through ancient books only to find a way to save Sarah.

But at night, Levi noticed the fluctuations.




More and more powerhouses appear in the villa, and they are constantly increasing.

This was something Levi didn’t expect.

There are still people coming to trouble him now?

Tiance Mansion didn’t dare anymore!





Countless Lords poured in from outside, killing Levi directly.

A handful of samurai swords glowed with cold light, filled with terrible sword aura, intertwined into a net.

Levi is about to be strangled to death!

“Samurai Higashishima?”

Levi muttered to himself.

Regardless of everyone wearing black clothes, they are all powerhouses in the Seventh Heaven, and they still join forces to attack.


“court death!!!”

Spring thunder burst into Levi’s mouth, and unparalleled power burst out of his body.



The samurai swords in the hands of the Higashishima Samurai shattered like mud.



They flew out one by one.

This is a force they have never encountered before.

So strong!

Many Lords outside, a thought flashed in their minds.

But they are not afraid!

Those who came this time were dead men!

None of them planned to go back alive!

If it can be severely injured, it will be severely injured. If it cannot be severely injured, at least it will be injured.

Even if it can’t hurt, at least it consumes…

All Lords come with this idea!

Levi got out of the room and saw that there were densely packed people in the courtyard of the villa.

The surrounding roofs and walls are full of Lords…

There is no one below the seventh heaven…

There are everything from the eighth heaven, comparable to the big summer list.

In addition to the East Island Samurai, there are also super powers and mutant powerhouses.

There are even strong mechas and modern technological weapons.

Such a big posture, even the Tiance Mansion did not encircle and suppress Levi.

This lineup is too strong!


But who would have thought that such a lineup was just to consume Levi!

This is the plan of Richard and the East Island forces!

In this decisive battle, Levi must die!

So they have to do everything possible to make Levi dying…

So on the night before the decisive battle, Richard and the East Island forces spent a huge price and sent a large number of Lords to consume Levi.

The result they wanted was to kill Levi the best.

It couldn’t be killed, at least Levi was hit hard at a huge price.

No matter what he did, Levi would never fight against Commoner to kill God in his heyday.

In particular, Richard and the East Island forces sent out their hole cards so vigorously, spending the greatest price to consume Levi.

It’s definitely not as simple as letting him get a slight injury!

At least it has to be a moderate injury!

So in this way, Levi will undoubtedly die in a battle with Commoner Killing God the next day!

This is why the forces on the East Island were surprised and disagreed for the first time after Richard proposed the plan.

Because this plan will directly consume half or even more of their hole cards!

No one wants this!

So they reacted so much!

What’s more, half of Richard’s power must be added!

The price is simply too big.

But in order to get rid of Levi, they gave it up!

Now to deal with Levi is half the power of the East Island power, and half of the power sent by Richard.

So the lineup is too luxurious!

In order to severely damage Levi!

They made these Lords into dead men!

Everyone has no other consciousness, just want to kill Levi!

Levi faced a group of lunatics!

A lunatic who has nothing before!

“We spend such a big price, Levi will at least have to be seriously injured?”

This is what they think in their hearts.

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