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Chapter 1909

Not only everyone did not expect it!

Tiance Mansion did not expect it!

However, Tianji Pavilion exists independently and is not related to Tiance Mansion.

When other agencies of Tiance Mansion need to provide help, Tianji Pavilion will only provide assistance.

They will not take the initiative to provide anything to Tiance Mansion, nor will they follow orders.

They are only responsible for collecting geniuses and wonders and collecting secrets.

It’s not that you don’t participate in all disputes.

In layman’s terms, the two sides are equal!

They didn’t need to tell Tiance Mansion about the news about Levi being a heavenly doctor and many other things.

Therefore, Tiance Mansion currently does not know.

Of course, this is enough to show how terrifying Tianji Pavilion is!

The Evil God Huoyun once said such a sentence-Morendam’s real great horror lies in Tianji Pavilion!

This is enough to explain a lot of things!

The conversation in the Tianji Pavilion continues.

“How did Levi’s wife Sarah and Wen Lei survive that explosion? Someone saved it? I don’t believe it!”

“We looked up all the clues information, but there was no accurate answer!”

“According to what the two described, one person did save them, and there is no other explanation! With their own words, they couldn’t survive the explosion!”

“Who would this person be? Even our Heavenly Secret Pavilion can’t find out! It’s really strange!”

“I’m afraid it’s someone related to Levi! So far we can’t control how Levi becomes stronger…”

Extremely shocked!

The identity of Levi Tianyi was easily controlled by Tianji Pavilion.

But his Lord’s identity and whereabouts could not be captured by Tianji Pavilion.

The information revealed was simple-Lord Levi was terrible.

The news of the failure of the five dark angels quickly spread to the Bible organization.

What shocked the five dark angels was that the leaders of the Bible organization were not angry but laughed.

They all wanted to die.

Unexpectedly, the situation is very different.

“Okay, very good! Stronger than we estimated! This is a good thing!”

“This has strengthened our determination to recruit Levi! We must recruit Levi to join! At all costs!”

“Levi has to be tied back! It’s really not good, all the eighteen dark angels will go!”

Levi didn’t expect that his power had not only failed to shock.

Instead, it made them more determined!

This day.

Levi completely restored the physical strength of the top three Tianjiao!

And the three have improved a lot!

There will be further breakthroughs soon!

“Lord, you are really amazing! In such a short time, all these hundreds of arrogances can be restored! What a miracle!”

Everyone exclaimed.

“I have to wonder if you are a disciple of the old Lord, the old Lord does not have your medical skills!”

The clever sword evil god has already noticed something wrong.

Levi is so different from Huoyun Cthulhu!

Even the exercises are not like it anymore!

They didn’t know if it was an illusion or something, they felt that Levi was not a disciple of Huoyun Cthulhu at all.

It’s just that everyone dare not speak out.

“Do you care about me, how do you feel now?”

Levi asked.

How about his rules restricting them mainly?

“I think it’s good, and I’m used to it!”

Everyone nodded.

The evil god of poison also smiled and said, “Yes, after my poison experiment was replaced by animals, it’s okay!”

Even the evil god of blood smiled and said, “Since I have used animal blood or artificial blood, I have found that my strength has become stronger, not to mention, it also reduces the probability of getting injured by the devil!”

After almost accepting Levi’s rules, everyone felt good.

This is the charm of Levi!

Make a group of evil gods better!

Even the Seven Cthulhus felt that even if Levi was not a descendant of the Cthulhu, it would be nice to follow him.

After a few days, the plans of the East Island forces finally began.

Morendam was shocked…

Chapter 1910

The martial arts circles of Dongdao, Star Kingdom and 38 countries in Brandon Continent are going to resume the former Brandon Continent Tianjiao Tournament!

Except for Morendam, almost all the countries and regions in the Eastern Continent have agreed to restore the former Tianjiao Conference!

The so-called Oriental Continent Tianjiao Conference is a showdown between the young and powerful people from all regions of the Eastern Continent.

There will be a ranking of Dongfangzhou Tianjiao!

The Tianjiao who win over Dongfangzhou are on the list!

Choose the strongest Tianjiao!

The gold content of the list is higher than that of the Daxiadi list!

If the Tianjiao of that country and region is the strongest, that country and region will receive corresponding honors!

But the East Island Star Country they want more than just being on the list!

Their goal is the real key to the Tianjiao Conference!

According to the previous rules of the Dongfangzhou Tianjiao Conference, which country or region has the most Tianjiao on the list!

Then the Guwu institutions in this country or region will have the qualifications to coordinate and order all Tianjiao from other countries!

In other words, once Dongdao obtains this qualification.

Then Morendam’s Tianjiao will also be under their jurisdiction, and almost everything must be listened to by them!

It is equivalent to that Dongdao can restrain the development of the tianjiao of other countries, and give their own tianjiao the opportunity to advance by leaps and bounds!

It may sound absurd, but it has always been the way it is!

And this rule was set by Morendam, the overlord of Brandon Continent at the time!

At that time, the Morendam martial arts world was extremely prosperous, and all the other areas of Brandon Continent combined were invincible!

In that era, Morendam Martial Arts was the peerless overlord of Brandon Continent!

Publicly and privately, they don’t want to see the rise of martial arts in other regions, especially young seedlings, it is best to control it, which is equivalent to controlling the development of martial arts in other regions!

So Morendam Budo defines this rule!

To control the young talents of other countries and regions!

Since the start of the Dongfangzhou Tianjiao Conference, it has been held every thirty years. Every time it is the strongest of Morendam Tianjiao, not to mention occupying the top three, but also accounting for almost half of the quota.

Until the last session, Morendam has always dominated the East Continent!

The remaining countries and regions have no chance at all!

So East Island and other countries are extremely eager to get this qualification!

Once they get it, they will control the development of martial arts geniuses in all major regions of Eastern Continent!

Especially the super overlord Morendam!

Also be controlled by them!

This is the reason why the East Island forces first framed Levi and severely inflicted Morendam martial arts, and then abolished Morendam’s hundreds of Tianjiao!

After restarting the Tianjiao conference in this way, there is no Tianjiao in the Morendam martial arts world to attend the conference!

The top three injuries in the ground list disappeared, and all the martial arts of all the other Tianjiao were abolished, and there was no one that could be beaten!

The only gifted Junjun was too young and was taken away by Tiance Mansion!

Therefore, this Tianjiao Conference Morendam is a situation that no one can do…

No fighting power at all!

It used to be the first!

This time I am afraid that I will become the last one in Dongfangzhou!

This is the malicious plan of the East Island forces!

It’s just that Tiance Mansion has been slow to react!

Not only that, Dongdao and other major countries will hold this Tianjiao conference in Morendam!

The intention is extremely obvious!

Kill the heart!

Not only do Morendam have no one to come out, but also hold the Tianjiao Conference on Morendam’s land, so that Morendam will lose face!

In front of the 38 countries of Brandon Continent, in front of the whole world!

Morendam has always been a superpower!

If the Tianjiao Conference is held in Morendam as scheduled, both the strength of the martial arts world and the reputation will suffer an unprecedented blow!

Everyone in Morendam will not be able to look up at all!

Have to wait for thirty years!

This trick used by the East Island forces is really terrifying!

Not only to kill, but also to punish the heart!

For a while, Tiance Mansion panicked…

But for Levi, it was indeed strategizing.

“You finally started!”

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