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Chapter 1915

With this earth-shattering sound, tens of thousands of eyes glanced over.


Seeing him, everyone was stunned!

No one thought that everyone’s common “enemy” appeared at this moment!

However, Levi is not the protagonist!

The real protagonist is behind!

“God, this is the practice of Morendam Southern Realm Genius Yin! Ranked 89th in Morendam!”

“This is Cross Donglong, a genius from the North! Tianjiao ranked sixty-seventh in Morendam!”

“This turned out to be the twentieth genius on the Morendam Di list!”

“This, this is the thirteenth genius on the Daxiadi Ranking!”

“Morendam Di is ninth!”

“Eighth on the Daxiadi Ranking!”


The sound of everyone’s gasp was endless!

Is this dreaming?

When the gaze fell on the three of them, everyone in the room went crazy, and their eyes flew out.

The top three in the rankings all appeared…


The third mid-autumn in the Daxiadi ranking!

Zhongqiu is the strongest woman on the Morendam Di list!

Fu Jia has the title of Fairy Fu, and Zhong Qiu is the nickname Valkyrie!

It shows how strong she is!

The first and second place on the list are brothers, known as the strongest Gemini!

They have mysterious origins, and they are secular disciples of the ancient Shushan line!

It’s so outrageous!

Was jokingly called the descendant of the sword fairy!

Gemini and Valkyrie are naturally the top three strongest places ever!

If you add Junjun, it will be unimaginable!

Therefore, the geniuses of Morendam this year are the thorns in the eyes of the East Island and other major forces!

They will use all means to get rid of it!

It’s just that when everyone thought it was stable and there was no one in Morendam to leave, Levi actually brought them here!




Almost everyone present was dumbfounded!

No one thought that such a situation would be discovered!


It must be a dream!

This is the thought in everyone’s mind!

They don’t want to believe what they see before them!

It’s not just that they don’t want to believe it, not even Tiance Mansion and all the Morendam people present!

How is this possible?

How could Morendam’s strongest Top 100 Tianjiao appear?

Haven’t they been abolished?

Boyd Mai was forcibly destroyed and it was impossible to cultivate, let alone an ordinary person!

How can they come?

There are also the top three in the rankings. Under various pursuits, the whereabouts are unknown, and the life and death are uncertain…

How come they all appear here!

Tiance Mansion has been searched for a long, long time, and I haven’t even seen any hairs.

How did they show up?


All the people present looked incredible at the scene before them, and their expressions were frozen, like stone statues.

For a while, everyone couldn’t react!

After all, this is unimaginable!

“The one who said there was no one in Morendam?”

Levi’s voice sounded, which brought everyone back to reality one by one.

Gemini lifted a chair behind Levi, and Levi sat down.

Everyone was in a stable mood, and their faces were still shocked!


All this turned out to be true!

By now, everyone has to accept if they don’t accept it!

The hundreds of arrogances of Morendam are here!

The foundation of Morendam’s future is here!

The most important thing is that all Tianjiao’s bodies have recovered!

The auras are like dragons, and the sea of ​​blood is surging, where is there a little bit of wounded martial art that has been abandoned?

And the top three in the rankings didn’t mean that he was seriously injured?

One by one, like a okay person!

How is this going?

For a while, people from East Island, Star Kingdom and other countries were all gray and pale, and even their legs trembled!

Standing on a high platform, Hojo Yoshidori, who had just pointed the country, his arrogance was completely gone, his calves were trembling, and he was about to lose his footing!

He swallowed his saliva!

Unexpectedly, arrogantly shouted like this…

This this this…

This is a fierce kick on the iron plate!

Chapter 1916

Can’t get off the stage!

Hojo Yoshitō’s legs are now weak, and he doesn’t have the strength to get him down!

Looking at the audience, Morendam Hundreds of Heavenly Pride looked at him all together, Hojo Yoshido’s face was full of horror, and his desire to die was gone!

“Who allowed you to be arrogant on the Morendam site?”

“Say there is no one in Morendam, how dare you?”

Hundreds of heavenly arrogances asked questions together, the momentum was soaring, and the sky was obscured and left!


Hojo Yoshido couldn’t bear the pressure at all, and fell directly to his knees, just like a frustrated balloon.


too frightening!

Everyone present was so scared that their faces were pale, and they didn’t dare to say a word!

Morendam’s Tianjiao are too strong!

Not only that, someone soon discovered a big problem!

Become stronger!

Morendam’s hundreds of arrogances not only recovered their martial arts, their strength also increased a lot!

Some even greatly enhanced!

Even the top three strengths of the rankings are advancing by leaps and bounds!

What have they experienced?

Together with other countries have discovered this problem!

Not only have they all recovered, they are also stronger than before!


It’s like a disaster for them!

What is going on here?


In an instant, everyone looked at one person-Levi.

Whether it is from other countries, or Tiance Mansion in Morendam.

They all looked at Levi!

These arrogances are brought by him!

Then he solved all the problems!

He repaired hundreds of Tianjiao martial arts!

He found and cured the top three in the list!

He taught everyone to improve their strength!

Every question is solved instantly!

Many people remembered that sentence—you can always trust that man: Levi!

“Okay, don’t froze! Everyone is here, let’s start the conference!”

Levi couldn’t help but urged.

He looked at the great arrogances again and shouted: “Don’t shame me!”

“Teacher, please rest assured, I will wait to fulfill my mission!!!”

Morendam Hundreds of Heavenly Pride all bends over and said, showing awe of Levi on their faces!


There was another sound of cold breath.

A moment ago, everyone was amazed for the Tianjiao!

Now I am amazed by Levi!

Everyone in Tiance Mansion was dumbfounded!

They never expected that Levi would save Morendam in the end!

It is Levi, the demon who they regard as the enemy!

The last hope is him!

Tiance Mansion and those self-proclaimed decent people bowed their heads, their faces extremely ugly!

I didn’t dare to look at Levi again!

After Richard and others, who were following the Dongfangzhou Tianjiao Conference, knew that Levi had appeared, all of them went crazy!

Their plan was ruined by Levi again!

It was so perfect that Morendam fell into a passive situation, and Levi was broken again!


Hate it!

Levi, you must die!

The leaders of the East Island forces who planned all this are going crazy!

All the Tianjiao from various countries present were ashamed, bowed their heads and began to participate in the Tianjiao Conference!

The Dongfangzhou Tianjiao Conference is starting to draw the teams level by level!

After fierce battles, everyone was amazed!

Don’t think about the result!

The Tianjiao of Morendam has swept all over the world with a crushing momentum!

In the top ten, Morendam took up seven seats!

The first hundred accounted for 68 seats!

There is basically no sense of existence in other countries!

The two sides are not at the same level at all!

In the end, the Tianjiao Conference came to an end, and Morendam won again!

According to the rules, the talents of other countries in the Eastern Continent must be restrained by Morendam!

At this moment, thousands of people in Morendam are cheering!

They won again!

Because Levi was a descendant of the Heretic God before, Tiance Mansion temporarily suppressed the news.

There is no Levi in the external statement!

“You owe Teacher Garrison an apology!”

But hundreds of Tianjiao refused to agree.

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