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Chapter 1953

Levi also saw the true face of the ghost warrior!

He was shrouded in a special black costume, with a biochemical mask on his face, and he couldn’t see anything under the mask.

He was carrying a handful of samurai swords behind him, Levi initially estimated that there should be sixteen!

The whole person exudes a terrifying breath.

Every time he breathed, he made a terrifying sound, like a beast.


A booming sound.

The ghost warrior disappeared into a blue smoke!


The ghost warrior instantly appeared around Levi, splitting into eight clones instantly!

“Boom boom boom…”

Eight doppelgangers took the photo again!

This time it was even more difficult to tell that the figure was real!

Because the heavy palms taken by each figure are powerful!

It seems that his eight figures are real!

There are sixteen palms in a row, endless, palm after palm, one palm is better than one palm!



The earth kept shattering.


Levi took these sixteen palms with one punch!

The terrible thing is that the palm strength is tumbling, layer by layer, layer by layer stronger!

The 16-fold palm power progressed layer by layer, bombarding Levi.




With each heavy palm bombardment, Levi took a step back, and with each step, the earth shattered, showing a spider-web-like crack!

The destructive power is amazing!

After Levi was forced to retreat sixteen steps, dozens of football fields were full of dense spider webs.


With a bang, this area suddenly collapsed, and a huge pit appeared.

If you let ordinary people see it, you might think that there is a pit from the spacecraft when an alien visits it.

“So strong!!!”

Everyone couldn’t help but marvel when they saw the Oni Samurai showing their power.

Just now they always thought that Oni Samurai would only assassinate!

I didn’t expect to come directly to be stronger!

“Sure! It was you before, right?”

Levi thought of someone staring around the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

Now think about it, this guy in front of you!

“What are you doing in a daze? Together!”

The Oni Samurai shouted.

The death swordsman and other Lords all reacted.

Let’s attack Xiang Levi together!

The eight figures of the ghost warrior are in one, and they follow the others to kill Levi.

The two sides fought hard!

Levi was protecting He Qingxue while fighting with many Lords!

Also be prepared for secret attacks at all times!


The ghost warrior changed again, splitting into eight figures, like eight ghosts roaring to kill Levi.

The Death Swordsman and others also attacked and killed one after another.

The witch on the side tried to use witchcraft to interfere with Levi.

For a moment, Levi was in danger again.

Pulling He Qingxue to avoid constantly, several wounds appeared on her body!

It can be described as dangerous!

“Continue to increase the attack! Don’t give Levi a chance to breathe!”

Richard is still directing.

Everyone of the Death Swordsmen showed their skills!

The witch is also trying her best to interfere with Levi’s mood and consciousness…


The eight figures in the air of the Oni Samurai suddenly split into two, turning into sixteen figures!



This is the ultimate killing of Oni Samurai!

That is the figure he can differentiate the most!


In other words, it is twice as strong as before!

Eight clones are enough to make Levi so embarrassed!

How terrible the sixteen clones would be!

As you can imagine!


Under the siege of many people, Levi finally couldn’t bear it.

Stabbed with a knife by a ghost warrior, blood splashed!

Had it not been for the burden of He Qingxue, Levi wouldn’t be like this.

But there is him!

“Go harder! Kill Levi directly!”

Seeing Levi being forced to the point where there was nowhere to escape, everyone showed excitement.

Increased the attack on Levi!

Chapter 1954

Lords such as the Death Swordsman joined forces to attack Levi with a powerful pressure.

The sixteen ghost warriors found the right time to assassinate Levi!

The most terrifying thing is the Oni Samurai, his sixteen clones cannot be broken at all!

In other words, it can be broken in one-on-one.

It takes time and patience.

But in this situation, there is no time or opportunity at all.

If it can’t be broken, there will always be danger!



In the next few consecutive attacks, Levi was injured.

Although it was not a fatal injury, it might have caused Levi to be injured, which was enough to excite Richard and the others.


Levi suddenly burst into spring thunder, and terrible power erupted from his body, abruptly shaking everyone back!

“Fights are also limited, okay? His mother gave you a face?”

Levi looked at everyone coldly!

He was completely irritated!

These combined attacks time and time again, attacking He Qingxue again and again…

These made Levi very angry.

Bullies are not so bullied…

“Kill! Don’t be stopped by him! Don’t give him time to breathe!”

The sixteen ghost warriors all killed and approached Levi.

The others also followed, not giving Levi any chance!

“Isn’t it a clone? Who wouldn’t be the same?”

Levi roared.

The ghost clone!

Levi directly cast the magic shadow clone!


In front of the ghost warriors, Levi was divided into two, two divided into four… eight divided into sixteen!

Everyone is dumbfounded!

Levi can also differentiate into a clone like the ghost warrior?

how can that be?

Oni samurai is dumbfounded!

All the Lords present were dumbfounded!

Richard and the leaders of the East Island forces who are paying attention to all this are going crazy.

What’s going on here?

When they thought that the sixteen figures were already the limit!

Where did you want Levi’s figure to continue to divide!

Thirty-two avatars!

Sixty-four clones!

One hundred and twenty-eight avatars!

In fact, this is Levi’s speed and body style fast to the extreme, coupled with the magic of the magic shadow clone, deceived everyone’s eyes and brains.

So that what you see in front of your eyes is one hundred and twenty-eight avatars!

Actually, Levi is alone…

At this moment, everyone was stunned.

It’s this moment!


A blood arrow shot soaring, and the witch was killed instantly!

In fact, she poses a great threat to Levi, as long as she interferes with Levi the slightest, it will be fatal!

So Levi killed him first!



The next one to be recruited was the tall samurai of Dongdao, who had been hit by Levi seven or eight times in a row!

But his physique is too strong!

He didn’t even die!

The next one is Oni Samurai!

Levi didn’t care whether his figure was the real one, they were ruined one by one!

The visual effect of the crowd was that of Levi’s 128 figures attacking the sixteen figures of the ghost warrior.

Naturally it was crushed!

A clone is shattered!

Two clones are shattered!

Fifteen clones are shattered!

The remaining real body also suffered heavy losses!

Oni samurai was beaten back to his original form!

This is the moment!

On the ghost warrior’s retina, Levi’s 128 clones all killed him!

In the end, two hundred and fifty-six palms came out and patted the Oni Samurai’s head.

In an instant, the head of the Oni Samurai was abruptly crushed!

Then the neck, body, legs…

It was slapped into meatloaf by the palm of your hand!

The Oni Samurai was killed instantly!

Levi’s one hundred and twenty-eight clones are integrated into one!

His speed and body style have reached the limit!

Just kill the Oni Samurai in one fell swoop!

This scene shocked the audience!

It’s going to be silent for an instant!


But at the moment when Levi killed the ghost warrior, he secretly shot a few arrows!

Arrows shot at seven times the speed of sound!


Was pierced instantly!

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