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Chapter 1961

Under the eyes of hundreds of dignitaries on Golden Harbor Island, the Destroyer slammed Levi’s head with a punch!


Suddenly blood spattered!


He Qingxue showed a hideous expression.


The gambler was dumbfounded.

Kyushu Xuanzun was dumbfounded.

Golden Harbor Island is dumbfounded because of its expensive ownership.

what’s going on?

Is the abused Levi?

That’s the number one in the big summer list!!!

He was defeated?

You lost so badly?

He was beaten again!

There is nothing to fight back!

how can that be?

But even if you don’t believe it, you have to believe it.

Because the facts are here!

All of them saw that Levi was abused!

This is Richard’s purpose!

At this time, he asked the Destroyer to cancel the wind wall that isolated the outside world, so that the entire Golden Pot Island could see the fall of Levi!

So that the entire Morendam, let the whole world know that Levi was beaten to death alive!!!

Richard is going to kill people!

Because they didn’t know the whole battle, the gambling king thought it was the destroyer in front of him that wounded Levi like this.

How terrifying is he?


Another punch, blood shot!

“Boom boom…”

After counting the punches in a row, Levi’s whole body was already soaked in blood.

Seeing everyone anxious!

Especially He Qingxue, who could not move and talk, had tears in her eyes.

She feels distressed!

She blames herself!

If it weren’t for him, why did Levi come here!

The dignitaries of Golden Harbor Island were silent collectively.

Looking at the scenes in front of you incredulously…

In the far corner, a pair of eyes were watching everything silently.

Half fairy and half ghost!

He couldn’t see any expression on his ugly face, he just watched.

Levi suffered heavy blows continuously, and his breath was gone!

The destroyer is still beating cruelly!

“kill him!!!”

Richard issued an order.

The air flow above the Destroyer’s right hand is dazzling, comparable to a magic weapon.


He attacked with his right hand, and the terrifying power in his right hand was like a sword piercing through Levi.

“A few more!”

Richard was still worried.



The Destroyer used energy to penetrate Levi ten times in a row!


Levi hit the ground heavily.

There is no breath, the breath of life is completely dissipated, and any body energy is gone.

“Do not!!!”


He Qingxue let out a heart-piercing roar in her heart.

She can’t accept all this in front of her!

Falling to the top of the list?

This this this…

It was too shocking!

The dignitaries of Golden Harbor Island were immersed in a huge shock!

They couldn’t imagine that they would be beaten to death at the top of the summer list!

How is this possible?

Everything seems to be dreaming.


Several unmanned aerial vehicles also flew to the scene to conduct various scans and inspections on Levi.

To confirm whether Levi is dead!

“Confirmed that it is dead!”

“The features have ceased! The death is correct!”

The detection data from the aircraft confirmed that Levi was dead.

“The Destroyer will check again!!!”

Richard was an extremely cautious person, especially when he dealt with Levi’s problem, he was even more cautious to make people afraid.

He still didn’t worry and asked the Destroyer to check again.

“Lord, he is dead!”

Said the destroyer.


Richard breathed a sigh of relief, his face was already sweating profusely.

Both legs are unsteady.

The leaders of the East Island forces burst out cheers.

It shows how much Levi threatened them!

Dead, they can be so happy!

“Okay, destroy his body! Just withdraw it!”

Richard also wanted Destroyer to destroy Levi’s body.


Light beam energy appeared on the Destroyer’s hands, and electric light radiated everywhere.

He wants to dissolve Levi and destroy his body. Now it is impossible for Levi to resurrect.

Chapter 1962

At this moment everyone’s hearts are hanging in their throats!

Everyone has difficulty breathing, almost suffocating.

The gambling king, Kyushu Xuanzun and He Qingxue are waiting for a miracle!

“It’s cruel! Even if you kill someone, you won’t even leave the body!”

They didn’t want to watch Levi’s body being destroyed.

Especially He Qingxue!

For her, it was a piercing pain!

I don’t know why, at this moment, even Richard is extremely nervous.

The legs were trembling, and the teeth were trembling.

Intuition told him that when Levi’s body was destroyed, there would be an accident!

But he had to see Levi’s body destroyed with his own eyes, so that he could prove that Levi was dead.

Otherwise he would not believe it.

Can sleep and eat!

The beam of light on the Destroyer’s hands condensed and slowly stretched towards Levi.


The light beam shone on Levi’s body, dissolving him bit by bit.

No miracle happened!

Levi did not resurrect and resist!

No one can save Levi!

His body was dissolved by the destroyer…


Richard sat down on the floor.


The big rock hanging in his heart finally fell.

At this moment, his unprecedented emptiness!

As if life lost its direction all at once.

Everything is blank.

Since he was entrusted with the important task of the Lab of the Gods, he has always treated Levi as the enemy of his life.

In other words, his goal in life is to deal with Morendam and kill Levi.

Now Levi is dead, but he is empty and lonely.

When the forces on the East Island saw Levi being dissolved, they shouted in exclamation and danced and celebrated.

No one is watching the real-time view of the video anymore.

At this moment, the real-time picture began to jump, with new changes…

It’s just that everyone is immersed in joy, no one will watch the video anymore…

“Withdraw all drones!”

Richard also withdrew the drone from here, and now all the video footage is gone.

No one knows the changes just now.

In the eyes of Richard and the others, Levi’s body was dissolved.

The possibility of resurrection is gone!

No matter how powerful the exercise technique, no matter how advanced the technique is, it can’t do this.

In the field, under everyone’s eyes, the Destroyer abruptly dissolved Levi away.

There is not even a scum left in his body.

He Qingxue’s blood attacked her heart, and after a mouthful of blood spurted out, she fainted.

The gambling king and Kyushu Xuanzun, all of them are desperate!

Don’t say the number one in the big summer list was defeated!

The body was dissolved directly!


It’s terrible!

This is also the shortest big summer list in history!

It was only a few days before it became a fall, and it fell!

Everyone on Golden Harbor Island was silent.

Everyone is in grief and despair…


After destroying the bodies of other people, the destroyer quickly left here.

From now on, the Destroyer will be famous in the world!

He killed Levi solo!

In fact, many Lords killed it together, but Richard would not say it.

It would only be said that he alone killed Levi!

Even if He Qingxue saw it, it was useless.

No one believes it!

The feat of killing Levi is enough to make the Destroyer become the top existence!

The destroyer left.

The gambling king looked at everything in front of him, and exclaimed: “Let’s go, go back! Take Qingxue away! Everything is over!”

“Mr. Garrison still didn’t survive! What a pity! What a jealous talent!”

Kyushu Xuanzun sighed and left the scene.

Now, there is no one here.

Only a puddle of blood is left!

Levi was finally dissolved into a pool of blood!

After everyone left, half fairy and half ghost appeared.

The pool of blood on the ground suddenly disappeared…

What’s more terrifying is…

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