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Chapter 2005

The Destroyer looked mad!

It is nothing new that he killed Levi and dissolved his body.

Therefore, everyone in the warhawk country regards him as a hero.

The Destroyer raised this matter with excitement on his face.

It seems to recall the situation that day.

The other nine strongest men also looked the same.

Arrogant, joking…

Speaking of Levi’s death, they were proud of the destroyer.

“It was him! It was he who killed Mr. Garrison! I saw it with my own eyes!”

The half fairy and half ghost also shouted.

Wen Lei and Regina looked at the ten people who suddenly appeared in amazement.

I don’t know what they are going to do.

He also directly claimed to be the one who killed Levi!

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

“What are you doing here?”

Wen Lei asked quickly because she was afraid of something wrong with Sarah.

Regina has been fully guarded.

The opponent is coming fiercely.

The Destroyer sneered coldly: “Of course it will bring you back! Don’t struggle! Otherwise, your fate will be the same as Levi!”

“Yes! Whoever is struggling, like Levi’s end, the corpse can’t be kept!”

The more they talk, the more excited they become.

I didn’t notice that Sarah’s complexion had changed drastically next to him.

The Destroyer sneered: “We killed Levi, the number one on the Big Summer Ranking! No one in Morendam can stop us! The three of you should follow us obediently!”

Even if the Commoner Killing God fought to conjure the God on the East Island, the Destroyer still didn’t take it seriously.

So this time I came to Morendam, almost unscrupulous.

“You don’t know how painful Levi was at that time, especially when I dissolved his body. Although he was dead, I could feel his soul screaming…”

The Destroyer is still remembering the scene of dissolving Levi…

At this time, Wen Lei and Regina, as well as Half Immortal and Half Ghost, were stunned.

Looking at Sarah on the side incredibly.

Sarah is now hostile!

As if a demon god descended…

Soon, the Destroyer and others also noticed the changes in Sarah.

They are also full of unbelievable and confounded faces.

Because they felt threatened by Sarah!


Suddenly Sarah let out a roar.

Her eyes were red and murderous.


She spit out a word coldly.


Sarah actually tore the person beside the Destroyer into two directly…

Splashing blood!

Oh my god!

Everyone is dumbfounded!

We must know that the ten people sent by Richard this time are all super strong.

Even if the other nine are weaker than the Destroyer, they are not much weaker.

But it was torn abruptly by plum dyeing?



Sarah fell into a state of madness and started her killing.

Although others have reacted.

But after all, he was a step slower, and Sarah punched his head…

These people have super physiques, but they are as fragile as a watermelon in front of Sarah.


Everyone is dumbfounded!

Especially the Destroyer, watching their teammates be killed by Sarah for two consecutive times.

They are going crazy!

Is this woman so strong with a punch?

This…this is too scary, right?

Although Richard had done a combat evaluation of Sarah’s trio before, it wasn’t that scary?

In particular, Richard sent people to arrest them in a targeted manner.

The top ten destroyers are enough to easily bring people back.

But it seems a little different now.

Plum dye is too fierce!

The shot was a blockbuster, it was too shocking!!!

“Stop her! Take her down!”

The destroyer hurriedly ordered.

The remaining seven strong men reacted and joined forces to attack Sarah.

Sarah killed everyone more crazily.

The two sides fought together.

The Destroyer also saw the right time, joined the battle group, and dealt a fatal blow to Sarah.

Chapter 2006

During Sarah’s time in Tiance Mansion.

Guided by various powers.

She has probably controlled the terrible power in her body.

It’s not like before, just use anger to release power.

Although the power is strong like that, part of the energy is not used, or not concentrated, dissipated, and wasted.

But now, Sarah has Lorded the use of power.

Concentrate all the power on one point.


In the enemy camp, there is also one who feeds on pure power.

He can easily overturn a cruise ship by strength.

He hit Sarah with a punch.

Only in the next moment, thin blood stains appeared on his arm, and then his arm burst open.

It spreads all the way to the shoulders, and then to other parts of the body, all burst and exploded…

Under Sarah’s punch, this person was beaten abruptly.


It was shocking!

Even half a fairy and half a ghost were stunned!

Sarah’s combat power is too terrifying, right?


too strong!

This is better than Commoner Killing God!

Next, Sarah continued to fight with digital Lords!

The frightening thing is that Sarah has the highest strength, the fastest speed, and the most terrifying defense.

No matter what kind of attack the other party hits her, she will be like a okay person.

The Destroyer group is desperate.

How the fuck is this?

The power is completely crushed!

The speed can’t keep up with others!

No one’s body is exquisite!

The key is that she can be immune to any attack…

This is totally bullying!



Gradually, fewer and fewer people stood beside the Destroyer.

One by one, he was beaten to pieces by Sarah!



The Destroyer and Sarah began to fight each other.

The Destroyer released super energy, and he was barely able to get involved with Plum.


The Destroyer released super beams from both hands.

It was the energy that dissolved Levi’s body at the beginning.


But Sarah was not afraid at all.

Not only blocked all the beams, but also slammed a punch.


Even though the Destroyer blocked the punch, he still backed away several steps.

Looking at the blood in a place.

None of the strongest who came with him were left.

It’s all dead.

This mission failed.

The assessment of Sarah’s combat power was wrong.

He can’t keep it anymore.

If he keeps it, he may not even be able to go.

“Call headquarters, danger, danger! Ask for support and cover me to leave!”

The destroyer activated the flying device and fled immediately.

While asking for support.

“You killed King’s Landing, I won’t let you leave alive!”

Sarah turned into a flash of lightning and immediately chased after him.

Richard did not expect that the Destroyer would send a signal for support.

Is this something wrong?

Richard knew that the Destroyer was a guy who never showed weakness.

Once he shows weakness, the situation may be more serious than he said.

Richard was frightened and immediately ordered the power of the Gods Laboratory in Morendam to support the Destroyer.


The drones set off first, followed by the super-powers lurking in Morendam one by one.

The setting of Destroyer is similar to Superman.

Power and speed are the ultimate.

But what he didn’t expect was that Sarah was faster than him, catching up instantly.

“Boom boom boom…”

But at this moment, a drone appeared and started bombarding Sarah.

Taking advantage of this effort, the Destroyer fled immediately.

Sarah quickly destroyed all drones.

When she wanted to catch up again, someone appeared again.

Although these superpowers looked like paper in Sarah’s eyes, it was enough to delay time.

The Destroyer took advantage of time to flee far, far away.

“Want to keep me? Impossible!”

The Destroyer sneered.

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